A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


31. finally you're together

Liam's point of view-

A month later~

"Liam... Liam..Liam" I continued to hear through out my dreams. I frantically got up looking up to see harry and Niall.

"Boys is there a fire?!" I quickly got out of bed going to grab the fire extinguisher I have in my closet. I heard Niall burst into laughter "what so funny?" I turned around putting the extinguisher down seeing harry trying to keep in his laughter

"Liam there's no fire...but a pair of trousers would be nice" harry said, I walked over to my drawer taking out a pair of joggers.

"Then why are you too here" I said rubbing my temple

"Don't want our company I see how it is Liam" Niall said getting up

"No it's just" I checked my clock " seven am what's up"

"What's up?... The sky" harry smirked

"Boys if you don't tell me now I'm going to sleep and harry that was terrible"

"Just get dressed Liam" Niall said walking out with harry, I sighed going to my bathroom,I turned on the shower, putting up the toilet lid.

Minutes later*

Mmm probably the quickest shower I've taken, I walked out putting on a robe. I walked to my under wear drawer getting a pair. I skipped to my shirts drawer getting a blue flannel, and a pair of grey pants. I applied some deodorant and some musk. I went back to my mirror styling my hair with a bit of gel.

"Payne-o" I heard being called, I smiled walking out my room to the stair case

"Nialler!" I yelled laughing, I made it to the last step looking around for the boys. Zayn was sprawled on the couch sleeping. Found one now where are the other three devils.

"Ahhhh!!!" I felt a body on top of me

"Attack!!" Louis yelled as harry tried to hit me with a wooden spoon and Niall had one of louis's stinky shoes. I flipped louis over setting him on the couch as I dragged my feet from Niall and Harry on each side.

"Nice try mates" I said

"We got you" louis got up peeking his head over the couch

"More like I got you"

"Ahhhh" louis yelled trying to jump on me, we both ended up falling and I couldn't help but laugh.

"Payno down!" Harry yelled

"Narry wins!" Niall yelled as they fist pounded

"What guys! I brought him down" louis got up

"We had his feet" Niall said

"Fine team, loharni won!!" Harry yelled soon all three of them yelling team loharni... Sounds funny.

"Shut up" zayn yelled putting a pillow on his head

"Sleeping beauty is up!" Louis joked

"Hey zayn we're going down to I Hop want to comeeee" harry said

"Oh we're going to I hop?" Liam asked

"Can I get pancakes" zayn asked

"Everyone can!" Niall cheered

"Give me like five more minutes of sleep?" Zayn asked

"No get up now and we'll buy you coffee... Starbucks if you want. Maybe even a girl" louis said, zayn Keeped the pillow on his head as he put out his arm to punch Louis's balls

"You missed mate" louis cheekily ran off

"Okay everyone in the car" I announced making my way outside. Harry was the first one in smiling down at his phone... Haven't seen that in a while. Niall and zayn made their way in. As louis lastly. I turned up the volume of the radio.

"Is this Mariah Carey?" Zayn asked

"I think so" harry answered

"She can sure hit the high note" zayn said

"So can you" I said

"Have you heard harry scream" zayn smiled

"I have sounds like a screeching cat" louis said with all seriousness all five of us laughing.

"Contest?" Harry asked

"Bout what" Niall asked

"Who can keep the note going" he said "person who can gets double the pancakes on the count of three 1...2...3" all you could hear in the car was screaming, Niall was the first one two loose with his laughing, cracking harry down. I being third.

"We're here" I said, louis and zayn continuing it. I walked inside of I hop going to the front desk

"How many?" The cashier asked




"Okay, we will assist you in a moment" she said, I sat down the rest of the boys joining me

"Who's paying for my pancakes" louis said out loud the few elderly people waiting gave him a look. "Nothing to see here sir!" He yelled to a man that had a cane. I widened my eyes pulling louis over with me.

"Party of Payne.... Payne party of five " the waitress called out as she rephrased herself.

"Party of Payne" Niall laughed

"All aboard The Payne train" zayn joked. I shook my head laughing. The waitress lead us to a table with our menus saying she'd be right back.

"I wanted a booth" louis said, as we sat at the long table

"Oh my god look who it is" harry yelled getting up, he walked over to a booth that had Megan and Bree. "What a coincidence!" He yelled a little too rehearsed.

"Who knew that a day in December we'd find each other at I hop" Niall gaped

"On a sunny day too! Hey Megan come join us" Louis said, pulling Megan over to our table.

