A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


11. morning!

Zayn's point of view- 

Next Day ☼

I woke up to the sun shinning right on my face. I sat up stretching to a pounding noise in my head. 

"Augh!" I said looking around 'where am I?' I thought putting a couch pillow on my head. I took it off trying to look around one more time seeing Louis sleeping on a different couch 

"Louis" I whispered "Louis, Louis Louis!"

"What?!" Louis yelled putting a hand on his forehead 

"Where are we?" I asked and louis looked around 

"Holy shit! Where are we!" Louis yelled, his brain clicking 

"I don't know that's why I'm asking!" I yelled back 

"Morning!" A blonde women with short hair said walking down the stairs. Now I'm worried. "I'm Liam's sister, I'm taking care of you two trouble makers" she walked away and the pounding in my head began once again. She came back holding two glasses of water and pills. Handing one to Louis then me. I closed my eyes swallowing the water. 

Minutes later- 

I took out my phone seeing it was about 8am. I yawned, the pill made my headache go down and I felt a bit better. I had six different texts and tags on Facebook. 

Kaitlin tagged you in a status Amazing last night ;)-with zayn Malik 

Dude wha up, where you go- mark 

Can't wait to meet up again- Kaitlin

Where ru 10:25- Liam
6 missed calls from Liam Payne.

Jane tagged you in a status 
Had fun lets do it again- with zayn Malik and 25 others 

Meet me?- Kaitlin

Jake tagged you in a status 
Funny guys- with Zaynmalik and LouisTomlinson 


Who's Kaitlin and why was Liam calling me? Who's Jane? Who's mark? Who's Jake? And what was last night? Different questions wandered my mind, looking at Louis. He was also looking down at his phone confused. I went to my pictures seeing one of Louis with beer in his hand, another of me on the floor cups around me, some random people partying. Well what did I get into.... 

Liam's point of view- 

I got up right at 7:00. Determined and ready to get on with my day. Exiting out the shower seeing Harry was still sleeping. Megan instantly coming to my mind. I went to a drawer quickly putting on a pair of underwear, going to my phone. 

"Liam this is the reason I have nightmares!!" Niall yelled putting a blanket on his head

"Suck my toe, Niall I'm in underwear not naked" I laughed unplugging my phone going to my contacts

"Thank God!" He yelled 

"Niall you're such a kid" I walked away 

To- Megan :) : Come over Harry's still sleeping!! 

From- Megan :) : I'll be right there, what number? 

To Megan :) : four doors down. 

She's a fast responder. I grabbed a pair of jeans and a grey plain T-shirt. 

Megan's point of view- 

I can't sleep. 

Beep beep' 

I quickly reached for my phone seeing I revived a text from Liam seeing Harry was sleeping. I quickly jumped out of bed. Going to the bathroom quickly brushing my teeth. Walking out the room in my sweat pants tank top, bare feet with a messy pony tail. I counted four door downs, knocking hoping I had done this right. I smiled seeing Liam, Thank gosh. 

"Come this way" Liam grabbed my wrist, taking me to the bed Harry was asleep on. I smiled evilly, walking to the right side of the bed where Harry is facing. I got down on my knees turning to Liam. 

"Did you take a picture of him?" I asked 

"Yeah I already sent it" he smiled. With that I began pinching Harry's cheeks 

"Oh harry, Harry wakey wakey" I laughed and so did Liam 

"Arughkjl" Harry moaned/mumbled turning to his left side. Well this isn't going to be easy 

"Come her Liam!" I yelled and he stood on the bed jumping. I crawled on the bed and put my mouth near Harry's ear whispering 'wake up' but that didn't work. I started jumping with Liam. 

"It's no use!" I laid on the bed tired, Liam laying down on my right side. I flinched as a hand wrapped around my stomach. 

"I'm up" Harry pulled me closer to him whispering 

"About time" I said laughing. I tried getting out his hold but he only tighten his grip "okay Harry you can let go now!" I said squirming around 

"No I like it like this" he said and I managed to turn facing him. Ugh now I'm facing his face. His green beautiful eyes and adorable dimples, and those stupid lips that say dorky things. I examined his hair, that was all messy, I smiled it was curly some parts sticking up. I began to get butterflies as his hand was making circles on my back. I looked at his chest and saw he was shirtless. Oh please tell me he's just shirtless. I felt Harry grip loosen up and I pushed my self away 

"Help me Liam!!!" I yelled hanging on the bed, Liam helped me up carrying me into the air then putting me down, aw that was fun. 

