A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


36. maybe I do

Megan's point of view- 

I repeatedly tapped on Bree's car window impatiently waiting for her to come back. I was currently in her car waiting for her to get Liam and harry. But she was taking forever, as if she was having a deep conversation with them. I mean she could have at least left the radio on. I looked over to the house door open Bree and Liam having a laugh. Harry pushed through them opening the car door. 

"Did I say you could come in" I joked 

"Did I say you could look at me" 

"I wasn't even looking at you" 

"You are now" harry smiled taping my nose 

"Don't touch me" I reached over to slap him but he scooted behind my chair. (I was sitting in shot gun and he was in the back seat left side) I got up, getting my hair out my face. Sitting on my knees to reach over my chair and choke him. I managed to grab Harry's shirt. 

"Okay, okay" harry laughed trying to get me to let go of his shirt. But my grip was firm. I stared at him, smiled at his stupid face. "What" he merely smiled a bit loopy, his dimples faint.  

"Oh my god Liam"  the doors opened, I let go of harry turning back and quickly putting on my seat belt.

"Hey babe, you asked" Liam chuckled. Bree started up the car driving away. I looked out the window, getting kinda dizzy since we were just passing a wall that seemed endless. 

"So has Lilly and Justin set a date?" Harry asked 

Bree: "For the baby shower or?" 

Harry: "Yeah" 

Liam: I think I heard Justin say in April 

"Yeah I heard Nikki talking about it so yeah April" 

"Hey we're in April!" Bree said a bit blonde 

"Yes sweet heart" Liam scooted up to rub Bree's shoulder, I laughed. We pulled into this beige home. I looked around the place turning to Bree. Why are we at her parents home? 

"So Liam and I are going to grab Lucy, coming or staying in the car?" Bree asked, turning off the car. Now be in the car alone with harry or say hello to Bree's parents... I quickly got out going straight to the door before anyone else. Bree, Liam and harry finally caught up ringing the bell. It took a while but Bree's mom opened the door. She smiled and welcomed us in, her eyes quickly darting to Liam and Bree's entwined hands. 

"Hi mom this is harry, Liam and you know meg" 

"Oh? Nice to meet you Harry and Liam" 

"Who are you?"  Mr. Smith came into the living room.

"Oh daddy!" Bree hugged him. But he seemed to be interested in the boy holding his daughters hand. I looked at harry who was already looking at me. He smiled, I looked back at Bree's dad approaching Liam. He began questioning him and Bree look frustrated.  

"Yes dad he's my boyfriend" 

"Boyfriend? Ok Mr. Boyfriend Did you graduate college? Did you drop out of high school? Have you gotten a girl pregnant! Do you love my daughter? Do you do drugs?" Mr. Smith Interrogated 

"Dad!" Bree whined 

"Trevor!" Mrs.smith backed up Bree. 

"Maybe I should wait outside" I said, after a while of watching them 

"Yeah me too" harry said 

"No guys stay" Bree said, I didn't listen walking out. Poor Liam, hope he makes a good impression on her dad. Bree's mom won't care as long as Bree's happy. 

"Wait up, pal" I rolled my eyes. "Where you going?" He asked as I examined Bree's car it was locked and I wasn't going to stand outside. 


"For a walk" I passed the street continuing to walk. 

"Wait for me!" I ignored him. Looking around to see where I could go.... Maybe if I walk a certain distance he will get tired and leave? "Megan,  let's stop the game. I want you and you want me. So how about we go make out" I laughed 

"Woah big boy who said I wanted you" 

"You said you had feelings for me" 

"Key word, had...styles"  


We walked to this little area that had different fast food areas and a gas station. 

"Do you want In and out?" I asked, going in the restaurant. The usual long lines. 



"Aww harry, don't get upset" I tossed his hair. He looked at me with a straight face trying to be serious but I know he wanted to smile. 

"Hi what can we get you?" 

"Um two number twos" 

"Okay that will be 10.03" the man handed us two cups and my bill. I reached to get my cup my hand slightly brushing with harry. I shrugged it off going to get some lemonade. 

"Where do you want to sit" harry asked putting the straw in his cup. I looked around and the inside was full so I guess outside. 

"Outside" he shook his head following me outside. I decided to go with the table that was in the shade. Both of us were sipping our drinks, avoiding any communication. I looked at him and now it was a staring contest. Harry stopped sipping giving me a dimply smile. Our eyes still fixed, I smiled slightly. 


"Order number 37" was called through the speakers and harry looked away. 

"I'll get it" he said walking off. I smiled crossing my arms. I won. I looked at him walk away a pair of two blonde girls stopping him at the door. He shook his head pointing at me. The girls looked at me with death glares I looked away from them and around the place. Family's and couples eating. 

