Daae Prodigy: The Beginning

Linda Daae[a.k.a. Belle] was a regular 14 year living in Dorburgh, PA. Or is she? Belle didn't have anything close to a close childhood living in her mansion full of wizards, benders, and the overall odd people. She must face her whole family to have a normal life. Will she succeed at her goal or fail driving her to the worst possible nightmare a teenage wizard could have?


4. My Cousin

I wanted to explain a back story about my cousin before I continue with the story. My cousin, Christine Daae the Fourth,  was born Feburary 29, 1998 at exactly 11:58 PM. In my family being born on days that only come every few years is very special and means you will be a success. Not my cousin. She is, in my opinion, the biggest flop ever! My cousin and I were trained to cast spells, make potions, and more in our wizard training but she sat there and slept during the class. Since were best friends then I would whack her head to wake her up and we would laugh [and get in trouble]. This right here got her so far behind.

Next we had to bend the elements. We were given a choice of what we wanted to bend. I chose water and Christine chose fire. Again she failed and I didn't. In fact, my master had me try other elements to try. I first tried fire, then air, then earth, and eventually blood. Helping her study was useless. Even trying to talk about to her was impossible. At this time our friendship started to grow apart more and more because of our studies.

There was other studies [even learning how to be a power ranger] but the most important to our parents and me was performing and singing. We were taught how to sing and dance. This time I went off the path a little. Once I saw a pop concert and I was mesmerized by everything. So I learned how to sing opera to my family and pop to myself. Then dancing was ballette and hip hop. Now my cousin was a decent dancer but singing was a mess. She sounded like a dying cat and she knew it too. So I sang for her but not out of the kindness of my heart. Aunt Christine was feeling demonic the day she sent the Night Treaders after me.

Night Treaders are seriel killers who beat or kill whoever their employer wishes dead. They  are like ninjas in the dead of night. My aunt sent them after me after I refused to sing in place of her daughter. They beat me almost to death and I have pleanty of scars to prove it. I couldn't take another beating from anyone else since I occasionally was beaten by my mother. She had become power crazy when she learned that I had a good chance of being Prodigy. I now sing for Christine whenever she wishes.

At this point Christine and I are now enemies. I wished that we were friends longer.

Now back to the story:

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