A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


27. Halloween Party

Megan's Point of view- 

I decided on the long skirt, cardigan innocent sally look. I had to buy a long skirt, but everything else I had. I slipped on the yellow long skirt followed by my white top and yellow 3- quarter cardigan. I wore my black oxford shoes and tied my hair into a high pony tail, adding a ribbon wrapped around my pony tail and a handkerchief on my neck. I did my make up lightly, gloss, mascara and a bit of silver/ black eye shadow. I checked my phone 5:00 pm. Nikki said she'd be here early. I sighed taking another look in the mirror. I didn't forget anything did I? I heard a beep from outside, getting my phone and making my way down stairs. 

"Nikki is here! Bye love you!" I yelled to my grandparents. Running outside. I stopped in my tracks to look at The person driving the car. 

"Nikki?" I asked, seeing her blonde hair had shrunk into ringlets and she was wearing a white dress 

"No dear, My name is Marilyn... Marilyn Monroe" 

"It's nikki, get in the car!" The window was pulled down. I laughed opening the door. I was surrounded by Lilly dressed as tuxedo girl. Justin dressed in a suit and tie and Bree In her purple emperor butterfly costume. 

"Meggy... You look so cute!" Bree smiled taking out her phone. 

"No flash photography please" Nikki yelled 

"Not you conceited" Lilly smiled  

"If anything, that is you" Nikki said 

"Girls" Justin yelled. 

"What?" Bree asked 

"We're here" he smiled. I hopped out first, the music audible from outside. Lilly and Justin entwined hands taking the lead. I followed shyly behind Bree and Nikki 

"Betcha 20 bucks there's about 10 Marilyn's" Lilly smiled turning to face Bree and Nikki

"You're on" Nikki shook her hand, pretty confident... Oh Nicole you owe her 20 bucks its LA, there's probably more than 10. I hadn't notice we entered the house. The probably being the most loudest and crowded party they have had. 

"We're going to go dance!" Lilly yelled disappearing with Justin

"And then there were three" I smiled 

"Lets find the boys!" Bree suggested, heading for the kitchen. So far Nikki was the only Marilyn I saw.  As there was more Miley Cyrus and cat costumes.  I smiled when I saw Niall in the kitchen being the bar tender. 

"Niall!" I yelled hugging him. Nikki and Bree noticed hugging him as well. 

"I see your a leprechaun" Nikki said 

"Course" niall shrugged

"Course" I copied his actions. 

"You should see zayn's, harry's, liam's and Louis's costumes" niall said  

"Why what are they?" Bree asked 

"You're just going to have to find out... Hint Hint, liam's cooking" he winked at Bree. By now we've all established there is something going on with Liam and Bree, the puppy love. But neither has asked one another out. The four of us waked out to the patio. I keeped my eyes open but didn't see Liam. Niall had this smirk on his face, starring at us. 

"Ma'ma I'm afraid I have to arrest you. Put your hand behind your back, you too" I turned around to see a police cop behind us. The birth mark and fake American accent gave it away. I wrapped my arms around Liam giving him a tight hug. 

"Hi liam" I smiled 

"Oh my god Liam, I thought you were am actual cop. I was like what have I done" Bree laughed putting her hands down


"Bree, what made you think you were being arrested your a saint" Nikki laughed

"Ye, your face was priceless bree" Niall lifted his phone showing us a picture he snapped. Bree's expression in the photo looking like she was about to cry. I laughed, as Bree smacked me. 

"Okay! Two down three to Go!" I yelled taking the lead. I spotted a banana costume dancing. That has got to be harry. I tapped the Bananas shoulder a tall boy with black hair, whom I didn't recognize. I apologized walking away... Okay that was not harry. Since when did this turn into some Dora the explorer crap.  I walked back out side a pair of hands covering my eyes. 

"Guess who?" They whispered

"Errr Danny Zucko?" I smiled 

"Not I'm zayn malik" he removed his hands, spinning me over 

"No shit, but your costume" 

"Ohhh yeah" zayn smiled giving me a quick kiss on my lips. 


