A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


35. mom

Lily's Point Of View

 We stood in front of my old home. I looked at the front door, old with a faded mahogany color. I assume my mom's garden under the window and the grass tall like it hadn't been cut. I looked behind me my girls by my side. I smiled and looked back at the door. 


"Walk up to the door and knock" Megan coughed.  I rolled my eyes and stepped up to the door I lifted my hand in a fist about to pound on the door when it opened. My breathing hitched and I locked eyes with my mom her stare bored into my eyes. She dropped the trash bags as they hit the floor with a spat. 


"Lilliana" she breathed out 


"mom" I hugged her, I felt a tear roll onto my neck. 


"cuh-cuh come inside come inside" my mother pulled away from me avoided eye contact I saw her wipe her eyes as she walked back inside her house. The girls followed behind my mother and went inside the house. I wiped my eyes and thought is she glad to see me or will walking through those doors be hell. I peeked my head through the door being drawn in all the old memorizes flowing back. 


"coffee, tea or your fave hot chocolate" my mom stopped my thoughts 


" Chocolate" 


she nodded her head and asked each one of the girls. After my mom left they looked at me and started walking up to me. I looked away and focused my attention to the old flight of stairs, I wonder if my bedroom still exist....



"lily I think we should leave you alone to talk some things out with your mom"  Bree said



"no what if things get out of control" 



"out of control?" Nikki asked 



" and you can't leave my mom is making you drinks" 


"She offered we politely said no" Bree said


"oh we weren't suppose to get anything....be right back" Megan walked off into the kitchen 



"look lil we won't leave we will be in the car, so when you finish come" Nikki said 





my mom came back with two drinks in her hand "Thank you for inviting us in Ms.Cruz but we're going to leave you and Lilliana alone to talk" Bree said. 



"oh okay it was nice seeing you girls again" she smiled hugging, Nikki, Megan and Bree as they walked out. The door closed and I was alone with my mom. I looked over at her as she walked over to the living room sitting on the couch. 



"Tell me hija.... Lily.... Lilliana what brings you here?"



"I missed you mom" 



"missed me? how come its taken you almost four years to realize you miss me Lilliana! You don't think I've missed you! I don't even know where you have been for the last years. You don't know I could have moved away and you would have never seen me again." 



"I know mom" I sighed " I messed up, I was young and stupid and an idiot and I realized it now. But mom please I need you now more than ever" I cried. I looked up at my mom and her eyes were outlined red and her eyes were glossy. 



"why now more than ever? what about those years I missed?! huh!" 



"we will make them up mom I promise" I sat next to her taking her hand in mine. "now mom the second reason I came is...." "mom I am- am pregnant" 



"what" She stood up looking at me bug eyed "who! what? when did this happen?" 



"My boyfriend Justin and In October"


"Mhmm Boyfriend not even husband" My mom babbled some words in Spanish pacing from side to side of the living room "¿Cómo pudo haber pasado esto? How could this have happened!" she threw her hands in the air "no no" she said sitting back down she ran her hands through her dark brown hair. Grey hair starting to form in the roots. " Lilliana you are not ready for a kid" 



"mom first of all take a deep breath" I said as my mom looked wan  "mom I have an appointment Friday you can come and you can meet Justin. Mommy I love him and he's been nothing but wonderful" 



"Lily dear that's what you said about Reggie.....and I know you guys didn't last" My mom put her hand on my back giving me a deadpan face. 



"Mommy trust me Justin is different, way different from Reggie. Reggie his intentions were like you said and Justin we got to know each other and then it sorta just happened." 


" I hope you're right" 



"I can feel it mom don't worry I know you will love him and mom you can help me with the baby shower, the naming the process and just imagine all this craziness"  I said ecstatic with the thoughts. 


"This is your first child. Of course I am going to help you with it. Really I'm glad you came after all this time" 


"Thank the girls for helping me realize I couldn't go on without having my mother in my life" My mom stood up gave me a kiss on the forehead smiling at me like I have just won six awards in school. 


"you hungry?" she asked 


"yeah, but mom is my room-" 


"still the way you left it? Go ahead head on up this is still your home you know" My mom laughed walking to the kitchen. I ran up the stairs to my room my door was closed and it still had my foam letters that spelled out my name. I put my hand on the knob twisting it, I took sight of the lavender walls my small white bed with my funky peace bed spreads. I spun around in the middle of my room laughing when I saw my closet doors full of shirtless posters of Zac Efron. I had this poster board with old pictures of me with family and friends. My dresser and desk, everything looked exactly the way I had left it and I knew no one had been in here due to the dust on my night stand. 


Beep beep 


Hey Lil we left, You know how impatient Megan and Nikki are :P text me when you want to go home or if you're spending the night with your mom.- Bree



"Lilliana!" I heard my mom yell. It felt like Deja vu. I'm assuming lunch was ready. I couldn't wipe the smile of my face. I heard my mom call my name once again and I headed down. 
















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