A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


19. Tell me Everything

Megan's point of view- 

I rolled over hearing a phone ring. Ignoring it but it Keeped ringing. Ugh I groaned rubbing my eyes searching around to see where it was located. I saw it on my dresser. I got up yawning picking up my phone.

1new message 

From Liam : hey text me? I went to your room but no answers. 

1new voicemail 

From Bree ( view) 

4 missed calls 

From 2Bree,1 Liam, 1Lilly 

I looked at the time, 2:23. My eyes almost popping out when I noticed today was a new day... wow I slept a long time even when I said a little nap. I felt my stomach growl. I changed into something comfortable putting on a pair of polka dot shorts and a plain t-shirt. I walked down the stairs to see my grandparents doing their normal thing. 

"Morning nana papa" I said 

"Don't you mean afternoon" my grandpa asked 

"Why didn't you guys wake me for breakfast or dinner I'm starving" 

"I Went to your room and saw you sound asleep didn't want to disturb you" nana said, going to the stove and giving me eggs and hash browns 

Minutes later- 

"Okay Bree You can come over" I said hanging up. I already took a shower, brushed my teeth and hair. I think I'm ready. I opened the door walking out. 

"Nana Bree's coming over is that fine?" I yelled opening the back yard door 

"Yes" She said 

"Okay now talk" Bree sat down on my bed handing me some strawberry, chocolate ice cream 

"There really isn't much to talk about...." I lied not really wanting to talk 

"Lies, I know you say the boys before we left. You should have invited me" I sighed

"Okay yeah I did see the boys but guess who was there!" I took a spoon full of ice-cream 

"Um Liam, Niall harry?" Bree gave me a strange look 

"Guess again!" 

"Oh wait! You walked in on Harry. Oh my god they all have girlfriends? Tell me I don't know "

"Ew no Bree.... Zayn, zayn was there" 

"Malik? That bloke you meet and dated THAT zayn Malik" Bree questioned, I shook my head "what the hell was he doing there?!" 

"I don't know... It turns out they're all friends and they have other friend named Louis- 

"Ohhh is he cute?" Bree interrupted


"Haha I'm sorry continue" 

"Like I was saying, remember zayn never showed me his friends so that's probably why I never knew..." 

"So that's why you were down cause of zayn? Girl you need to get over his sorry ass" 

"No wait... So I got there cause Liam invited me... The bathroom door opened and out came zayn. He told me how he wanted me back and asked if there was still a connection.... So um we kissed.... And Harry saw had this big fuss about it so he yelled at me, freighting me I've never seen him so upset and angry and I couldn't take it so I cried and he told me to leave and get out his face, Bree he was such an ass. So I told him i hate him and I left but.." 

"But what!" 

"I'm an idiot... I don't hate him" my voice became really humble and quiet 

" what about zayn... Was there still a connection" Bree looked at me with so much interested as she ate her ice- cream. 

A/N) what do you girls think!? 

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