Daae Prodigy: The Beginning

Linda Daae[a.k.a. Belle] was a regular 14 year living in Dorburgh, PA. Or is she? Belle didn't have anything close to a close childhood living in her mansion full of wizards, benders, and the overall odd people. She must face her whole family to have a normal life. Will she succeed at her goal or fail driving her to the worst possible nightmare a teenage wizard could have?


1. Let Me Start

My name is Linda Daae but everyone calls me Belle. I actually prefer it a lot more than Linda. Only if I could legally change it! I was born May 16th, 1998 at exactly 6:59 AM. This officially makes me 13. I love music, sports, and spending what little extra time I have relaxing. My family, the respected Daae's,  are what most would call crazy for what they make me and my twin cousin do. My twin cousin, Christine Daae[everyone calls her Kristina except me], was the kindest person in the world. She treated me like her baby sister even though she is only one year older than me. I hoped that this life would never end but sadly because of our chosen fates we were forced to battle for our lives.

I'll start with my mother, Eliana Daae. She married my father, Gustave Daae, a famous Polish piano composer and player. When they first wanted a baby they were told they couldn't. My parents were devastated and that is when my sometimes sweet, sometimes demonic aunt started this whole mess I am in now. 

Years ago my mother and aunt when they were my age, they were enforced to a mandatory contest between every generation of Daaes. This contest is known as the "Daae Prodigy Test." When Daae children are born they are given special abilities to compete in the back-breaking competition. Each generation is testedly mostly on how they use the magic in dire situations. As well as learning spells and potions at age five all contestants learn how to bend all the elements, perform, and how to deal with everyday life. Although, everyday life for a wizard is a list of feeding the griffens, have the washer iron the clothes, and the pots cook dinner[yes wizards have it hard too]. My mother lost to my aunt when she put a spell that blocked all her magic. My aunt was the face of the Daaes for 35 years.

Eventually my mother was able to conceive me with the help of some medications and soon gave birth to me a year after my cousin. For years I thought these training events I was put through were just [somewhat] enjoyable activities. Now after 14 years of blood, tears, and sweat I had to go through another hellish war within my family.

This is my story.  

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