A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


7. Hangover

Megan's point of view-


I heard a movement, causing me to wake up. Lying on my side turning seeing Lilly was still asleep the blanket on her head only letting me see a bit of her hair.


"Lilly you up?" I asked moving her, she slowly turned towards me


"Aaahhhh!" We both yelled, I got off the bed to see that wasn't Lilly but a boy with her same hair color


"What's wrong!!" Bree yelled coming into the room, shocked to see this person as well


"Shut up I have a massive headache!" Nikki yelled coming into the room "who the hell are you?"she continued


"Lilly's friend" he said getting out the bed, running his hands through his brown golden hair


"Lilly!!!" We all yelled, but she was on the couch holding her head


"Follow her to the couch" I said to the man as he went to the couch with Lilly


"Auugh" Nikki laid on the floor


"My feet and head is killing me" Bree said sitting on a kitchen stool


"Ha ha ha! You're are all hangover" I said. They all whined, the man seemed to be Lilly's boyfriend? Maybe friend... I dunno. But he seemed friendly so I didn't have the urge to kick him out. I can't believe I mistook him for Lilly.... But what was he doing on my bed? I walked to the kitchen taking four glasses and placing water in them. Heading to the bathroom and grabbing the aspirin. I started from the boy to Lilly, Nikki and Bree, handing them all the cups of water and tablets.


"You're a good friend" Bree said. I smiled and walked to the restroom washing this make up off. But it wouldn't, opening the drawer and taking Lilly's make up removal wipes. I closed the bedroom door, going through my drawers getting an over sized shirt and my duck shorts.


*beep beep*


I walked over to my cell phone. Pressing the home button, lighting up showing I had two missed text from Harry.


Good Morning! :)xx- harry 7:12


You up?-Harry 8:53


Just checked my phone sorry! But um morning!- Megan


I unplugged my phone from charging going back to the main area


"Oh yes!! You're back shut the window please babe!" Nikki demanded


"But it's not even that open"


"Just do it!"


'Jeez okay' I walked to the window pulling down the blinds then the curtains making sure there was no beautiful sunshine coming in. I'm no expert in hangover... Never experienced it but if you don't want light isn't that a migraine? Maybe not I sat on a stool with Bree.


My friends are hungover- Harry


Haha mine too!!-me


The're so cranky! It's annoying-Harry


Aww poor baby- me


:P so are you free, later on?- Harry


Maybe... Maybe not depends how my friends are. Still bad then nope-me


Aww alright I guess I should do the same but I have another buddy to take care- Harry


It's just me :( I have Lilly, this guy, Nikki and Bree-me


This guy?-Harry


I woke up and he was in my bed...-me


..... what the hell -.- you sleept with him?- Harry


No! I'm pretty sure I didn't bye I have to go- me


:/ bye-Harry



I left my phone in the kitchen as Lilly whinnied. I approached her to see she was only fussing with this boy. He wrapped his arms around her as he hugged her... Aww well that's cute. I turned to Nikki laid on the floor with her eyes closed.


"Nikki, you alright?" I poked her, but she didn't flinch "oh my god did you die!?" I grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her


"Fuck you! I'm not dead go away! Ugh" she said pushing me. I just laughed looking at Bree who was not in the kitchen... I went to the bedroom and saw the bathroom occupied, hearing gagging noises.


"Bree, you okay in there?" I asked knocking


"Y-yes" I heard her stutter. Well I guess this is a lesson for these girls.

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