A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


14. Please be a dream

Brianna's point of view-


Lilly had brought subway and we all dug in. Except for Nikki she hasn't came back from playing in the casino. I powered off the TV. Walking to Megan's side of the room, checking if Lilly and meg were sound asleep.


Earlier this day. Lilly told me she and Justin were getting serious. But they've been dating for not even a week yet and we leave after the week soo... I'm a bit worried on what's going on in their mind. I haven't personally talked with Justin to get to know him, but he seems to treat our Lilly right.


I turned to the front door, as it slowly opened in coming Nikki.


"It's about time" I said in a hush tone


"Fuck Bree you scared me"Nikki laid on the couch


"It's 1:23 am"


"Why are you awake"


"I can't sleep, but what did you do?!"


"Oh um, I had a few drinks... Played poker and in the machines. Drinks and I kissed Niall" Nikki stopped talking and my eyes popped out my head


"You did what!?" I tried not to yell. Waiting for Nikki to respond but she didn't I walked over to her and saw she had fallen asleep. Little tramp she wanted to kiss Harry... That didn't happen so she kisses Niall! Me and Niall aren't dating but I was starting to like that boy. I put the blanket over me lying on the other couch... Maybe she's just drunk and saying crap, you know?


Hours later *


"Wake up!!" "Wakey wakey!!"


I abruptly got up looking at Lilly and Megan


"What's wrong!?" I yelled


"We're hungry" Lilly simply said, I put my hand on my heart and laughed


"Doesn't mean you have to wake me up like the building is falling!!"


"Sorry, Nikki wouldn't budge so we came to you" Megan smiled


"How bout some room service our Micky d's"


"Either's fine" Megan said


"Rooooom service!!" Lilly yelled running off to a different room, coming back with a book. We flipped through a few sheets figuring out what we want to eat. Megan lead me to a phone as they starred at me order. Lilly and Megan were always our babies of the group. Nikki the boss I guess you could say and me well um the mommy I suppose.


"Yeah order number 2, scramble. Orange juice. Number 4" I said and hanged up


"They'll be here in 35 minutes now go get washed"


"We already did" they said in unison


"Okay then I'm going to shower, I walked towards the restroom. Turning on the shower, undressing.


Nikki's point of view-


I heard talking and chewing... Just plain conversing. I slowly turned over on the couch seeing the girls eating breakfast. Well don't mind me.


"Heeey!" I yelled stretching approaching them


"Hi" Lilly greeted me, Bree just glared at me and Megan was swallowing her food


"Some one woke up on the wrong side of bed" I stole a piece of hash brown from Bree's plate. Scratching the back of my head.


"Why don't you brush your teeth cocktail breath" Bree said and I rolled my eyes


"Hey fuck you!" I responded walking away, I looked in the mirror and I looked like a mess, my blonde hair was all frizzed up. My make up was a bit smeared. I turned the knob for the bath waiting for it to fill up. Wait what time is it? I walked over to Megan's and Lilly's bed pressing the home button on Lilly's I phone seeing it's 1:35. Wow I slept a lot. I walked back to the tub pouring bubbles.


Megan's point of view-


"Hey fuck you!" Nikki yelled walking away and Bree rolled her eyes.. I looked at Lilly feeling a bit of tension in this room. Everyone's plates seemed like they were done eating so why not pool time? Wait we just ate... I'll ask in an hour.


Hour later*


Nikki came out the shower, bath.. Toilet what ever she did in there. Here we are sitting doing nothing but watching TV... I could do this at home. I walked to the bedroom grabbing my phone hoping someone messaged me.


Nope nothing.


I guess Harry and me aren't talking. I sighed laying on the bed.


"Hey wanna go to the pool!" Lilly came in the room "what's wrong?"


I sat up "nothing really... But um Bree said?"


"Nah my idea"


"Oh cause Bree asked to go yesterday soo... Yeah"


"Bree!!" Lilly yelled, coming in Bree


"What?" Bree asked


"Pool?" Lilly questioned


"Sure!" She ran to the drawers of clothes


"We can't leave Nikki, though" I whispered to Lilly


"She can come too"


"Alright just don't tell either one, that each other are coming? Make sense" I questioned


"Haha yeah I'll go tell Nikki" Lilly walked away and Bree jumped on my bed


"Which one?" She showed me two bathing suites. A dark blue one and a mint pattern one.