"Your in space sometimes zayn" I smiled


"hey it's only when I'm around you" he smirked 


"course it is prince charming" I tapped his nose, pulling him with the rest "I found zayn" 


"miracle! Takes me days to know where zayn is" Niall applaud his hands, I shot him a glare not knowing if it was sarcasm or Niall truly meaning he never knows where Zayn is.


"so we're missing Louis and Harry" Bree asked


" bout' right" Niall said 


"Lilly didn't come?" Zayn asked 


"dance floor with Justin" I said 


"ah, wanna go dance?" Zayn asked 


"wait I have to find Louis and harry" I said looking around in my head sounding normal but as I said it I felt a bit crazy... I looked at the 10 pairs of eyes on me giving them a crooked smile "I'm curious to know what they are" I backed up


"that's cool" Liam said 


"you can do that while I dance c'mon Niall" Nikki said pulling him away


"Liam need help making food" Bree asked


"love some help" He smiled. Both of them walking away. left zayn and I... whoops spoke to soon 


"Dude! some girl's trying to wakeboard on your lawn" A scrawny boy said 


"stay right here" zayn said walking away


"This was our game!" I yelled frustrated that everyone left. The people around me starred, I rolled my eyes walking inside. damn Louis i'm slapping him and punching harry. I walked into the kitchen pouring me apple cider... I'm not much of a drinker, heck! it's not even legal for me. Hmm a little beer wouldn't hurt?.. my eyes followed some people dig into a basket taking out beers. I followed bending down to get one. 


"ehh Miss i'm ehh aren't you a little young to drink" A voice whom spoke as they had nasal problems pointed out. I put the can down turning around to face this person. I narrowed my eyebrows looking at him. 


" Why don't you mind your own business" I pushed through him picking up my cup of apple cider. 


"You don't recognize me do you?" He squeaked


"no" I answered bluntly crossing my hands over my chest . The boy chuckling. I squinted my eyes at him examining the dimples as he laughed, the crinkles creating on the corner of his eyes behind his thick 1950's glasses. I smiled. 


"It's me!" He took of the glasses, smirking at me 


"harry!?" I uncrossed my hands setting them on his chest "harry!?" I shrieked


"yes, you weirdo" Harry laughed 


"I found you!" I poked his dimple 


"you were looking for me?" he asked taken by surprise 


"yes, now I need Louis"


" I can help you" 


"be my guest" I said starting to walk, Harry put the glasses back on following me 


"so what do you think?" He asked 


"aww do the voice again" 


"so what do you think?" He asked with his nasal nerdy voice 


"I gotta say Styles, I really like it" I smiled 


"aw chucks thanks" I looked over at harry and he was a rosy pink. I couldn't stop smiling at how dorky he was being. We walked pass the dance crowd not spying Louis, I followed right behind Harry making sure I didn't loose him, this party is packed. Harry stopped walking and stopped at a sofa area, I saw a few unrecognized girls surrounding three boys.


"Louis!" I yelled, out of those three boys the one in the cape turned around 


"Megan!" he yelled hugging me. After the hug I backed up and looked at him the blood dripping down his mouth, the white shirt and lifted up collar. His bowlish hair into a perfect quiff. 


"Don't tell zayn but Louis you make a sexy vamp" I bit my lip 


"Secrets safe with me" Louis winked 


" Don't feel all cool she called me hot too!" harry said 


"no I didn't' i smacked him 


"it's nice to pretend" he rubbed his shoulder, Louis and i bursting into laughter. 



zayn finally caught up reserving a table for the "gang" to sit at, having to pull two together, for Niall, lilly, Justin, Louis, Zayn, Bree, liam, harry, nikki and I to sit at. Liam ended up cooking up cheese burgers and hot dogs. I was pretty hungry scarfing down my burger, just waiting for everyone else to finish. 


"we Need a picture" Liam said eating a crisp


" I'm ready" I said, I got up throwing my plate away. I  came back seeing Liam handed his camera to this girl and they were waiting for me. I got in between Zayn and harry. 