"Liam!!" Harry whined siting up the blanket going down to his stomach exposing his v-line. But that was about it 

"Please tell me he's wearing clothes" I whispered to Liam and he laughed 

"I don't know about that Megan" Liam smiled and I got the chills walking away 

"Get ready boy!" Liam yelled following me closing the bed room door. 

Niall's point of view- 

Liam ran to open the door in coming a short girl well not that short but she was to Liam's neck in height. They ran to the bedroom. Well okay I'll leave them alone... I walked to the kitchen taking two bread slices a plate and peanut+jelly. 

'Liam!!" Was called out a few times and I heard laughter. What going on in there?.... My eyes widened on the different possibilities. I starred at the door and came that one girl. Hey she looks really familiar. She smiled and I smiled back. She started walking up to me. Shit. I turned around messing with the butter knife scooping peanut-butter stuffing my mouth so we could avoid a conversation. She sat at a stool and began to giggle at me, instantly feeling my cheeks burn up. Liam came out walking towards us looking at his friend then me awkwardly. 

"Niall this is Megan" Liam said pointing to her, I waved trying to get the peanut butter off my braces with my tongue 

"Megan that's Niall" Liam continued talking... 

"Hi Niall, you're really funny" she said ,I swallowed and looked at her 

"As in looking?" I finally spoke 

"No! No as in cute!" She laughed 

"Oh thanks" I felt myself blushing again 

"Yeah when I met you at Daylight well you were drunk, but now your not... Well I think your not and I see you're really funny and cute" Megan smiled. I looked down is she trying to make me tomato red, I put my sandwich together cutting it into four slices. So that's where I remember her from or from Harry's phone.

Megan's point of view- 

Niall turned away making a sandwich and I looked at Liam. 

"Dude was he really naked cos if he was, oh my god" I said and Liam couldn't stop laughing 

"What?" Niall asked 

"Harry hugged me... Later his blanket went down and it looked like he was naked" I said and Niall laughed too! Why is this so funny?! 

"Well Megan.... He likes to go commando, sometimes" Niall shook his head smiling

"Eww guys!! Not cool he hugged me, tight like squeezing me... You know what I mean?!" 

"Calm down babe" Liam laughed putting his hand on my shoulder. 'Babe?' I questioned in my head. I turned to Niall who was laughing his head off. 

"I'm leaving" I said crossing my hands 

"Okay We'll stop" Niall said 

"Still bye!" I turned around 

"Wait!" Niall ran to me handing me a peanut butter jelly sandwich. 

"Thank you" I hugged him 

"You're coming back right?" Liam asked and I faced him 

"For what?" 

"To hang with the three of us!" 

"I don't think I wanna be with commando Harry haha okay knock on my room, I'll go get ready! See ya!" I smiled taking a bite out the PBJ. I forgot my card so I knocked. Finishing up my sandwich, I knocked again louder this time. 

"Yes?" Bree opened the door stretching

"Finally!" I complained heading for the shower. 

Harry's point of view- 

I put on some caramel brown skinny jeans and a black sweater. I shagged my hair a bit making it dry adding a special Creme to make the curls nice. Rinsing my tooth brush and putting on my white converses. I took one last look in the mirror, smiled grabbing my I phone putting it in my pocket unlocking the bedroom door, that Liam locked. I walked to the main room area seeing Liam and Niall grubbing on sandwiches. 

"Where's Megan?" I asked 

"You freaked her out with your nudity" Niall smiled 

"What? She saw me naked? When!" 

"Haha no she thinks you were naked in your bed" Liam said 

"Maybe I was" I smirked and their facial expressions change as I began to laugh. But that smile faded as I saw my Ritz crackers cookies in the trash empty 

"Heeey!!!" I whinnied lifting the wrapper. Quickly seeing the guilt In Niall's eyes. 

"It was Liam!" Niall said and I squinted my eyes at him "fine it was me, I was hungry! That's why you people need to feed me" 

"you're buying me new ones" I laughed "Wait where's zayn and Louis?" I asked notching they weren't here.

"My sisters house" Liam said 


"They were bad... okay so I told Megan we'd meet her at her room, so leggo" Liam said and I followed behind him tripping over my feet almost falling. 


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