A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


10. sister please

Liam's point of view- 

Louis and zayn were In the back seat. Now I have two options.... Take them back to our room or leave them at my sisters house. I checked my watch reading 11:52.

My sister. 

I pulled over to call her and see if she was home. She has a small house she rents in Las Vegas. I don't know why, she has one here instead of London. 

"Hello?" A sleepy voice picked up the phone 

"Hey! It's me is it fine if I drop by?" I asked 

"Liam it's 12:00 pm" 

"No it's 11:55" 

"Fine but what is it" 

"I have a few drunk friends. Okay bye see you soon!" I hanged up starting the car.

*minutes later* 

"Come on get out" I said for the fourth time frustrated Zayn and Louis wouldn't come out 

"I don't know you so no" zayn said... Well how many drinks did this boy have. Louis finally stepped out the car walking to the house door. 

"Come on lad, I'm sick of this" I said pulling zayn out with all my force throwing him on my back. Leaving the car door open hoping no one robbed me. I walked up to the house seeing the door was wide open and louis was gone. Letting my self in seeing lou sound asleep on the couch and my sister looking over at me in concern. I set Zayn on the other couch, smiling at Nicola my sister. 

"Who's this?" She pulled me to the kitchen 

"My friends... They're kinda drunk" 

"Why are they here?" 

"Well you see... I was hoping you could take care of them while tomorrow, Niall Harry and I explore Vegas... You know my other friends" I smiled 

"Liam you're lucky I love you" she laughed bringing me into a hug 

"Yay! I'll pick them up tomorrow. When they wake up give the water with some Tylenol" I hugged her closing the door behind me shutting the car door and getting in the drivers seat. What a relief I sighed. They will sure be confused when they wake up.

Niall's point of view- 

Liam's been gone for two hours now? I dunno I wasn't keeping track. The Crime show is over now. I went to the kitchen seeing ritz crackers with a little note. 

DONt Toucheey mine >:|- Harry 

I laughed at his bad spelling skills. Crumbling the note and opening the crackers. He's asleep any way so what's the worst he can do. I looked behind me at Harry crawled up on the couch. 

"I'm back!!" I jumped the room door slamming shut seeing Liam at the room door. 

"Ajkhjlyw" Harry mumbled Turning over 

"What the fuck Liam I almost shat my pants!" I whispered as he approached me 

"Sorry" Liam shrugged his shoulders getting a cracker "I'm moving Harry to the bed" he said 


"Cause, I don't want him to fall" Liam walked over to Harry, getting on his knees gently lifting up Harry putting him over his back, going to the bedroom. I grabbed a water and the crackers jumping on the couch. 'Whatever' I searched for the remote spotting it on the TV itself. 

"Ugggh" I groaned just starring at the Tele hoping the force would bring the remote closer.The first sight of Liam walking out the room I yelled his name, pointing to the tele. He laughed walking over to me giving me the remote. 

"You're such a lazy leprechaun" Liam said and I hit him 

"I'm not a leprechaun"I said flipping through the channels 

"Right you're an evil leprechaun" Liam whispered but I still heard looking at him rubbing the spot on shoulder I smacked. 

"Where's zayn and Louis?" I asked 

"Left them at my sisters place" 


"I want to explore Vegas tomorrow and I can't explore with two hangover boys" 

"So I'm guessing you want Harry and me to go" 

"Exactly" he smiled, focusing on the weather channel. 


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