A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


40. its a boy


I got a call from Justin not too long ago, That Lilly went into labor last night and that she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He told me I could visit and it didn't take me long to leave my house my papa giving me a ride. I thanked my grandpa walking into the hospital doors. The elevator was busy so I decided to run up the stairs. I reached the second floor seeing a sign that said where every department was. But I had no idea where to go, the elevator doors opened and out came 


"Justin!" I called his name 


"Hey!" he looked stressed out




"Follow me" I smiled and we walked down the halls, I looked at every room, but stopped walking when I saw a room full of babies. I placed my hands on the glass looking into the room. 


"That one right there is ours" Justin said the biggest smile on his face. "The nurse said later on Lilly could be able to hold him again" 


"He's so cute" I wanted to push the door open and just carry the cute little baby. Even though he was sleeping he was still adorable with his little nose and- 


"But come on! Everyone's in the waiting room because Lilly is resting" We pushed doors open and walked into the waiting room. I smiled at my friends. Justin walking away to sit. I hugged Liam who stood up to greet me, hugging Bree, waving to Nikki. I then hugged Louis sitting by Harry. 


"Where's Niall and Zayn?" I asked 


"They went to get tacos from Jack in the Box" Louis looked down at his phone. 


"Did you see the baby!" Nikki yelled 


"Yes it's so cute" I couldn't contain my excitement 

"Justin?" A nurse came out, Justin quickly got up following her. 


"I hope everything is alright" Bree bit her finger nails staring at them walk away. All of us became silent just thinking, a tap bringing me out of my thoughts. 


"Hi everyone" Mark said greeting the rest


"Yeah, she just told me that Lilly woke up and asked where I was and that three guest at a time could visit her" 

"Can we go first?" Louis said standing up 


"Who's we?" Justin asked 


"Harry, Megan and I" 


"Sure, than who's second?" he asked and we began to walk away


"Wait what room is she?" I asked 


"The nurse will lead you" We walked up to the nurse going past the doors again into a hallway, we continued to walk and stopped at a door. 


"She's in here" The nurse opened the door, Louis walked in first, followed by harry and me last. "I'll be right back" the nurse walked away closing the door. 


"Guys" Lilly smiled weakly 


"How you doing" Harry asked 

"I'm good, you guys thirsty? have a seat yeah?" 


"We're good" louis said


"How's the baby?" I asked, the nurse coming in with a cart. The same cart that had all the babies. She stopped in front of Lilly's bed lifting the baby and handing it to Lilly walking off once again. 


"He's good, healthy thank god, anyone want to hold him?" 


"Me!" I went up to her, seeing hand sanitizer on her stand pumping a few into my hands before carrying the baby. I ducked a little lifting the baby from her hands and on to mine. "Aw he's so little" I looked down at him. 


"What's his name?" Harry asked 


"Andrew" Lilly smiled 


"Hi Andrew" I wiggled his mitten on his little hand. 


"My turn" Louis yelled walking over to me, I carefully handed Andrew to Louis. 


"Hi little lad" Louis said in a silly voice "I'm louis" he smiled and Andrew began crying. "shit what I do?" he asked looking up at us 


"Maybe he doesn't like you" Harry smiled 


"Course he likes me I'm louis, right Andrew you like me" Louis did the baby talk, Andrew continuing to cry. Louis handed him back to Lilly and she calmed him down. 


"He knows his mommy" I smiled


"Can I carry him?" harry came up to Lilly, he picked Andrew up staring at him with the biggest smile. 


"Hey little guy! I'm harry" 


"He's smiling!" I yelled 


"How the hell! his eyes aren't even open" Louis came up to us. 


"Can't he like baby sense us" Harry asked playing around with Andrews foot, I grabbed Harry's arm hugging it while admiring Andrew. 


"That's stupid, no such thing" Louis said 


"Lilly, he has your nose" I said and she smiled 


"And your hair" Harry said 


"He's got no hair" I laughed 


"But when he does, he will have his mommy's hair. Right Andrew?" Harry moved his hand


"Time to switch" we turned to the nurse that had suddenly entered. Harry carefully gave Andrew back to Lilly and we waved goodbye walking out. 


"Babies are the cutest" I said 


"You've said that like a million times" Louis messed up my hair 


"I have?" 


"Not exactly, but yeah" 


"Leave her alone, its cute she's happy" Harry smiled , I looked over at him and smiled too. 


"This is weird" Louis coughed, and I broke the gaze between us. 


"So do you think Niall and Zayn are back with the tacos?" Harry asked 


"I hope so I'm starving" I said, and Louis just looked back and fourth from harry and I like he did with Niall back at the baby shower.

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