"Bye Liam enjoy yourself" harry whispered pushing me where Megan's spot used to be, Megan taking my spot. Zayn and I sharing the same confused face. I looked at Bree

"What just happened" Bree asked

"It's seems they set this up" I said

"Ha! I knew Megan was being strange by taking me out to I hop!" Bree laughed

"Niall and Harry woke me up a bit all too nicely.... Usually they would jump on my bed or sing loud songs and dance around my room till I got up and joined them" I laughed

"Aww you've got a little dimple" Bree said covering her mouth her eyes with joy

"I do?" I smiled

"Haha you're clueless on whats on your face?"

"Mm pretty much"

"Wow" she smiled

"You've got a pretty smile" I said

"Oh thank you" Bree looked down tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

"Orange juice and sprite!" The waitress set down two drinks "are you too ready to order" she asked

"Oh I'll take a split decision" I said

"Ohh um the smoke house combo" Bree said

"How would you like your eggs?"

"Sunny side up" Bree said

"Scrambled" I said

"It will only be a few" the waitress said walking off

"If you don't want sprite we can tell the waitress... Sorry Megan ordered it"

"Nah I like sprite it's fine"

" so um why do you um think they'd set this up"

"Oh I don't know they're crazy... Including Megan" I smiled

"Oh... So how have ya been it's a month since we've seen each other"

" I'm good, nothing new. Same old Liam you?"

"Same old Bree" it became quiet... Like awkward silence. I got a vibrate in my pants, reaching into my pocket for my phone

Make a move

Harry xx

I looked up harry having his eyes on me his serious pedophile face.

Harry this is not going to end well you know I'm not the best in romance × Liam

Ask her out, ask her about her family, likes dislike. Come on Liam! x Harry

" I phones are pretty handy" I said looking at Bree's I phone

"Oh yeah it helps me be organized I guess" she lifted her phone up to glance at it

"You like dogs?" I asked seeing her cover

"Love them! My moms got a lab but I don't see her that often"

"What's her name?"


"Oh you don't have a pet of your own?"

"Nope just me in my empty house... Once a while Megan sleeps over but you know her grandparents and all"

"Oh yeah I recently bought a puppy named Brit he's a lab but he also lives with my parents... It was like a little gift for them"

"Awww! For your parents that's too sweet"

"Here I've got a picture" I unlocked my phone going to my camera roll searching for one. Ah here I showed Bree

"Aww he's sleeping" she giggled

"Yeah and this one is a video of him licking my mum" I smiled playing the video, Bree started laughing.

"He's adorable Liam" she said

"Thanks" I put my phone away

"My parents live not to far from here, I can get Lucy at my place and we can walk her or something" she said

"I'd like that!" I smiled

"But hey!" Bree slapped my arm

"What?! What did I say..."

"I asked you if you did anything new and you said no, but you got a puppy and went to Wolverhampton"

"Oops... musta forgotten a minor detail" I smiled

"A smoked house combo and a split decision" the waitress came back placing our orders on the table with pancakes

"Thank you" I said digging into the bacon

"An interesting one" Bree mumbled stuffing her face. I smiled

"Maybe we can go to my parents home one day" I said

"Liam they live in England... We're here in LA"

"So we can make it happen, for like Christmas or something"

"If we can make it work then sure why the heck not!" Bree drank some OJ.

*hour later*

I finished my breakfast looking over at the "wild" table of the boys and meg. It seems zayn an louis both got extra pancakes. But they were all done eating. Bree and I also done. The waitress came back with my card and bill. Bree and I walking outside.

"So I figured out why they 'set' this up" Bree said putting finger quotes on set

"Whys that" I asked

"Cause Megan thinks I'm lonely... That I needed a man. She just texted me"

"Harry says I need romance in my life" we both laughed

"Hmm so it's seems Megan and Harry are the main idiots that did this" she kicked a rock

"I wouldn't call them so much of idiots, because they helped me realize a beautiful girl with an amazing smile That I was too blind not to notice" I said she looked up "Brianna Would you like to be my girlfriend?"

"I-I'd love too" Bree smiled wrapping her hands around me. She pulled away an I intwined our hands.

"Now I-"

"Finally!" I was interrupted by louis screaming at us

"I've been waiting for this since you two meet" Megan said

"I noticed it more at the halloween party" Niall said

"But they continued to pretend that it was nothing" Zayn said

"Okay... Okay" Bree said " I do admit I've liked you for a while now"

"No shit!" Megan smiled

"Now let's get out of here I need a toilet" Niall said walking away

"Niall they have bathrooms here" harry yelled

"Mm rather not kill their toilet"

"I'm sorry you had to hear that" I said to Bree

"It's okay I have Nikki"

A/n) just did this pretty quick sorry for my mistakes if there is any?... Probably there is but I wanted to do Liam's point of view. I was going to add Megan and zayn stuff but I decided not to and it just be Liam and Bree ❤️

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