A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


23. Harry's view


 Harry's point of view: 


"she's fine" I mimicked 


"hey harry isn't Megan the one you like?"  Louis asked me as zayn and megan walked away hand in hand being all couple and crap. I Didn't get the chance to tell Megan sorry for what happen in Vegas, I'm not a bad guy and my apology. Then we kiss I should be the one holding her hand and kissing her cheek. But no it's zayn, zayn, zayn. I would have kissed her in the bathroom if it weren't for Louis. ugh and- 


"harry!!" Louis yelled into my ear shaking me 


"what!" I yelled back 


" I asked you a question" 


"which was?"


"you like Megan?" 


"what no?" I laughed looking over at Niall, giving him a face like 'Louis's crazy' "hey look it's Andy and is that Frankie from the Saturdays?" I got up walking away. why and how did zayn get Megan?.... I should talk to her. I looked around removing my shaggy hair off my face, I saw them sitting at a table feeding each other giving the feeling to gag. I went inside the house to check on the clothes getting side tracked by people calling my name.


Megan's Point Of View-


I sat their at the table with lilly waiting for zayn to come back. I began to get a bit paranoid on what he might be doing. 


"Lilly I'll be inside" I said 


"okay hurry up i think they're doing limbo" Lilly walked away. I walked in my flats making noise on the wood floor. I'm trying to be sneaky, I walked over to the kitchen seeing a few people with red cups and eating fancy cube cheese, I grinned walking over to the living room. I heard foot steps coming down stairs, oh zayn he was probably in the bathroom. My eyes meet a smiley harry walking towards me carrying my sweater. 


"you can take off zayn's jacket" Harry said taking zayn's jacket off my shoulders and giving me my sweater, he placed zayn's jacket on the couch smiling at me. 


"uh why do you keep looking at me like that" I asked, slipping on my sweater. 


"Can we talk?" He asked in quiet tone 




"you know vegas"  harry started fiddling with his fingers


"It's okay harry... " I patted his shoulder walking past him 


"I'm sorry" He yelled, I turned around walking back towards him " I'm sorry for yelling at you like  I did, being rude and jealous and point is I'm sorry Megan" His emerald green eyes starred at me with sympathy. 


"I accept your apology harry, But I'm sorry when I said I hated you... I didn't mean it. I guess I was just mad at you for acting like you were.." 


"I feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders, just the image of you crying was stuck in my head ever since" 


" and The Image of you yelling..." I smiled 


" but being honest, I kinda knew you had forgiven me back in the bathroom" Harry smiled biting his tongue. I smiled walking up to him... awfully close I might say. I looked up at him, he gave me a confused look. I wrapped my arms around his torso giving him a tight hug. Harry laughed wrapping his arms around me. I pulled away, poking his cheek walking off. I gotta admit harry's still got that charm. I sighed walking outside... well my attempt to find zayn lead me to a conversation with harry. A big crowd was gather outside, I stood by Lilly getting on my toes to see zayn limboing. I laughed shaking my head... wow


A/N) watcha think? comments are always nice, I love hearing your guys suggestions and thoughts. Well readers I made a trailer :D It's on the side I think... It's my second trailer so I'm still working on it. but if you check it out on youtube thanks :)

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