A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


12. pretzels

Megan's point of view-


I brought my clothes into the bathroom changing Into burgundy red legging jeans. With a pink tank top, Caramel lace up boots and a Caramel cross bag. I let my hair down in its natural self. I applied Mascara but that's about it, brushing my teeth one more time.


"Meagan!" I heard Nicole yell and I walked to the main area to see what was wrong. Sitting on the couch was Harry smiling, Niall and Liam waving at me.


"Nikki come here!" I yelled pulling her away to the bedroom. "Get dressed" I told her


"Why? What's happening who's are those guys?" Nikki asked


"My Friends just go!" I pushed her, looking around for Bree. The bathroom door opening and out came Bree


"Get dressed" I said once again


"Why I don't want to go anywhere" she said lying on the bed....


"Please Bree"


"Uggh" she groaned


"It won't be fun"


"Pick out my clothes then" Bree put the blanket over her head and I ran to the closet. I got some ripped up shorts with a blue tank top and a black purse handing it to Bree as she walked to the bathroom. Nikki came back wearing light blue jeans a bit ripped up with a grey jumper sweater and black heels. I walked back to the main area seeing the boys were really interested on the TV.


"Sorry for the wait" I said walking right in front of the TV


"Hii" Harry opening his arms as he walked up to me bringing me into a hug. I quickly pulled away, seeing the girls coming out. Nikki took the lead opening the door and grabbing her keys and card. Bree was behind me clinging her arm with mine.


"Do I really have to come" Bree whispered


"Yes, hey where's Lilly?" I asked


"where else?!"


"Jeez it was just a question, some one needs food" I yelled


"Sorry" Niall said and I looked at him as we exited out the elevator


"I meant my friend not you" l laughed


"Ohh that makes more sense" he turned a bit red. Nikki was talking with Liam on which car to take. Nikki winning sometimes she's too bossy. Obviously Nichole took the drivers seat, Liam in shotgun. Harry went in 1st followed by Niall and Bree and there was no more room for me.


"Maybe we should take Liam's car, Nikki there's no room for me" I said


"We're already in, make room" she snapped at me


"Here sit on my lap" Harry smiled and I shook my head


"Just go!" Nikki yelled and I closed this door walking to Harry's side. I rolled my eyes getting in the car sitting on Harry's lap. Nikki began to drive and Harry held me tight


"Um what are you doing" I asked looking weirdly at him


"The seat belt isn't long enough, so I'm holding you making sure your safe" he said smirking. I couldn't say no to how sweet he is, so for now I just let him. It was quiet, all you could hear is the radio and laughter... Wait laughter? I looked around and saw Niall making Bree laugh, awh well they're getting along. On the other hand I think Liam's afraid of Nikki. I looked down at Harry's arms still wrapped around me his thumbs brushing one another, I smiled. He's playing with his hands I turned around looking at Harry, who was starring out the window


"I have something to ask-" I began talking but Bree and Niall got out the car followed by Nikki and Liam. Just me and Harry


"What?" Harry asked


"Oh um come on let's go" I got off his lap scooting down and exiting through the other door I looked ahead and saw they continued walking. I waited for Harry to get out the car.


"Come on tell me" Harry pushed my arm. I looked around and saw Nikki parked at The Excalibur, and they continued to pick up the pace as they walked, well what are they in a rush for. "Parker! Meg! Megan!" Harry poked me


"Haha what Harry"


"What were you going to Ask"


"It's a stupid question... I don't know if you wanna hear it"


"I love stupid questions" he smirked


"Were you really naked?" I asked. Yeah it sounds like I'm making a big deal about it but I'm curious to know. Harry chuckled looking down at his shoes


"Yeah why" he looked up smiling


"Just wanted to know" I said


"Well now you know" he put an arm over my shoulder as we finally cached up to the rest


"Where are we going" I asked, everyone walking again as the little walking man singled it was safe to pass the street.


"The strip" Nikki answered, turning to Liam and talking


"Can we switch shoes" Bree whispered and I looked down at her sandals that had a heel


"Why did you wear heels"


"Please Megan" I rolled my eyes pulling her aside sitting on a brick bench thing. Harry followed since his arm was around me but when I pulled Bree away his arm slipped off. I began to untie the laces of the boots taking my socks off as well, waiting for Bree to hand me her sandals. I strapped her sandals/heel monsters stood waiting for her to finish.


"You're the best!" She hugged me


"yeah yeah whatever" I said. Bree smiled walking ahead probably catching up to Niall. I looked at Harry who was starring at me


"Why'd you" Harry said


"Girl thing " I said and Harry's face changed to 'don't need details' staying quiet as we walked.


"Megan!" Liam yelled coming over to Harry and I way behind


"Yeah?" I asked


"You two want Wetzels Pretzels?" Liam asked


"Yes! I'm starving" I followed Liam into the place.The line was kinda long so we had to wait. I looked ahead at the menu thinking of what to get.


"I'ma grab a table" Niall walked away with Nikki


"What do you want Bree" Liam asked


"A salty pretzel"


"What about you, Meg" Liam asked, hey he called me meg.


