A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


38. planning

Megan's point of view

I closed the front door running upstairs. My phone rang and I answered pulling it up to my ear.


"Yes Bree"

"Hey I'm about to head down to Pasadena to pick up Ms. Cruz so we can start getting stuff for the baby shower want to come?"


"Okay i'll be there in like a few minutes"

"Alright bye" I hanged up, getting off my bed to go to the bathroom. After I finished I went down stairs before my nana could call me. I always make her yell. Speaking about my grandparents I didn't see them when I came in, I walked out back to the yard and didn't see them. I made my way back to the kitchen seeing a note on the counter top.

Your grand dad and I went out for our medication and will be going out to eat for our Anniversary so we won't be back till later at night. We left some money so you can call pizza or what ever you please if you get hungry.

Lots of Love,

Nana xxx

I smiled at the note, I don't think I have ever met a couple that loved each other as much as my Grandparents. Their love was cute, being together since high school and the love still carrying on till now. I just wish one day I could have what they had. I heard a car honk and I grabbed the money folding the note putting it in my pocket and walking out the front door.

"Hey" I said getting into her car

"Ahh I'm excited, I've never planned a baby shower before" Bree smiled driving

"Well you did volunteer with her mom"

"I know because I wanted to do something for Lilly"

"Hey speaking of doing something for Lilly, are we going to throw her a secret wedding?"

"Nikki suggested it but I think she was just kidding"

"But it would be pretty cool"

"But a wedding is so much more, we have to measure them for their clothes and colors and cake and we need a place and there's so much"

"Oh" It would he great to throw Lilly and Justin a wedding, surely it wouldn't be all surprises as we would mention it to them eventually when we've done too much they couldn't deny us but than we'd need Justin to propose and a ring... But What if they don't want commitment and that's why they're not getting married.. no because Lilly clearly said they'd love to but are putting all thought into the baby.


We picked up Ms. Cruz not to long ago and were heading to the party store. Bree parked her car and we got out going into the store.

"I was thinking something like streamers" Ms. Cruz said walking to the back

"Oh and then we hang them all over the walls. ahh yes!" They picked up several items saying how'd they picture it and so on and I felt like a third wheel.

"Blue or Green" Ms. Cruz came up to us with streamers

"First of all what is it" I asked

"Green" Bree said

"What is what?" Ms. Cruz asked examining the Green streamers

"The baby!"

"Oh a Boy"

"Oh my god really" I smiled feeling all excited to see the baby be born.

"I know!" Bree smiled

"I'm just glad that i'll be a grandma. you know!"

"Really? most parents don't want to be classified as Grandma or Grandpa just yet" I said

"I visited family before Lilliana came back into my life and my sisters kids had babies and I was jealous that I didn't have my daughter with me and to not know what's going on with her life, but when she mentioned she was pregnant, no no I just couldn't take in the fact because my Lilliana is still young and learning but now I couldn't be happier to know that soon in a month and a half i'll be a grandma" she smiled and I 'aww'

"Okay in that case let's get like a neon green and a baby blue"

"Wait what are our main colors for the shower. We have to have like a theme color for the invitations and cake" Bree said and it was silent.

"What about balloons?" I said

"What if we get them custom made to say its a boy?" Ms. Cruz said

"Yeah that'll be cute"

"Oh this cake place does them for free if you order cake and balloons"

"Let's do it!" Bree cheered


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