A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


21. I loved you first

Megan's Point Of View

I couldn't sleep, something I haven't been able to do in these past weeks. Tossing and turning  I had texted Liam after Bree left and he told me they left Vegas yesterday morning. That he has a house near LA. Which is funny a couple of British lads having houses in LA and sister in Vegas, I should have got to know them better...

"Its me Bree" I heard a knock on my bedroom door 

"Come in" I sat up on my bed

"Your grandma let me in" Bree explained setting her coat and purse down. I simply shook my head as she stared at me. 

"Yes?" I asked 

"I'm waiting for you to get dressed!" Bree laughed 

"Ohhh alright" I jumped off my bed heading to my closet taking out different clothes and modeling to Bree. She eventually gave up with my silliness picking out a black shirt and heart black&white sweater. Bree insisted I wear black heels to top it off but I told her I'm wearing my nikes. I made my hair into a high pony tail my curls flowing down in the tail. 

"Is this the right address?" Bree asked showing me her GPS 

"That's the one he sent me" I smiled, she rolled her eyes getting on the free way " so Bree.... Do you think any of the boys are cute?" I asked, she turned down the music. Keeping her grip on the steering wheel

"Well I had Something for Niall, but after him an Nikki kissing. I'm not sure I like him anymore... It was just in the moment crush you know" 

"If anything I think you and Liam would be perfect. You're both demanding and parent like" 

"I'm not demanding I just Like to be in charge" 

"So does Liam" I smirked at her. She didn't bother looking at me she just shook her head rolling her eyes

"What ever you say" 

Bree drove down a friendly looking neighbor hood. Stopping at a white house with a grey roof. 

1212 This is it 

I slowly walked out the car closing the door. Stepping on the sidewalk. The house was some what huge. The front door brown with windows at the top. Bree rang the bell. My palms feeling clammy. 

"Bree, Megan!" Liam opened the door embracing us in a hug "come in" he stepped aside. I gasped seeing the house from inside it was beautiful. Not exaggerated with wealth but tile floors, white couches, flat screen a few candles lit up and a patio viewable by the glass doors 

"Your house is nice" I said 

"Thanks... The boys and I picked it out so if one of us wants to vacation to Cali we just stay at this house" 

"Where's the rest" Bree asked 

"Outside, Niall's preparing a BBQ, Come on" Liam led us to the back yard. A pool in the middle a spot for the barbecuing and hang out 

"Bree! Megan!" Niall yelled placing down his spatula coming towards us 

"Niall!" I parted from my hug as he hugged Bree 

"Where's Nikki and Lilly" Niall asked 

"At their house" Bree answers

"What Niall your not happy to see just Bree and i?!" 

"No I am!" he laughed putting a hand over my shoulder 

"Better be!" I pushed it off, my eyes meeting a boy with bowlish hair and light blue eyes 

"I'm louis" he smiled shaking my hand then bree's "we didn't exactly meet but I recognize your face from Vegas" he said 

"Ohh well nice to meet you Louis" I looked around neither harry or Zayn in sight

"Zayns Upstairs and harry went to get some corn and drinks" Liam said probably noticing me looking around

"Oh... " I said

"What can we help with?" Bree asked 

"Correction what can Bree help with" I laughed 

"Both of you can help set up some tables" Louis said 

"So this is like a party?" I asked 

" some people say party some say get together or social gathering" Niall smiled 

"If you want I can call Nikki and Lilly" I told Niall 

"Please" he smiled, I took out my phone looking for both their contacts I pressed call on lily's 

"Megan!" I heard my name being called from inside, I handed my phone to Niall walling off 

"Uh hello" I heard Niall answer 


I walked inside going towards the kitchen 

" Be a dear and take these outside" Bree handed me table cloths. Sure I'll be a dear... I winked at Bree leaving her with Liam. I'm still laughing 

'Be A Dear' 

I heard footsteps coming down the stairs my eyes locking with Zayn's. He smiled coming near me wrapping me in a hug 

"Why'd you leave?" Zayn whispered "oh right harry yelled at you" 

"Id never seen him like that" I finally said something 

"He's always like that when he's mad." Zayn shrugged walking a few steps 

"Zayn..." I said, him crooking his head at me, slightly turning his body "um about that... eh I was thinking and everyone deserves a second chance soo I'm giving you one" 

"Yes!!" zayn jumped lifting me in the air hugging me tight, I smiled remembering his old ways. I was still in his embrace as the front door opened harry coming in. Harry gazed at us dropping his keys. Zayn let go of me turing around to see Harry 

"Hey mate!" Zayn yelled. harry picked up his keys kicking the door shut walking to the living room. "whats his problem" Zayn shrugged, intertwining our hands. 