"A cinnamon pretzel" I smiled


"You Harry?"


"Ummm I want that red stuff" Harry pointed and we all turned to look


"A slushy?" I asked and he smiled


"Yeah that"


"Alrighty then" Liam gave our orders to the cashier worker. Bree and I went to go sit with Niall And Nikki.


"Hey Bree check this out" Niall said, I looked up at him,then Bree. They were laughing at something and I wanted to know what it was. they've only known each other for what 35 minutes and now there BFFL. I looked around trying to distract myself with something, I'd talk to Nikki but she's on her phone.


"We're back!" Harry smiled placing down, lemonade and slushy. Liam placed down the pretzels. Niall quickly reached for a hotdog pretzel thing, Nikki got a lemonade, Bree grabbed her salty pretzel, Harry his slushy,Liam got his lemonade and I grabbed my cinnamon pretzel.


"So I was thinking, we could watch the pirate performance" Liam said


"Isn't that on, at night" Nikki responded


"Aw never mind then" Liam took out a piece of paper from his pocket. "What if we go to the um Caesars palace"


"Yeah I'd like that" Niall said


"Sure" everyone agreed to go, but waited for one another to finish their pretzels.


"My lips are cherry red" Harry said making faces at his phone like he was going to take a selfie.


"Do they taste like cherry?" I said without thinking. Harry looked up at me and a grin appeared on his lips.


"I don't know, why don't you tell me" Harry puckered his lips closing his eyes. If he's expecting me to kiss back, I'm not.


"Lets get going" I exclaimed


"Hey!" Harry said and I shoved the last piece of pretzel in his mouth. Getting out my seat and following Liam.


Minutes later-


"Wow" I said. This place was beautiful there was Greek gods statues.The place just looked ancient so much detail.


"Megan!" My thoughts were interrupted by Niall yelling my name. I looked at him and he was signaling for me to come towards him.




"We're taking pictures" Niall said and I looked around for the camera


"123...cheese" Liam yelled


"Hey I wasn't ready!" I yelled


"Okay,okay another one, cos Harry blinked" Liam laughed looking at the camera "1, 2,3"


Liam came towards us showing the picture. I took out my phone and took pictures of everything.


"Liam!" I said




"Wanna take a picture?" I asked


"Sure!" I flipped my camera facing us.



I went to my camera roll. Laughing at the picture.


"We look so funny" I said showing Liam the picture. He did duck lips crossing his eyes and I did thumbs up with a ridiculous look on my face.


"Haha I love this!" Liam exclaimed


"Lets take a Normal one this time" I suggested pulling the camera back up.




"Liam I said Normal!" I slapped his arm


"That's my normal picture" he defended


"You look like you're going to rape someone, how is that normal!?"


"Haha that's normal too me" Liam pinched my cheeks


"Heeey! How's a going, so" Harry came coming in the middle of Liam and I


"We were just talking" I said putting my phone away.


"What about?" Harry put his right arm around me and the other around Liam as we walked ahead.


"Stuff" Liam Keeped it simple, but with Harry he wouldn't just compromise with 'stuff'


"What kind of stuff?"


"We weren't talking, we were taking pictures and laughing there okay end of discussion"


"That's all I wanted to know" Harry smiled


"Where are the rest?" Liam asked


"They went to shop" Harry simply said


"And you didn't follow?" I asked


"No? But they went that way, wait was it this way" Harry pointed straight ahead and to the left


"Which way is it" Liam asked


"I don't know maybe we will have to split up, Liam go straight and Megan and I will go left"


"Alright, call me if you find them" Liam said walking away and I sighed. I took the lead walking left.


"Wait up" Harry said. I ignored him looking up seeing the ceiling a blueish sky looking affect. With a fountain in the middle and stores.


"Beautiful huh" Harry hugged me from behind


"You did this on purpose" I said, turning around to face him


"What are you talking about" Harry gave me his best confused look


"Don't play dumb with me styles, you told Liam To go straight ahead, leading him to The check out or I don't know and you said lets go left cause you knew the stores were this way, just so it could be me and you"


"Maybe I did" Harry said putting his face closer to mine. "You can't blame someone for wanting to be with just you" I put my Hand on Harry's chest stopping him from coming any closer


"Yes I can, and it's jealousy " I said in a some what hush tone, going into this clothing store with loud music, sparkly looking.


"What did you say" Harry yelled running after me, I tired to hide behind the racks but he saw me "what did you say?" Harry put his hands on my shoulders looking a bit serious


"I said it's called jealousy" I repeated my self looking Harry in the eyes


"Ha!" Harry scoffed "call it jealousy or whatever the hell you want, but I'll admit it. I like you, yeah I said it! At least I'm not afraid to admit my feelings" Harry said in an angry tone that scared me, he let go of me and walked away. I was left speechless

a/n)Wanna see the girls outfits? Just comment and I'll upload a mumble :) well readers I hope you liked this chapter it's going to be continued tomorrow so bye!

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