A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


26. what to be?

Megan's Point Of View: 


It's been a month and we're now in the last week of October. Zayn and I've grown really close and that magic we had appeared again. As for the girls they're still not okay with our relationship except for Lilly she likes the double dates. I haven't talked to harry in a while and I've gotten closer to Liam, Louis and Niall. I knocked on the boys house waiting for it to open. having to ring the door bell. Maybe they're not home? 


"who is it?!" harry opened the door, he looked at me and walked away 


"harry!" I yelled, closing the front door following him "harry!" 


"what Parker!!? What!" Harry yelled standing up, I looked down remembering the time he yelled at me in Vegas. He sighed deeply "what Megan?" 


" I just wanted to know, If zayn was home.... we were going to talk about the costume party" 


"well he's not, just me.. so I guess you can go home"


"what's with you know a days" I said annoyed, no answer came from harry as he sat down surfing through the channels,  I sighed walking towards the door.


"zayn's my problem" harry said as I was about to turn the knob 


"zayn?" I questioned 


"yes Megan zayn, Can't you see I love you!.... I've told you before I do" he said staring at me, so that's what's this been about. I sighed taking a seat on the couch by harry.... not knowing what to say... just tell him you're not interested?... 


" harry... I'm happy with zayn. I thought you knew that" 


"do you feel anything for me what so ever?!" he asked 


"I did..." I started off harry looking up me with a slight of hope "but I have zayn now.... I love him" I finished. It was quiet and it was time for me to go. I stood up, harry pulling me back down 


"I had my chance... but Just know that when he breaks your heart, I'll be here" 


"thank you harry, but he won't break my heart" Zayn's a changed guy... I know he is. I Walked away letting myself out. I got back into my car driving to Bree's house. In the drive way of my her home I texted zayn asking him what are we going to be for the costume party are we even going dressed like a couple? I got out my car ringing her door bell. It would be much simpler if Bree lived with Nikki and Lilly. 


"yay! You're here!" Bree said grabbing her purse closing her front door and following me to my car. I turned on the radio, keeping my eyes on the road. Bree applied her make up. I smiled seeing a bumper up ahead, I purposely speed up her lip stick dragging to her ear. I bit my lip keeping my laughter in. 


"You bitch!" Bree yelled 


"Love you too, now that I have your attention" 




" wait, what are you going to be?" 


"still deciding maybe a butterfly" 


"so like party city or?" 


"yes, is that what you wanted to ask?" 


"no" I parked the car, walking out and into Party city. Bree came out her hand on her cheek covering the lip stick. I walked to the costume section maybe I should be a sexy cop or


'beep' 'beep' 


sorry babe, went out with the boys to get our things for the party! Lets be Danny and Sally from Grease :D xx

- okay :) x

I walked over to Bree looking at the costumes. She had a purple butterfly costume in one hand and a wild cat on the other

"Which one?" She asked


"I was thinking that too! So what are you going to be?"

" zayn said lets be Grease Characters"

"Oh... So ya buying 1950's stuff"

"Nah! Lets pay for your outfit and I just need a long skirt or do the biker thing sally wore at the end" Bree shook her head, walking over to the cashier as he ringed her up. I wonder what Nikki and Lilly are going to be. Better yet what are the boys wearing? Just one more day and I'll find out.

A/n) I know Halloween is over but I couldn't update so small chapter :( Story of my life out tomorrow :D CAN YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING!!

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