A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


9. oops

Harry's point of view-


We walked down to the parking lot getting In Louis's car.


"Where we eating" Niall asked


"We have many different options" Liam said


"Lets go to the one with the alligators" zayn said


"The Orleans?" I asked


"Yeah that one" zayn said. Louis shook his head as we drove there. I can't forget that kissed Megan and i shared. It was nice... Like really nice and I actually wanted to kiss her not like those girls at the clubs.


Hey :) x- me


I decided to text Megan. Putting my phone In my pocket as we walked out the car and In to The Orleans. By the poker bingo or whatever they were playing. Walking to the food place and to the buffet a big line. I heard one of the boys groan, at the sight of the line.


*minutes later*


"Wait wait what?" I asked looking at Liam and Niall


"While you were gone, Niall and I went to a strip club" Liam said and I looked at him in shock


"Seriously!?" I asked


"Seriously" Niall said


"Where the hell was zayn and Louis?" I asked


"Zayn was being cranky again about his dumb break up and I was asleep" Louis said


"Lad your still on that?" Liam asked


"If you loved her why did you too break up?" I asked


"She broke up with me!! She thought I was cheating" zayn said raising his voice


"Were you?" Louis asked


"Maybe, maybe not the thing is it was accident she should give me a second chance but when I text her she doesn't reply" zayn said looking down and we all got quiet. I felt a vibrate on my front pocket taking out my phone


Hey :)-Megan


What cha doing?-me


Out With the girls-Megan




I suppose... Wbu?!- Megan


Eating well I was but now I'm full-me


Wow sounds very interesting! 8o-Megan




It's a face dork- Megan


You know the definition of dork?-me


Lol I don't want to know...- Megan



I began to laugh. I can just imagine her smacking my arm or making faces at me.


"What's so funny?" Liam asked


"Just texting" I said


"Who? You keep smiling at texts and you have a girlfriend don't you?" Niall asked


"She's my friend...She's really funny and sweet she always make me laugh" I said


"Show us a picture" Louis said


"I don't have one but I can ask" I said


Parker send me a pic of you please :)-me


I pressed send.


"She's from the club, remember her? Niall, Louis or Liam?" I asked


"I remember nothing" Louis said and Liam and Niall agreed


Okay here it is...  

1 attached file- Megan


I opened the message putting my phone in the middle of the table waiting for the picture to load.


Zayn's point of view-


Harry set his phone down, we all Waited for the picture to load. It finally did and I couldn't believe my eyes.


"Who's this?!" Louis picked up the phone, examining every bit of the picture, passing it to Niall as he did the same.


"She's hot" Liam said handing me the phone and I just wanted to punch something. This is Megan MY Megan, how the hell!? She's beautiful as ever. Her beautiful eyes shinning and her pearly white smile.


"Zayn can I have my phone back?" I heard Harry say


"One moment" I said going down their texts quickly clicking the picture again handing it to Harry. How did he meet her? And why MY Megan out of all the girls in the world.


"Come on zayn" Liam said as we all walked away back to car


The thing that kills me the most is they have been talking, maybe even more. Wait she's here in Vegas! I can find her and talk, before she falls head over heels for styles. I sighed going to the couch. I need a drink.


Aye your in Vegas right?- me


I texted Grimmy.


Yeah getting ready for a party at my house wanna come?- Grim


Sure what time?- me




Wow it's 7:53, see you in a few- me


Alright- Grim



I don't want to go alone and I most certainly don't want to bring harry. Niall he's had enough fun. I think I'll bring either Louis or Liam. I saw Liam lying down with his phone smiling. Is he texting Megan too? I sound a bit paranoid. I decided to take Louis instead spotting him in the bedroom.


"Busy?" I asked


"Bored actually" Louis said


"Wanna come with me to Grimmy's?" I asked


"Yeah sure!" He said going to get his shoes. I walked to the loo, checking my hair in the mirror making sure my quiff was okay. I grabbed a leather jacket and black boots. Louis was wearing a red striped shirt underneath a blue button shirt and khakis.



I got in Lou's car as he drove to Grimy's house. Louis's really funny when's he's drunk and fun to party with, a wild child. He parked the car right in front of his house. It hasn't changed much since the Last time we were here. Louis ran to ring the bell.


The door opened and Rita Ora's party and Bull sh*t was blasting. A women with cherry red lips and dark hair had opened the door.


"Do you know where grimy is?" Louis asked her


"Right in the kitchen" she said smiling. Louis and I walked over.