"This one!" I pointed to the minty one. I got off the bed and went to my drawer taking out my sailer suit. It's a nautical bathing suit.



I wore an over size tee over my original bathing suit. Bree didn't wear anything to cover up. Lilly wore shorts covering the bottom but didn't cover up her floral top. Nikki wore a pink bathing suit with a white sheer on top. It was a silent walk really no one said a word. The pool was full, the people looked like ants in the water.. Haha I like to exaggerate things. Nikki picked seats under a tree. Four chairs. two half in the shade and the other two in the sun. I ran to the shady part, Bree by my side, then Lilly and Nikki. I put down my sunglasses lying down.


"Ahhh relaxation" Bree let out. I peeked seeing what the other girls were doing. Lilly reading a book. Nikki tanning and Bree was lying with her eyes closed. I looked more around, family in the pool teaching their kids to swim. People tanning.. Some eating. Hey where did they get the food?


"Anyone up to go in the water" Nikki asked


"Me!" Lilly jumped up


"Maybe in a while" I said


"Okay" they walked away and now just me and Bree "Bree, you awake?" I asked


"Yes" she opened her eyes


"What's up with you and Nicole" I asked


"Megan... I like Niall" she said and I gave her a look


"That's great but-"


"Nicole kissed Niall " Bree cut me off


"Oh" I stayed quiet for a moment "did she know you like him?"


"No, no one did"


"Then, it's all good right? Cause she didn't know and it probably wasn't on purpose"


"Right... I hope. But tell me about Harry"


"Oh... Um well he likes me"


"Haha you don't say?"


"Wait what?"


"It was obvious he did, when you left a room he'd talk about how pretty he thinks you look"






"Well... Now we aren't talking cause I don't even know. But I do know he's mad at me"


"Wait why?"


"At Caesars Palace, I guess he got jealous of me and Liam and I confronted him about it... And well he got mad, and yelled at me telling me he likes me, then stormed off"


"Tell him you like him back and talk about it, sounds like misunderstanding and stupidness"


"About that" I said under my breath, I looked over at Bree put her sunglasses on with a hat. I sighed looking around. I saw a stand of ice cream and nachos...


"Hey I'm going to get ice cream" I said


"You have money?"




"You need money"


"Yes" I smiled. Bree took 20 bucks out her bra, handing it to me


"Bring me back a chocolate ice cream"


"Will do" I walked away looking at the floor hoping water wouldn't make me slip and fall. I made it to the booth thingie and there was some what of a line, a women, a kid and a man in front of me.


"Aye Louis! In second thought I want strawberry" I looked over at a man walk up to the line. I didn't see his face just his back. Although the structure of the back of his body looked Familiar. I starred at him to turn around... Wishing he never did


"Oh my god!" I yelled speed walking away so he wouldn't see me. What the hell is zayn doing here. I hid behind the Towels. Here goes swimming ruined. I walked back to Bree taking her glasses and hat covering my face


"Uh what the heck!" Bree whined




"And where's my ice cream?"


"Bree guess who's here"


"Um" she looked around smiling "Harry's here"


"Aw shit he's here too!"


"Wait if it's not Harry.. Then..."


"Zayn's here Bree! Zayn!"


"Woah baby! He is?! Where did you see him"


"At the ice cream that's why I didn't bring back any... Wait where's Harry" I slightly took off the shades following Bree's finger. I saw Liam, Niall, Harry.. But that's it.


"Come on let's go talk with Niall!" Bree yanked my arm


"Oh hell no!" I pulled my arm back


"Yeah come on!" Bree said. I quickly took off my over sized shirt throwing off the hat and shades jumping in the pool


"Megan!!" Bree yelled but I ignored her. I removed the wet hair from my face, looking around for Nikki or Lilly.


"Hey pass it back!" A group of kids yelled, I spiked their beach ball back at them. Spying Lilly.


"Guys!" I said out of breath


"Haha what happen" lily asked


"I was looking for you"


"You found us!" Nikki responded. I looked at where we're seated but Bree wasn't there. I looked over at Harry, seeing him chatting with a few women. Ain't that nice.

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