A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


22. I don't approve

 Megan's Point Of View:


 I stopped at the stairs seeing more people had arrived. I quickly made my way outside looking for zayn or Niall either one was fine. I smiled at the strangers feeling the cool air on my bare arms, really wish that chip fight with harry didn't happen. 


"megan!" I turned around getting on my tippy toes to see niall calling me. 


"where's zayn?" I asked approaching niall seeing zayn was not with him


"He left to get more chips thanks to you and harry" he smiled 


"oh... Did he finish telling you the story?" 


"story?... he told me your lovey dubby relationship but didn't get to the drama, you know the interesting stuff" 


"take a seat" I smiled "so basically I went my friends you know the girls and we went down to an old coffee shop, my heart broke when zayn entered the cafe with a girl. at first I thought it was his cousin, I asked him he told me it was his sisters friend. I let it go knowing zayn wouldn't lie to me. stupid was I... about a week later, Lilly, bree and I went to the mall saw zayn macking with the same girl. I was devastated... he tired to apologize but I didn't answer his calls or text. Skip a month or two to last week in Vegas in your hotel room, zayn kissed me and asked for a second chance, so I gave him one" 


"wow... why did you... I mean Zayn's me friend and all but sometimes you can regret a second chance" Niall said shagging his hair, I thought for a moment thinking his words out. When I was about to talk Harry and Louis joined us. 


" Niall be careful with this one she can hit" Louis said flashing me a grin


" aww louis you're too kind" I stood up rubbing my hands


"want to borrow a sweater?" Harry offered




"she's fine" I looked up to zayn placing his jacket on my shoulders, kissing my cheek


"Thank you though" I smiled to harry, zayn reached for my hand. Louis and harry giving us strange looks. "I'm kinda hungry' I said about to walk away


"Liam's making burgers" zayn said "wanna go with him?" I shook my head, we walked away hand in hand walking over to bree and Liam cooking buddies. I nudged Bree on the side smiling. she rolled her eyes at me. 


"liam can we have two burgers?" zayn asked 


"cheese?" Liam asked 


"yes please" I said, Liam and Bree both reaching for the cheese their hands brushing, Liam looked away continuing to flip the burgers. pink cheeks plastered on both their faces. I couldn't help but 'awe' in my head.


Minutes later* 


Zayn picked out a table for both of us, just us two. I smiled, he is being really sweet. 


"remember when we would feed each other" zayn asked picking up a french fry 


"I do" I laughed 


"Open wide" He smiled feeding me the fry. 


"ah zayn ya got ketchup on my chin" I wiped it feeding him a potato chip. He placed his hand over my shoulder as we listen to the music play. I looked over at the different tables spying Lilly, Nikki, Niall, bree and liam all together. 


"the girls" I smiled sitting up 


"you can go talk to them" zayn smiled 


"okay come on" I pulled his arm to their table "Hi"  I practically yelled 


"Megggy" Lilly wrapped me in a hug, my hand slipping away from zayn


" hello megan" Nikki said smiling 


"babe I'll be back" zayn kissed my cheek walking inside the house. I stared at the table the girls looking puzzled. 


"liam, Niall can you excuse us?" Bree asked 


"ya of course" he got up walking away, Bree signaled for me to sit down


"I see you made a choice" She crossed her arms at me 


" did we go back in time cause zayn's back" Lilly said 


" yeah we're dating again" I cheered trying to be enthusiastic, since Nikki and bree didn't look quite happy and well Lilly looked lost. 


"when I said make the right choice, I meant harry" Bree said 


" You like harry but you're dating zayn?" Lilly asked 


" do you want to get your heart broken, AGAIN" Nikki said emphasizing again 


" I see you guys don't approve..." I looked down playing with zayn's jacket 


" of course after what he did how can we as your best friends trust him again. Megan we love you and we only want whats best for you" bree said with a genuine look


" Bree I believe people deserve second chances and I think zayn and I can work this out, I mean I already see a difference..." 


" When did this happen?' Lilly asked  


" today an hour ago i think" 


" we give you a month, If I see a change that he really loves you then I'll accept this relationship for now, I will try to be nice" Nikki said 


" couldn't have said it better myself" Bree and nikki stood up walking away...


" It's my relationship, I know what is right... right!" my voice shrieked at right 


" you tell me" Lilly said




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