"Say trick or treat" She yelled snapping a couple of shoots. The first two being normal and the third we did silly faces 


"oh Liam , I need one for my Instagram" Niall said, I laughed shaking my head at Niall 


"you put everything on there" I smiled 


"my followers, are interested in what I do" Niall shrugged


"Dude, last week you posted a pic of some food and you take weird selfies" Zayn said 


"hey Niall's selfies are cute" Nikki said 


"he's mine Nicole" Liam tried keeping a serious face but started laughing 


" Okay, okay forget I brought it up we all can conclude Niall is cute" I put my hands up messing up his blonde brown hair 


"Thanks meg" he smiled 


"Now guys squish behind me" I said taking out my phone making sure everyone it in the tiny camera screen.


"enough pictures lets go dance!" Lilly yelled 


"you heard the lady" Justin smiled. I grabbed zayn's hand heading to the dance floor. Nikki and Niall left to the kitchen and get drinks, I was mentally preparing me for their hangovers. 


"want a drink?" zayn whispered in my ear 


"i'm good zayn" I yelled over the music 


"I'ma get one" he left, I nodded adjusting myself to dance with, harry, Bree and Liam. 


"I should have been a criminal" Bree yelled 


" why don't you guys go out already" harry yelled back 


"what?! what are you talking about" Liam said


"what are you talking about my ass Liam" I rolled my eyes


"Bree, teach her manners" Harry said, shooting me a playful grin 


"Oh shut up harry" 


Minutes later* 


I walked away from all the mess having to take Nikki, to the bathroom holding her wig as she vomited,I told her along with Lilly that four maybe two was enough. I was about to check the time but didn't have my purse, Nikki gargling some water. She flushed the toilet, following me on the way out. Bree, was still with Liam and Lilly with Justin. 


"guys its time to go Nikki doesn't feel good" I said 


"and I just finished vomiting" Lilly said laying on Justin.


"okay" Bree said, Liam, Louis, harry, niall and zayn followed us outside to say goodbyes since it was pretty loud in there 


"a shame ya have to leave early" Louis said 


"yeah..." bree said 


"sorry guys, well goodnight" I said hugging everyone, stopping at zayn to kiss his lips. I pulled away and smiled. 


"bye!" Bree yelled, taking Nikki's keys and getting in the drivers seat. I helped Nikki sit in the back with Justin and Lilly. Remembering I left my purse upstairs. 


"Be right back!" I said running back inside the house, I pushed through some people running up the stairs. I had left it in zayn's room because it was annoying carrying it but then again where do I put my phone and other stuff. I opened zayn's door my eyes focusing on the bag. I grabbed it running back down stairs. I stopped on the last step looking out to the crowd in the living room my heart feeling like it shattered. I took a deep breath trying not to have the tears make my vision blurry. 


" You Fucking said you changed zayn, You said!" I yelled slapping him, the tramp he was kissing stepped away with a confused face 


"who's she?" The girl asked


"me?.. oh I'm his X girlfriend, we're done zayn" I wiped my eyes 


"wait Megan.... Megan! she means nothing!" zayn yelled, I clenched my fist pushing through the crowd trying to reach the front door before I broke down. I reached for the knob, a pair of hands turning me over 


"Megan are you okay?" Harry asked his eyes wide and he had his grip firm on my shoulders, I shook my head wrapping my hands around him crying on his shoulder. 


"hey it's okay... what happen" Harry cooed, brushing my loose strands of hair back. 


" I- I trusted him, I- Believed hi-m-m.I-I sh-should have listen you guys" I sniffed 


"Megan, Look" I looked up to see zayn by my side touching my arm 


"don't touch me!" I yelled hitting him with my purse 


"Megan you don't understand" he plead 


"oh, I-I understand perfectly you cheating bastard" I pushed him, walking out the front door 


"she was drunk" zayn reached for my wrist 


"dude she said don't touch her!" harry yelled, I yanked my arm 


"fuck off harry!" zayn yelled. I took a deep breath wiping the tears that fell. I opened Nikki's car 


"what happen?" bree asked 


"drive" I put my face in my hands 



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