A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


3. lets take a trip

Megan's view-

I heard my door bell ring. As I stopped what I was doing to answer it


"Meggy" Bree squealed bringing me into a hug


"Hi Bree,Lilly and Nikki" I said looking at Lilly and Nikki behind Bree . Bree breaking away from the hug.


"So what brings you all here?" I asked putting my hands in my jean pockets


"Your not happy to see us!? I'm hurt!" Nikki said gasping


"No... Well it's pretty early.that's why"


"It's 6:50" Bree said


"Wow that's early..." Lilly said


"Wait what are you doing up this early?" Nikki asked


"I couldn't sleep, I was just about to get In the shower and think.. But the door rang"


"Really still thinking about zayn?" Bree said, and I looked down. She knew darn right why.between out the four of us, I trusted Bree the most, but I still trust the others.


"See this is why we need this" Lilly said


"Need what?" I looked up at her confused


"You see.. We were planning on taking you to Vegas with us" Bree said


"Oh I dunno"


"It will be fun!! Pleaase" Lilly begged


"Pleeease It won't be fun if you're not there" Bree said


"Come on meg!" Nikki said


"Guys I don't think my grandparents are going to let me go to Vegas" I said


"You can try?" Nikki said and soon they pushed me up the stairs going into my grandparents room, but pushing everyone back out.


"Guys I can't tell them Vegas, they will automatically say no"


"What about Arizona?" Lilly suggested


"Um okay I don't know why I'll be going to Arizona but okay" we walked back in the room. I slowly shook my NaNa her opening her eyes, followed by awaking my PaPa. They sat up and I smiled.


"NaNa, papa I'm sorry for waking you but I was wondering if I could go to Arizona with the girls" I bit my lip hoping they said yes


"Why" my papa said


"Lilly's aunt is having a wedding and they need brides Maids" I made something up


"How long would you be in Arizona?" My NaNa asked


"A week" Nikki answered before me


"Yeah a week" I agreed, not really wanting to be in Vegas for a week. My NaNa looked over at my Papa and exchanged a few words


"Be safe" my Nana said and we all yelled group hugging each other. I got out of my friend group hug and hugged my Nana kissing her cheek doing the same to my Papa


"Thank you, I'll be safe and keep in touch" I smiled as we all walked outside there room.right as I closed the door shut, the girls started celebrating more. Though I feel bad I've never really lied to my grandparents like that. I shook it off and we went into my room. Bree went straight to my closet and began looking through my clothes Lilly and Nikki joining her. I took out my luggage from under my bed and went to my undergarments putting that in my bag.


"I think this" Bree took out a pile of clothes setting it on my bed


"With this" Nikki added two shirts


"Well first what kind of clothes do I need?"


"It's hot in Vegas" Lilly said


"So shorts, and tanks Kay what else"


"Dresses! Cause we going clubbing" Bree said and I looked through the pile for a dress. I saw this cute light pink dress that had a brown belt.


"You need a bathing suit" Nikki added. I went to my closet grabbing a blue bathing suit and a purple polka dot one. I added the shorts and sheer tank tops in my bag with the pink dress and a black shorter sexier one. Along with the two bathing suits and my heels and sandals and normal tees and three pairs of jeans. I was already wearing my converse and grabbed a navy blue sweater. Getting my hair brush and tooth paste with brush, Perfume, lotion, sunscreen and deodorant. With shampoo and other necessities.


"Okay I think I got everything" I said pulling my suit case off my bed and on the ground


"Wait!" Lilly yelled


"You forgot your charger" Nikki smiled.


"Okay now I think I have everything" we all laughed heading down stairs. My grandparents were at the dinning table probably after I woke them they couldn't fall back asleep.


"Bye nana and papa" I gave them one last hug and kiss before following the girls outside


"Wow who's car is this?" I said my mouth dropping to see a cherry red Lamborghini.


"It's mine" Nikki smiled


"Get in Megan" Lilly and Bree yelled, I opened the trunk, adding my luggage with theirs. I guess they planned this before they told me. I smiled closing the trunk and hopping in the car. Nikki began to drive and soon we were off.


"Vegas Baby!!" Lilly yelled


"Woo can't wait" Bree yelled


I wonder... Will this be fun

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