"Megan Lilly said yes she letting Nikki know" niall ran to me, stopping and looking down at our hands "When'd this happen? 

"Just now, she mine again" Zayn smiled kissing my cheek

"Again? what have I missed" 

"Megan what did I tell you!" Bree yelled Throwing the table cloths at me. I ducked picking it up 

"I'm telling Niall the story" Zayn said. I shook my head ripping open the bag going to the first table. I placed the other 3 cloths under my armpit. Smoothing the wrinkles out as I placed the cloth. My third table harry was seated his feet resting on the table 

"Uh harry can you put your feet down" I said but he didn't look up from his phone. I sighed placing my last cloth down as I grabbed a chip with dip off louis hands. I starred at harry for a good three seconds before throwing the chip at his head 

"Heeey!" he said looking up at me, the dip falling to his pants 

"I asked you to take your feet off the table but you ignored me" I said continuing to place my last table cloth " done" I sighed 

"Look meg I'm sorry" harry said, I turned around to accept his apology but instead was pelted with dip on my sweater 

"Harry!" I yelled as he gave me that smile he does before dying of laughter. I grabbed the bowl off his hands pouring it on his head. 

"Megan!" he yelled 

"Payback styles" 

"Payback parker" he shagged his hair, chip dip hitting me everywhere 

"Stop harry!" I yelled using my hands as a shield 

"Harry!, Megan!" Harry stopped both of us turning to an angry Bree And Liam 

"It was all her fault" harry shouted 

"My fault, you're the idiot with your stupid hair. Look what you did to my sweater!" I pouted my lips 

"Look what you did to my hair!" harry said 

"Look mines got chips and dip!" I argued 

"Mine has more salsa!" 

"Both of you stop the bickering!" bree yelled 

"Harry and Megan wash that out your heads, harry make a load and clean her clothes" Liam said 

"Why do I have to do everything" harry mumbled pushing me into the house, I followed his up the stairs to what looked like a laundry room " take off your sweater" harry said adding detergent and a flower smelling soap. I took off my sweater handing it to him. He took off his shirt like nothing tossing it in. Unlike him I had an undershirt. I followed harry to a room as he led me to the bathroom, Im guessing this was his room. He turned on the shower unbuttoning his pants 

"What are you doing!?" I nervously yelled at him 

"Hahaha, You should have seen your face" he laughed 

"Can you get a shirt on" I said annoyed 

"Why?" he said taking a chip out my hair eating it. I began to laugh at how ridiculous we looked 

"I blame you" I said laughing into my hands 

"Your not so innocent either" harry laughed " now come on" 

"What?" I asked 

"I'm going to wash your hair then you wash mine. deal?" 

"As long as you don't leave me shampoo" I got down on my knees. I felt harry hover over me grabbing all my hair together running his fingers and water through it. I heard the click shampoo bottles make. Lather fell down on the bath as it went down the drain. He massaged my head applying more shampoo. 

"Stay still" harry placed his wet hand on my shoulder, the water being turned off. I felt a towel being wrapped in my hair finally standing 

"Ahhh my leg is asleep" I sat on the toilet 

"Pins and needles?" harry smiled, I shook my head seeing I still need to wash his head 

"Get on your knees" I said, giggles out of Harry's mouth. I rolled my eyes turning the water back on. I ran my hands through his hair soggy tortilla chips falling on the bath. I reached for the shampoo bottle massaging his head as the shampoo started to lather. with the shower head in one hand I ran it through his wet hair making sure no shampoo was left, hearing snickers from harry, I turned the water off reaching for a towel wrapping it on his head 

"What" I asked 

"Your hands were tickling my neck" harry smiled 

"Ohh you're ticklish!" I grinned, tickling his stomach 

"Hahaha megan stop!" he yelled in between laughs, I smiled looking up at him, he started leaning in and so did I 

"Everything alright in there!?" I heard a knock on the door I placed my hands on harry's chest pushing myself away from him, opening the door 

"Of course" I saw Louis peek his head in "we were just coming out" 

"You didn't shower together now" 

"Oh no!"I yelled 

"She freaked when I unbutton my pants and it was just the first button" harry laughed 

"Where you waiting at the door?" i asked 

"No Liam told me to stop the laundry and I heard Megan stop! And giggles..." 

"I was tickling him nothing more" 

"Don't be so jumpy, that was my third guess" louis was about to walk out before I pulled him back

"Was were your first two guesses?" 


"One was I thought you guys were doing it and two was I thought you were looking at Harry's baby pictures " 

"Oh my god" I covered my face 

"Awww harry she's blushing" I punched louis walking out,I took off the towel placing it in the laundry. I reached downstairs noticing more people had arrived. I took a deep breath, before walking out 

What was that' I questioned

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