A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


28. it's a blur

Megan's Point Of view-

"Drive" I put my face in my hands. Bree took my orders pressing the gas petal. It was silent, only my sniffles were heard. I lifted my head looking out the window at the street post and lights. My vision was still blurry so it looked like a bunch of red, green and yellow orbs in the distance.

"What happen" Bree whispered

"I don't want to talk about it" I said

"It's zayn isn't it" Nikki asked. I put my head down my bottom lip quivering at the sound of his name.

"Can you just drive me home please" my voice cracked. I turned on the radio, pop songs repeating. The car came to a stop. I unbuckled my seat belt, getting out the car.

"Kiddo!" Bree yelled before I shut the door

"You know I'm always here for you" she said, the back window rolled down

"We all are" I shook my head turning on my heel towards my front door. I took out the Keys. I closed the door running up the stairs it was 12:00 something... My grandparents were probably asleep. I closed my room door taking off my shoes throwing my purse And toppling atop my bed. I let it all out not caring about my make up or even bothering to change out my costume. I'd never think i'd despise someone so much as zayn malik.

Bree's Point Of View:

I woke up nice and early. Last night was crazy.... Well in my eyes. I poured my coffee into my cup. It's official I have a massive crush on Liam. He's so cute and adorably nice... He's too much to even name. But if he even liked me he'd ask me out right? Or can I...

I poured coffee in three more cups. Putting mine down and lifting two up. I slowly tip toed into the guest room Lilly and Justin were staying in. I had brought everyone to my house. I dunno I found it easier that way, I could have taken everyone back to Nikki's. The love for these too was unreal. They were cuddled on the bed watching the tv.

"Morning!" I said

"Morning" Justin replied

"Feeling better Lilly?" I asked handing both of them a coffee.

"Sort of I can still hear last nights music" Lilly laughed, I smiled.

"Well I'm going to check on Nikki" I walked off, heading to the kitchen grabbing the other coffee and mine. I slowly opened the door to see a big blanket monster in bed.

"Nikki you up?" I asked setting the coffee down on the bed stand. There was a groan into the pillow. I shook my head sitting on the bed.

"We needa talk" I said, Nicole took the blanket off her head and sat up

"What?" She asked her eyes still shut, her blonde hair frizzed and her breath... Let's just say it wasn't a pleasant smell. Well she did throw up anyway..

"I get that you like to party, but at these parties you drink a lot, get pretty crazy, and vomit a lot. Then You wake up with headaches by the time we know it your going to be a prostitute.. Or a stripper. Oh my god what if your pregnant Nikki you're still to young to have a baby and-"

"Woah.. Woah...Bree. I can assure you none of that will happen. And sometimes I get a bit carried away, but I have you girls"

"But what if we don't always go to parties, who's going to take you home, look after you?"

"I see what you're trying to get across... Okay Bree" Nikki laid down covering her eyes.

"Good, now what do you think is up with Megan?"

"Why what happen?" Nikki sat up once again, she lifted the coffee taking small sips.

"Last night don't you remember" I rolled my eyes at her

"It's a blur"

"She was crying"

"Oh! It's coming back... I think uhh Oh I dunno. Call zayn... Harry?... Niall, one of them. Now can I be left alone?.." I groaned, slapping her calf. I got up walking back into the living area. I put my cup in the sink. Lifting up my cell phone. I dialed Liam's number, being the only one I had.

"Heylooo?" Liam asked, I froze... Not knowing what to say "Brianna?" "Ello?... Anyone there?"

I hanged up....

I should call Megan. Why am I calling Liam? Better yet I could go to her house. I looked down at my yoga pants, tank top, sneakers and brown sweater. It's good enough. After all it's just Megan.

A/n) It's a short chapter, I was going to add how Megan's feels and all that good stuff but its night time. And I wanted to update something.... You know don't want to leave you all waiting. Anyways I'd like to say a thank you to Tina.loves1D For giving me the whole break up idea! Thanks! :)

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