A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


20. was there ?


"Zayn and I" I started off " I loved him bree... I really did... To have had him cheat on me with veronica I was crushed.... But I couldn't help but feel like there was still something there" 

"I thought you had moved on and found harry" bree said 

"Thats the problem I like harry too..." 

"You can't. Meg its either one or the other you can't just play with peoples emotions like this" I took a deep breath looking down at my ice-cream 

"You're suppose to help me... What do I do" 

"What we're going to do is spend time with them or contact Liam" 





"Its getting late meg" bree said taking out her phone 

"Its 8" 

"I want you to get some rest and make your decision by tomorrow morning when I pick you up . And should I call liam or you" 

"I'll do it" 

"Okay Night" bree picked up her bag and ice cream trash walking out my room. 




a/n) short but informative... the next two chaps will be fun! ha :) 


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