A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


16. I Hate you



Megan's Point Of View-


Today I'm wearing a pattern shirt up to my waist, with light blue high waisted shorts, a pair of shades and my combat boots. If I want to make a good impression on Liam's friends. Bree, Lilly and Nikki left to different casinos to play slots and what not so I told them I'd stay back and relax, but why not take Liam's invite. I closed the room door walking over to Liam's door knocking. I check my phone only 2:34 it's good timing right? 

"Meeegan" Liam smiled 

"Hi Liam" I walked in his hotel room 

"Harry and my friend Louis just left for some smoothies they'll be back soon" Liam said, following him to the couches, I smiled at Niall. There was a plate on the couch I reached to remove it some jelly thing sticking on my hand auggh. 

"Where's bad boi?" Liam asked Niall 

"Um can I use the restroom?" I asked standing up looking at my hands 

"Yeah it's down over there" Liam pointed. I followed his finger down straight into the other room like our room actually. I wobbled the knob but the bathroom was in use 

"Hold up Niall, I need a bit more spray" I heard and made a strange face. I'm not Niall? I laughed spray?.... I heard a few movement followed by a click and the door slowly opened 

"Za-zayn?" I stuttered as his light hazel eyes making contact with mine. 

"Megan, you don't know how much I've missed you" zayn said in shock. I scoffed 

"Really zayn? I've missed you too" I said sarcastically 

"You do?" He said a bit of joy in his words 

"No fuck you zayn!" I got a bit mad 

"Oh come on Megan" 

"No you come on zayn. You fucking cheated on me! And now you're saying you miss me?!" I raised my voice 

"I was stupid I know, I should have never left you for Veronica...please give me a second chance" zayn said in a much calmer whisper tone, putting his hand on my shoulder. Seeing his face all vulnerable and stuff. I loosened up my face from its angry expression. I just looked at him I don't really know what to say. 

"I don't know" I said looking down 

" tell me this, look into my eyes and tell me you don't have feelings for me anymore" zayn said putting his index finger on my chin lifting my head making me stare into his eyes. Every time he breathed in and out his breath blowing on my chin the smell of fruits. His chocolaty colored eyes just starring down at me, then my lips. I slowly leaned in as he did as well. I haven't kissed his lips in years... Not that I miss them but- 

"Zayn!?? Meagan!?" We pulled away, I looks over zayn's shoulder to see Harry his eye brows furrowed. "What the hell!" He yelled some more 

"Hi Harry" zayn said confused. Harry took a deep sigh, grabbing me by my arm pulling me hard to one side of the bed 

"Get out!" Harry yelled to zayn pushing him out the bedroom, locking the door. Turning back to me he ran his fingers through his curly coil locks. I've never seen Harry so upset. 

"Explain! Why you were locking lips with zayn!" Harry yelled furiously, coming towards me... I back up being cornered into the wall 

"I um" I said but stopped as Harry pined me on the wall 

"I tell you I like you and you go kiss other guys. Maybe I don't like you anymore who knows how much of a slut you've been. You probably do this all the time kiss one guy then the other" Harry yelled 

"Stop" I said looking down, letting the fresh tears roll down my cheeks. Harry let go. I slowly went down on the wall bringing my knees to my face crying. 

"Harry open the door!!" Was said three times but he didn't listen. "Harry!" 

He rolled his eyes opening the door, Liam and Niall coming in.

"Take her I don't want to see her face" Harry said, I've had it I got up

"You know what. It was a kiss it didn't mean anything. One main reason I came here was for you! Okay so fuck you Harry... Call me a slut or what ever the hell you want. You want me gone ill leave... Don't ever talk to me, I hate you!" I yelled, pushing through Liam, who was blocking the door. I opened the main room door walking out and slamming it close. 

Harry's point of view- 

I heard the door slam shut. Her eyes were red not from anger but from the tears. Did I scare her?... Why do I even care.

"What happen" Louis came in the room. I turned around laying on the bed unbuttoning my shirt. 

"Can you all leave!?" I said. Liam pushed Louis and Niall out closing the door behind him. I put my face Into my pillow groaning loudly. A small tear escaping my eye.

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