A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


30. You're not sorry

Two days later-     

Megan's point of view-     

Liam invited Bree and I for dinner at their home. I wasn't very fond of going... You know its only been four days since we broke up. But since Lilly had plans and Nikki refused to go. Bree didn't want to go alone cause then it would seem as a dinner date with Liam.... Eventually I gave in. It's just dinner with the boys, ugh I really don't want to go. I put my hair in a bun. Tank top... Pair of sweats and a zipper sweater.     

New Text  From Bree: I'm Outside now get out    

I opened my door walking out, I opened Bree's car door, buckling myself up. I noticed the car still hasn't moved looking up to see Bree looking at me in shock. 

    "What?" I asked 

    "Megan its dinner! At least dress nice" Bree said giving me a look 

    "I don't even want to go... The boys will be there including zayn! Do you think I want to see his face!?" I yelled     

"That gives you more reason to dress! You have to look sexy so he knows what he lost!.... I know we didn't go over this the first time you too split because he ended up going back to England, but now he is here In LA make him feel sorry!" Bree said     

I looked down at her pretty red dress.... Thinking about what she said is true. I shouldn't be feeling sorry he should be the one feeling sorry.     

"Okay..." I breathed out     

"Come on" Bree sighed, opening her door jumping off. I did the same putting the key in my house. We walked up to my room. Bree quickly putting my straightener in the plug. I looked through my closet for something nice. I picked up a black leather skirt. A cheetah crop top. I felt a bit naked since the crop top was strapless and went in my chest like a heart. I grabbed one of my red blazers putting it on.     

"Hurry up.." Bree said checking her watch. I sat down and she quickly straightened my hair. I had my mirror right in front of me as I applied mascara and a bit of red lip gloss. I sat there waiting for Bree to finish... Scared that she was going to burn my ear at how fast she was doing it.     

"What time did he want us to be there" I asked     

"He wanted us there by 5:00" Bree said continuing my hair. I clicked the home button on my phone seeing it was 5:15. I sat there thinking on what shoes should I wear.     

"Okay! Done" she yelled scaring me, she unplugged the straightener. Running out my room. I quickly ran getting my black high heels boot like shoes. Quickly getting my phone off the stand and running outside. I made sure my house door was locked. Once I got in the car Bree stepped on it.     

"Bree they don't live that far from me calm Down" I said tying up my shoes     

"We're late... Liam's going to be mad and he probably already regretted inviting us and is eating right now!" Bree said as we came to a red light.     

"Breath!" I yelled     

"But meg" she took a deep breath, pressing the gas petal continuing to drive. " I don't know if you know but I really like Liam" 

    "You don't say?" I laughed     

"I'm really nervous..." She said turning on a street     


"Seeing Liam and I don't know Megan I just am" she stopped the car getting out first. I sighed getting out and following her to the front door. She rang the door bell. I looked up at Bree ring the door once again.     

"Look Bree I can hel-"     

"Girls!!" Niall yelled greeting us    

"Niall!" Bree yelled, we walked inside the house     

"No hello?" Niall asked pulling away from Bree.     

"No" I said     

"Well then get out me house!" Niall yelled     

"Fine bye!" I yelled     

"Meg I'm playing" Niall laughed closing the front door. Their house was really warm and cozy. We followed Niall to the dinning room.     

"Oh girls glad ya made it, I was starting to get worried you would never show" Liam said hugging me, then Bree.     

"So sorry Liam we would have been here sooner but Megan was being difficult" Bree said taking off her coat     

"Difficult in what way?" Louis asked kissing my cheek then Bree's... I waved at harry.      

"Being bitchy" Bree said and I gasped     

"Bree, there's a difference between being lazy and being bitchy.... You Need to learn it" I rolled my eyes     

"Anyways!" Louis cheered "what about that dinner" we all took a seat, Except Liam.    

"I'll get the fajitas" harry said     

"No I will" Liam walked away, Bree following.     

"How ya been?" Louis asked     

"Good I guess" I played with my thumbs."you mind if I take off my blazer" I said getting warm     

Here I'll take it" harry said walking away placing it on the couch.     

"Everything fine with you and Bree" louis asked     

"Yeah... She's just all... She's crazy really" I sighed not knowing what was up with Bree.     

"What she needs is a man" harry came back seemed as if he was ease dropping.     

"She wants herself Liam" Niall said peeking into the kitchen     

"Then why doesn't she just make a move?"     

"Maybe she's shy" louis questioned     

"Shy?! Bree! No" I laughed     

"Then let's just tell Liam, Bree likes her " Niall shrugged     

" I heard my name!" Bree said coming out holding two bowls, then Liam with plates.     

