A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


6. Part Party

Lilly's point of view-


I began to get over whelmed. Tightly packed in there, I needed fresh air. I walked to the main entrance.


"Where you going!" The body guard stopped me as I tried to squeeze through the door


" I'm going out for some air" I yelled the music being louder at the door


"Alright do you plan to return?"


"Yes!" And with that I walked away going up the escalator through the restaurants and out the door. When you exit it leads to the Valle parking. I walked to a wall  just sighing


"Need a smoke" I was startled by a Kinda deep, and cute at the same time Voice. Slowly Turing around. To my surprise this guy didn't look like a raspiest nor a hobo. He had blondeish/light brown hair.With brown eyes.


"Uh yes" I took his offer as he lit up the cigarette 


"So what brings you here?" He asked taking the cigarette out his mouth


"Just needed some fresh air"


"Oh I'm Justin by the way" he held his hand out


"I'm Lilly" I shook it back. It was quiet for a moment but that's what I needed. I watched the cars pass one by one people putting in their luggage's and taking them out.


"So um what brings you here?" I decided to break the silence.


"Just out you know"




"You could say that" he smiled looking down smashing his cigarette with his foot


"Oh" my eyes widened a bit


"No! No not like that.. Well" Justin put his hand on my shoulder laughing. His laugh was so cute! I threw my cigarette down.


"Well nice talking but I have To head back" I said still laughing


"Wait what!" He said grabbing my hand, looking really down


"where you going?"


"The daylight club my friends are there"


"Can I come?" He asked


"Oh yeah sure! " I smiled and his face changed following me. We walked to the escalators back with the Guards


"ID's" the guard said as I took out my wallet. Justin showing them.


"Go ahead" I re-entered the club but this time with Justin LMAFO's party rock playing.


"I need a drink" I yelled over the music


"Alright, should I get a table or?" He asked.


"Do you want a drink?"


"Yeah but ill get it myself" he said taking the lead up to the bar table


"Can I have two Whiskey cocktails" Justin said ordering for the two of us?


Justin's point of view-


I sat outside. By myself likes It has been the last few years. Yeah I've talked to people but for money Or to club and parties. I was distracted by this pretty girl dressed in a blue dress walk out standing on the wall sighing loudly.. Maybe she is stressed and needs a smoke? I approached her in the calmest way not trying to scare her


"Need a smoke?" I asked as she turned around noticing in her eye I had startled her


"Uh yes" she said taking the cigarette as I lit it up for her. Getting one myself


"So what brings you here?" I asked


"Just needed some air" she replied


"Oh I'm Justin by the way" I said


"I'm Lilly" we exchanged smiles and hand shakes. Soon after becoming quiet. I haven't had a decent conversation with some one in a while so I didn't know what to talk about.


"So what brings you here?" She returned the question...


"Just out you know"




"You could say that" I smiled and her eyes looked like they literally popped out her head


"Oh" she emphasized The oh 


"No no not like that!" I laughed and so did she. I forgot what it was like to have a nice laugh. 'Oh I have to go' I heard out of Lilly's mouth and I didn't want her to leave. I grabbed her hand and asked if I could tag along. She felt like a friend you know? Although its a bit awkward we could at least try bonding...


Minutes later~ in the club sitting


"So then I yelled at her and threatened to eat her food" Lilly said laughing as she told me stories of her and her friends. My stomach Hurt of all the laughing. Was she drunk?  Was i drunk? I looked to the side... beside her was the whiskey, beer and a few shots.... I looked to my side and saw two whiskey bottles, 6 shots a martini and a margarita.maybe we have been drinking a lot. I took out my phone reading 11:03.


"It's getting late" I said trying not to be so much of a party pooper


"Lets go" Lilly said clumsily getting up.


Megan's point of view-


Harry walked around and around in circles. It was so dark in here you couldn't hardly see people unless they were on the spot light. His blonde friend was right In front of me yelling things at every person we walked passed.


"Megan! Megan! Megan!" Harry yelled three times and I looked at him


"What!" I yelled


"You see those people over there?" 


"yeah?" I gave him a weird look


" They're going all the way" Harry winked doing a little hip thrust, fisting his hand


"Oh my god Harry!" I slapped his arm laughing on his shoulder


"What?" Harry asked trying to be innocent. I rolled my eyes at him noticing his blonde friend was gone.


"Um Harry" I said pointing where he friend used be


"Shit" Harry cursed, Turning around trying to see where his friend was. Squinting his eyes in this dark club


" can I hold your hand?" He asked smiling "So you don't get lost! You know" he covered


"Oh yeah of course!" I played along, reaching for his hand crossing his fingers with mine. We walked around the club Harry going to a table of two guys.


"Mates time to go" Harry said approaching the table


"Buzz kill" this man with short hair trimmed at the sides with a small quiff spoke.


"Woah Harry! Check out this one! My names Louis but you can call me, tonight" he said placing his hands on my chest cupping my boobs. I let go of Harry's hand slapping this guy across the face.


"Feisty!!" The one That goes by Louis said barely keeping his eyes open of how drunk he was. I got away from these freaks and stood by Harry. I don't know why but there was something about him that Made me feel safe and secure, that I could be myself..