"Hey!!! You made it! Where's the rest of the Mates?" Grimmy said as we exchanged handshakes


"They stayed back at the hotel" I said


"Oh well drinks?" He asked


"I'll take one" Louis said


"What do you want?" Grimy said


"I'll just take a beer for now" Louis Said


"I'll take the same" I said. He handed us the beers as we walked to the main living room as everyone was dancing the strobe lights flashing.


"Grimmy!!!" A group of girls hardly wearing clothes said grabbing his by the hair and body


"Talk later mates I'm needed" he sticked his tongue out walking away


"Time to meet some ladies!" Louis said walking to a table of three guys and five girls.


"Mind if we join?" Louis yelled over the music


"Yeah it's fine we actually needed two guys" this one with a buzz cut said


"What exactly are we doing?" I asked


"Beer pong!" The girls on my right yelled


~three hours later~>


"Wait I'll be right back" I said pushing through the crowd. It was getting hard for me to see, everyone looked blurry and the music is sooo loud


"Hello?" I answered my phone


"Where the hell are you?" A voice yelled through the phone


"Who the hell is this?" I yelled




"Who's Liam?"


"Zayn are you drunk where are you!?" This Liam guy continued talking


"Aye it's for you" I handed the phone to this guy next to me


"Wait what?" He said answering the phone "Grimmy's place" the man said handing me back the phone. So It was for him. I walked up to the bar seeing Louis.


"Damn boy you have Tasha's ass" I said holding on to him and Tasha right next to him.


Liam's point of view-


I put my phone to charge seeing Harry sleeping on the couch in a position that looked like he was holding his stomach. I walked to the bedroom looking for Niall, Louis and zayn. Seeing only Niall laying on the bed watching a CSI program. With his hand rubbing his stomach.


"Where's Louis and zayn?" I asked


"I dunno they've been gone for quite a while now" Niall said not taking his eye off the program. I walked back to the main area getting my phone dialing Zayn.


'Priiinng, priiinggg' It rang


"Hello?" A tired voice said


"Where the hell are you?" I said


"Who the hell is this" zayn said back


"Liam!" I yelled becoming frustrated


"Who's Liam?" Zayn asked


"Zayn are you drunk?!" I yelled. But all I could here was Ke$ha playing in the background


"Aye it's for you" l heard zayn say


"Um hello?" A different voice spoke


"Who is this?" I asked




"Robert where are you?"


"At Grimmy's party..."


"Thank you!" I hanged up grabbing a my coat



"Niall I'll be right back, take care of your brother" I said laughing closing the room door. The hall wasn't very long our room was really close to the elevators. The doors opened and I stepped in the elevator


"Wait!" I heard a voice yell and I put my hand between the elevator doors. In came Megan?


"Hey your Megan!" I said pressing the casino button


"Yeah and you are?" She looked up at me


"Harry's friend, Liam" I smiled putting my hand out


"Ohhh!!! I remember you! From daylight!" She said as the elevator doors opened both of us walking out


"Really? I don't memba anything from there" I laughed


"Aw well nice chatting" she said


"Yeah maybe you should come over some time and we scare Harry" I suggested




"He's usually sleeping" I said


"Awe haha really?" She asked


"Yeah right now when I left he was all cuddled up on the couch sleeping"


"You've got to get me a picture!"


"Whats your number"


"661-637-8432" she said and I quickly typed it down sending her a text so he could have my number.


"Did you get it?" I asked




"Alright well catch you later" I smirked walking away. Shit they took the car, guess I'm taking a Taxi. I walked outside the mirage keeping my eyes open for a Taxi. I whistled putting my hands up seeing one drive by. He backed up and stopped.


"Where to?" The man asked as I closed the door


"Maple stone street" I said and the man shook his head


Minutes later-*


I tipped the man and walked to Grimmy's house ringing the bell. I could hear the music from out here. A really buff man opened the door and Hot Chelle Ray's Tonight Tonight was playing. I walked to the pool table but didn't see them. I tried the kitchen and nothing. 'Well where the hell' I said going to the dance floor. Quickly people dancing on me and pulling my shirt. I saw Louis zayn and two girls sat on the couch. Louis was making out with a blonde girl. And zayn was talking.


"I've been looking for you everywhere!!!" I yelled taping Louis


"Who are you" zayn said again


"I don't have time for your shit" I took zayn by the collar but he Keeped resisting. Louis followed behind me as I spotted Louis's car.


"Lou give me the keys" I said firm and he did so. I unlocked his car and in they went. How much more wasted can these boys get.

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