"Come on everyone grab a plate an follow me if you want food" we quickly grabbed a plate making a line by the stove as Liam put a spoon full of fajitas on our plate with rice.     

"The salad and bread is on the table" Bree said. I walked back into the dinning room taking my seat. Harry came out next taking a seat by me shagging his hair. Niall came out sitting on Harry's side.     

"Did you guys get drinks?" Louis asked     

"No louis can you get me one?" I smiled     

"Me too lou!" Harry said     

"Since ye being so nice get me one too mate" Niall yelled getting himself bread.     

"Don't we wait for everyone to eat?" I asked   

  "Babe, you got your food now you eat" Niall said, harry chuckled getting himself salad. I picked up my fork digging in. Louis came back with three drink, placing them down. He walked away to get his plate. Bree came and then Liam.     

"You're welcome!" Louis said sitting down   

  "Oh thanks!" Niall said laughing     

"Thank you" harry and I said     

" I love spending time with you all" Bree said staring at Liam's direction     

"Mmm! Loves us all alright" I whispered, louis, harry and Niall cracking up.     

"what Meg?" She asked     

"Er I love you too!" I said     

"Hmm" Bree drank her drink.     

"Zayn come downstairs and eat for god sakes" Liam yelled

"excuse me" he said walking up the stairs. I mentally groaned, continuing to eat.     

"So how's Nikki?" Niall asked     


"She's in the hospital" I cut off Bree     

"What?" All three of them gasped. I smirked taking a sip.     

"What for!" Louis asked     

"Is she all right" Niall asked     

"Megan!... Boys Nikki went to her parents home" Bree said     

"Meg you ass!" Louis said     

"You gave me a slight heart attack" Niall put his hand on his chest     

"Oh come on guys you believed her!?" Harry asked     

"You did harry" Bree said     

"No I could tell she was lying by that look" harry said smiling     

"Then why did you gasp" I asked     

"Just playing along" Harry looked down stabbing his fork in his food.     

"En Lilly she still with Justin?" Niall asked     

"Course they're so loved up" Bree said     

"Why do you ask Niall it's been four days not much has happened" I said     

"Just curious" Niall said     

"Sneaky fella" louis said. It was silent  all of chewing as we heard Liam yell at zayn from upstairs. I looked down at my plate half way down.     

"Took me long enough my food is probably cold by now" Liam said. I looked up to see Liam pulling zayn down the stairs. He was wearing a white shirt and a pair of sweats, my eyes meet his and I looked away.     

"Liam you eat, let me serve zayn" Bree said getting up taking zayn with her. Bree? Offering to serve zayn, oh boy she's probably going to kill him in the kitchen.     

"If you excuse me" I said getting up with my plate. I leaned against the door hearing more swear words than I could comprehend. I pushed open the door. For it to become dead silent.     

"Um just putting my plate away" I said walking to the sink placing my plate.     

"Megan" I heard zayn call my name. I closed my eyes hoping he would go away "Megan please hear me out" he touched my shoulder and I exploded     

"What zayn!" I yelled     

"Megan look I know fucked up.... But I love you. And I'm so sorry for putting you through the pain and heart ache and please Megan I'm sorry" zayn said getting on his knees, as he spoke through gritted teeth. The tears falling out his eyes.      "Bullshit" Bree said scoffing    

"Love me so much! Where were the calls. Why did you break my heart two times? Really I'd love to know"   

  "Megan I can't stand the thought of loosing you".... I walked over zayn pushing the kitchen door open and getting out.      "Everything alright" Liam asked getting up     

"Just fucking peachy" I faked a smile Bree came out the kitchen. I sighed "I'm sorry Liam... " I said, walking out the house. I tried opening Bree's car door but it was locked. I placed my head on the window crying.     


"Go away, I just want to be alone"     

"Okay but you left your blazer" I turned around to see harry with a lopsided grin.     

"Thanks" I took it, cleaning my eyes with the sleeves     

"Er love you ruined your make up" Harry put his finger on my face cleaning under my eye "why do you wear so much of it... Well it's not much... Please don't feel bad I take it bad your make up is lovely" harry said pulling his finger away biting his thumb. I laughed at what a dork he was.     

"Heyyy you smiled" he cheered     

"Shut up will you" I laughed some more     

"What did I do?" Harry asked, the front door opened Bree coming out. With her coat and some tray.     

"I'm so sorry" Bree said unlocking her car. I wrapped my arms around harry giving him a hug. As I walked to the other side of the car getting in. Bree said a few words to harry I couldn't hear. She got in the car placing the tray in the back, putting on her seat belt.   

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