"Liam are you drunk!?" Harry asked putting his hands on his friends face


"Not really" he said


"Fantastic! Can you take Louis and Niall with you to the fountain near the door?!" Harry asked


"Alright but Niall isn't here" Liam Said


"I know"  Harry said taking the lead intwining his hand with mine. Looking tired and determined. We walked over to the bar, Niall? Sitting drinking some more. Wow I thought.


"Mate follow Liam" Harry put his hand on Niall's back pushing him to Liam and Louis. As Liam led them to the club exit.


"Now time to find your friends" Harry said


"I think I saw my friend over here" I pulled him towards the seating area peeking my head on every seating. Spying Nikki making out with this older guy... I tapped her shoulder but she wouldn't stop kissing him. Ew gosh, I tried pulling their heads apart. That worked but Nikki looked mad


"What the hell!" The Guy yelled


"Nikki here has to go" I said pulling her away


"Bye Rick" Nikki stumbled to get up


"My name is Chris!" He yelled as we walked away, leaving me and Harry to laugh. We continued walking around and this crowd started to huddle around. I walked over to it getting on my tippy toes but still couldn't see.


"Harry I'm too short, what is everyone looking at?" I asked and Harry peeked his head over


"This really hot girl in a yellow dress is grinding and dancing, really good" Harry said smiling not taking his eyes off. I rolled my eyes... Typical boy, wait yellow dress? I squeezed my head through some people seeing who was this sexy dancer... Bree!?


"Oh my god" I whispered trying to reach her.


'Woooo! She's got a hot friend' I heard this person yell and cheering started. I grabbed Bree's arm as she tried smacking it off, pushing through the crowd as they yelled rude things and booed me for taking her away. Harry put his arms over me and Bree as a shield while Nikki walked ahead. We walked out the daylight club towards the fountain where Liam was told to wait.


"What the!" Harry yelled frustrated as Liam, Louis and Niall were missing 


"Harry I think it's easier if we take these girls home and hope that Liam led the boys to your hotel"


"We can only hope he took one of those taxis" Harry said snapping a picture of the taxis... Well he must have never seen a taxi. I unlocked Nikki's Lamborghini sitting in the drivers seat as Harry sat in the back with Bree and Nikki.


"Crap we forgot Lilly!" I said stopping the car right in the middle of the parking lot


"She went home hours ago" Bree said playing with Harry's hair


"Oh alright then" I continued driving stopping at the stop lights seeing The girls all over Harry from the rear view mirror feeling his hair, face, and muscly arms. The light turned green.


"What hotel are you staying in Harry?" I asked


"The mirage" he said and I felt like you could hear his smile in his sentence... Does that make sense? Probably only in my head


"Really?! cool then I don't have to make stops"


"That's your's as well?"




*we got out the car, not many parking spaces available. Going through the casino entrance and into the elevator. I pressed floor 21, expecting Harry to pick his floor number, but he didn't. I starred at him casually standing, actually getting a better look at Harry's face, This guy... This guy was gorgeous. The way his green emerald eyes shined with the light, his natural skin with a few zits, but that didn't matter he was still handsome. His light brown hair with a few dark shades curled and swiped to the side and don't get me started on his body.


"Like what you see?" I felt chills run down my neck as I broke out my thought seeing Harry inches away from my face, starring down at me. He was leaning In... Wait no I don't want to kiss him, I bit my lip the elevator door opening as I ran out pulling Bree with me. Harry increased his pace being by my side with Nikki behind. I looked through her purse looking for the card. Swapping it in the little switch going from red to green. Nikki and Bree ran in.


"Well bye harry!" I said about to close the door, Harry pushing it back with his hands


"Wait I never got your number" he smiled taking out his cell phone as I handed him mine. I typed some digits and saved my contact. Looking over at Harry noticing he wasn't adding a contact instead taking a picture.


"Why are you taking a picture?" I asked smiling


"It's called a selfie and it's for my contact picture" he said in the cutest tone. Snap out of it Megan... He is not all that cute.


"Alrighty then" we handed each other our phones back as I walked back inside my room


" bye!" I yelled, once again him stopping the door but this time with his foot


"yes?" I asked


"No good nite kiss?" He smirked as he spoke, his dimples were so deep and adorable


"Bye Harry" I smiled closing the door.


"What a flirt" I placed Nikki's clutch on the coffee table, taking off these horrid heels. I went to the other room not bothering to check on the girls. Plugging my phone in its charger placing it on the Stand near my bed, getting in switching off the lamp. It seems Lilly decided to take my bed. I got comfortable.


'Buzzz buzz'


My phone lite up, I got on my side to see who texted me.


Hi it's Harry! The guys are sound asleep... Thank goodness. Breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner tomorrow? :) okaaaay good nite. Xxx


I laughed at his text, getting back into my sleep position slowly closing my eyes to head back asleep


A/N) So my friend insisted I added Justin cause she loves him, what did you guys think? I have a few chapter's written and Justin doesn't do much. If you girls want him in more let me know and I'll see what I can write. Oh and Zayn will be in chapters soon :) 

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