"Ugh she's ugly" the girls said as they walked passed me. My confident levels dropped a bit. What did I do to them? 

"I'm back" harry cheered setting the food on the table. I shook my head just wandering off to space. "What's wrong?" He asked 

"Oh just cold" 

"Do you want my sweater?" Harry asked with a chip in his mouth beginning to take off his jacket. 

"I'm fine harry" I said stopping him from getting up. 

"Okay" he sat down, biting into his cheese burger. I took a sip of my juice. Reaching for my burger and fries. "Good you grabbed your food, If you wouldn't have had I would have fed you myself" he laughed, his eyes sparkling with the little sunlight that reached him. I felt myself staring at him, so I stuffed my face with fries. Looking elsewhere, but I was drawn back to his idiotic smile. I caught on he said a joke and was laughing at his own joke. 

"Who- hoo" 

"Huh what" I said 


"What happen when I left, you seem else where and quiet" 

"Oh, I.... Yeah I'm listening" I took a bite from the burger. Harry shook his head drinking his coke. 

"So I was thinking we should skate again" he said 

"Hah no." 

"Aw why not you have to admit, it was fun" 

"Fun?! I felt like I was in a life death situation when louis pushed me in the rink and! When you tried carrying me" harry bursted into laugher covering his mouth when he realized he was too loud. 

"I'm sorry.... I pictured the whole carrying thing smoothly. I even told you" 

"Yah..." Harry looked down at a message he received, he looked back up.

"Hey do you wanna meet my mom" he asked 

"what?" I laughed 

"She wants to face time me... But I don't know I think it would be rude if I was having a whole- nother conversation and you just sat here" 

"Oh sure I guess?" I scarfed the last piece of the cheese burger in my mouth. Waiting for Harry's mom to pick up. 

"Hiiii mum!" Harry chimed 

"Hi sweetie, where are you?" 

"Eating... Well was, with Megan. Megan say hi" harry moved his phone to me. 

"Hello Ms.Styles" 

"Hello Megan nice to meet you" she smiled "are you and harry dating?" She asked 

"No mam" I said, harry taking his phone back 

"Shhh" he said "she's right mum we're not dating but we are sorta friends with benefits... She comes to my place every Friday night and we stay up still sunday" harry bit his lip in. 

"Harry!" I said getting up "I'm sorry Ms. Styles.... Harry here is a liar" I popped my face where she could see me. 

"Harold!" Harry's mum said stern

"Mum but I'm not lying see" harry gave me a quick kiss. 

"Harry!" I said shocked pushing him 

"Listen here mister, I don't want to here any of this bringing home girls thing. All night junk. When you come back you're grounded and I'll have a shit load of chores for you" 

"I'm sorry mum, I'm afraid you're breaking up.." Harry pressed end to the FaceTime call. "So you finished?" He asked casually, like he said and did nothing. I gave him a glare, taking the tray dumping it and putting it on top. I went back to the table and grabbed my drink, walking away. 

"Oh oh oh" I heard harry sing, behind me. "Megan" 

"What?" I asked in a feisty manner 

"Um never mind" I looked back at him, he bit his tongue. Looking down at his feet. It was silent and the sun was setting. I stopped walking and just looked up at the sky. "What are you thinking about" 

"Oh... Uh just looking at the sun" 

"You know that's bad for your eyes" he chuckled, I smiled. Continuing to walk again. Harry and I were side to side. 

"I was just thinking how nice it would be to walk along the beach right now and just sit and watch the sunset go down.... And when it's all dark out. To lay down and watch the stars." I looked up at him. 

"That would be nice..." He said, looking at me. 

"Hey harry..." I said as we turned on a street almost going back to Bree's. 

"Yeah meg" 

"When you went to get our food, what did those two blonde girls say. You know the ones that stopped you" harry looked to be thinking. 

"Nothing important really, why"

"Oh because, I heard them call me ugly, so I just thought you said something" I spoke really fast, hoping he wouldn't hear me not care and we would continue walking. 

"Are you serious?" He asked 

"Yeah, but oh well" I said walking faster as I saw Bree's parents house the white fencing a few inches away. 

"Megan" harry said grabbing my hand. I flinched a little feeling a shock. "You're beautiful... Even if some people might not think that oh well you're perfect to me. And those bitches were just jealous, because you are no where near ugly" I looked at harry his face was sincere. We stood there just starring at each other, I wrapped my small arms around his torso, He held me closer to him. I felt him take a deep breath. I wanted to cry, laugh and just hug him to death. I felt weird, crazy and I couldn't explain it. I lifted my head from his chest, to look up at him. His emerald eyes looked sad. I placed my hands on his cheeks sort of cupping them. Quickly placing my lips on his pulling away and running into Bree's parents drive way. 

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