A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


29. we will get through this in time

Megan's point of view- 

"Megan breakfast" I heard my grandma yell. I sat up, I looked over at the mirror. Scared at myself... The runny make up, bags under eyes... Red from crying the messy sleepy hair. I undid the handkerchief around my neck. 


"I'm not hungry!" I yelled back my voice cracking In between. I sounded so weak and hurt. I'm such an idiot! I really am... He broke my heart the first time and I gave him another chance! Ha more like another chance to re-break my heart. My cell phone rang interrupting my thoughts. I felt my skin crawl at the thought of it being zayn calling me saying he's sorry. I threw my pillow at my purse. It rang again and now I was curious. I got off the bed to pick up my purse. I sat on the floor. 


"For fuck sakes" I whispered "I said I'm not hungry!" I yelled back.... I sighed, opening the purse I clicked the phone lighting up to see several missed calls but... 

None from zayn

I shook my head tears falling out,there was a knock on my door. 

"Nana please!" I cried 

"Megan..." I looked up to see Bree. She came over to me wrapping me in a hug. " oh meg!" She let go, shutting my room door. " What's wrong?" She asked 

"Za-zayn" I said sniffling. She sighed I looked up at her as she opened her mouth and shut it. " I-I know what you're going to say... J-just go on" 

"Now I'd be an ass of a friend if I said 'I told you so' but Megan we warned you! I knew zayn couldn't change his ways!" 

"No Bree.... He did. He really did and- and well I feel for it" my voice became low and I felt the tears coming again. 

"Hey!" She said wiping the tears off my cheeks "don't waste your tears on him don't cry... He's not worth it he never was" Bree rubbed my back.

"But Bree! I'm such an idiot! I fell for him all over again. I thought this was real he told me he loved me was he lying? For him to go and kiss another girl! Was he lying about it all since the beginning!" I felt awful 

"Megan... Look I know that boy loved you at one point but love doesn't always work out and sometimes maybe you two weren't meant to be. Maybe this was a sign" 

"Everyone was right! You, Nikki, Harry all of you! When am I going to get it right... I'm tired... Tired off my heart being broken" 

"Harry told you, zayn was bad?" 

"He told me more than that... He said that when zayn breaks my heart he is there because he loves me" I shook my head "more lies!" I wiped my eyes 

"We can talk about that later... When your calm. Now tell you what, go on have a nice bath while I go print mug shoots of zayn's face so we can throw stuff at it" Bree smiled and I chuckled, I shook my head walking over to my bathroom. 

Hour later* 

I came out in my robe. Seeing Bree laid on my bed watching the weather channel.

"Your grandparents were worried about you... They said you never turn down food" Bree cracked a smile 

"What did you say?" I asked grabbing some clothes to wear

"You weren't having a good day. You didn't tell them you got back together with zayn did you" 

"No... Did you mention him!" 

"A bit... She asked what was up and I started off by 'oh you know those boy troubles' and your grandma gave me a look of confusion so I said ' I mean... She's not feeling well... You know us girls. Laughed it off and came back up stairs" 

"Thank god" I sighed walking back to change. I quickly put on my pants and plain t-shirt 

"Why didn't you tell her" Bree asked 

"Tell her oh hey nana back with the guys who had me depressed for breaking up with me... But it's all good?! She'd ask where and then they'd know about Vegas!... And plus it doesn't matter anymore za-zayn... Zayn is nothing" I sighed 

"Well they went out to buy groceries... But I got the zayn photos" Bree held up the pictures... My bottom lip quivered and I bit it back.

"Too soon?" Bree hid them behind her back 

"No... No I can do this" I sucked it up. I took a deep breath faking a smile. 

"Really now?... Why don't you rip this?" Bree handed me a zayn picture. I but my lip, I ripping the picture in half. 

"There" I said handing her the split picture 

"What about this one" she handed me a picture of zayn and I.... We looked so happy in this picture. I sighed taking the picture my hands trembled as I tried to rip it. I dropped it, shaking my head no. As Bree took me into a hug. 

"It's okay we can get through this" Bree cooed

A/n) can we all talk about midnight memories!? Better than words, alive and strong are my favorite :D ♡ Did I already publish this?.... 

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