A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


37. maybe I do part 2

Megan's Pov:

Once I ran into Bree's parents drive way I quickly rang the door bell.

"Megan!" Harry yelled, probably wanting an explanation. But I didn't have one. Why did I kiss him? I don't know, his plump soft, pink lips are tempting. "Megan" he said. He was really close to me.

"Ahh! Kids you're back" Mrs. Smith said

"Yup" I walked in her home, seeing Bree, Liam seated on one couch and Bree's father on another. Like they were getting asked fifteen billion questions. Bree turned to me, with out having to mouth anything to me I could tell she needed help.

"I'm sorry to ruin the party, but Bree and Liam.... Lilly needs us. Like now!" I made up

"Why? Is she hurt? Is something wrong" Bree's father asked

"No everything is fine, it's a long story, but she called me saying she needs us urgently and you don't want to keep a pregnant lady waiting" it sort of slipped out my mouth.

"What?!" Bree's mother said, Bree quickly got up grabbing Liam's hand heading to me.

"Bye mom and dad!" She yelled running out, I waved and Liam said goodbye. We got in Bree's car. She took a deep breathe.

"I love you! Thank you!" She yelled, putting on her seat belt. I laughed.

"I owe you one meg. It was like deep interrogation" Liam wiped his forehead. I turned around to smile at him my smile faded as my eyes met harry. He looked confused, he looked down to his phone and I looked back at the road.

"What type of questions did they ask" I said, I looked down at my phone, seeing I received a text from harry.

What happened to key word 'had' styles? >:)- Harry xx

I ignored the text, looking over at Liam.

"Anything like my full name, allergies uh childhood struggles, jobs, degrees, drugs, if I had a habit of drinking, my history with women and so on"

"So you guys want to eat" Bree said

"No, hey Bree do you mind dropping me at my house. I'm sleepy" I lied not wanting to be with harry.

"But you have to join us to eat"

"I already ate and I'm super full" Bree gave in driving me to my Grandparents house.

Sooooo sorry I haven't updated. And I have no idea why because this chapter was written back in April and I never update it -.- I'll try to update sooner.

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