A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


25. Double Date

Megan's POV: 

I sat on the bed staring at the door I guess I was still sleepy and acting a bit lethargic. All of us girls went over to Lilly's flat to sleep over. But Nikki had us Up all night, watching movies and talking about her and Niall acting flirtatious. I got up making my way down to the kitchen I opened the fridge bending down to see what was available. 

"Morning babe" I felt a slap on my ass. I quickly got up looking to meet Justin my eyes growing wide, he turned a rosy pink "I-I-I" 

"Morning!" Lilly walked in with Bree. I looked over at Justin and he looked at me 

"Everything alright?" Bree looked at us 

"Yeah" I said. Lilly came Up to Justin both of them greeting each other with a kiss. I wonder if she saw?... I stood by Bree 

"Wanna wake Nikki"  I asked 

"She made us sleep so late, who knew that one kiss at vegas could lead to so much more" Bree said walking to her room. I followed behind thinking about zayn... And I dating cause of that kiss in Vegas... "Nikki, Nicole" Bree slightly shook her 


"We made breakfast" Bree lied 

"Mmm" Nikki said moving over to one side. 

"Okay let's go bree" I said walking over to the door I opened it looking over a Nikki open an Eye but shut it once she saw we were still here 

"Ha!! Caught you now get your butt up!" I said 

"Yeah we didn't have a good sleep cause of you" Bree said 

"Ugg fine" Nikki took the sheets off following Bree and I down the stairs. 


Minutes later *


I sighed, Zayn texted me to get ready cause we're going on a date...Now really zayn. I got up this is Lilly's and Nikki's flat i don't have any clothes here. I saw Lilly  applying make up and getting dolled up. 


"hey Lilly,zayn wants to pick me up for a date and he needs the address" I said, Lilly put down her eye liner stick taking my phone typing a few things and giving it back to me.


" a date looking like that?" she asked, I looked down at me still wearing my pj's 


" well I've got nothing else but yesterdays clothes" Lilly shook her head walking over to her closet taking out a flowery skirt and a black crop blouse. 


"change" she demanded handing me the clothes, I walked over to her closet closing the door changing quickly coming out " You know I'm actually heading to a date with Justin right now, we can do a double date"she smiled 


"please that'd take some pressure off" 


"come here "she said making me sit, she brushed my hair out. adding some blush and handing me some lip gloss. 


"babe you ready?" A knock was at the door, peeking his head


"yes, hey Megan and zayn are coming is that fine?" Lilly asked 


"course" Justin said 


"megan!" I heard Bree call from the living room. I excused myself walking to the living room the front door was wide open, Bree giving zayn a dirty look. 


"oh zayn,hey" I said


"hi babe" zayn smiled uncomfortably... I guess Bree was making him nervous  


"is it fine we go on a double date?" I asked 


" with who?" he asked 


"us" Lilly and Justin came at the door


" oh sure" Zayn said 


"well then lets get going!" Lilly said walking out with justin. zayn looked over at me reaching for my hand, Bree coming in between 


" I want her home by 9:00" Bree huffed


"yes ma'ma" Zayn took my hand quickly running out " Geez what's up with Bree, she wasn't always like that" we got in Justin's car


"just being protective that's all" zayn wrapped me in his arms 


"no need for that, you're safe with me" Zayn kissed my forehead. I smiled "Hey mate were we headed"zayn asked Justin


"a restaurant, um Rino's pizzeria " Justin said 


" oh I love that place"Lilly announced 


"I know" Justin smiled 


They're so loved up, it's cute. But I'm still weird out that Justin touched me. Zayn made a call, telling me he had to cancel our reservations. I felt bad but at the same time I didn't want to eat at a fancy restaurant, zayn knows It's not my thing. Unless It's a special occasion. The car came to a stop and we all came out. Zayn and I intertwined our hands, following behind Lilly and Justin. The waitress lead us to a round table.


"what can I get you kids to drink" An elderly women with red ringlets asked 


"um water" Justin said 


"Dr. pepper" Lilly said 


"sprite" I said


"coke" Zayn said 


"one water,one Dr.pepper, one coke and one sprite is that all" 


"yea" Lilly said 


"be right back to take your orders" she left 


"so zayn how ya been" Lilly started a conversation 


"pretty good, missed you girls"he smiled 


"oh... we missed you too" 


"except for Bree" He said 


"Don't let her get to ya" Lilly said 


"at first bree was a little to protective over Lilly but as time went on she didn't care as much" Justin said 


"she needs a guy, It's been a while since brad" i said 


"oh my god yes!" Lilly screamed, the waitress came back handing us our drinks 


"what are you ordering?" she asked 


"A cheese pizza" Justin said 


" a pepperoni" zayn added 


" ohh me too!" I said 


"can I have a Hawaiian style pizza" 


"Okay and will you be having the side dishes like the salad or the pasta?" the waitress asked. we all looked at each other


"pasta" I said 


"It will just be a few minutes" she walked away once again 


"that's what they always say and they take forever"  zayn laughed 


"right, one time I was starving and I swear they took two hours to give me my food" Justin said 


"anyways, Bree totally does but who?" Lilly interrupted 


"wait who's brad?" zayn asked 


"it's Brianna's x, she loved this guy...they were together so long I'd thought they'd get married but he ended up breaking up with her through text... Bree hasn't had a boyfriend ever since" 


"I was so mad like that scum bag, does it through text! Not phone, not face to face but text! Justin if you ever do that to me I will cut of your dick and feed it to the dogs" Lilly said with a straight face, Zayn and I bursting into tears of laughter 


" I don't plan on it babe" Justin kissed her cheek, but Lilly had her arms 


"mhmm" Lilly said lifting her arms, Justin flinching. she giggled wrapping her arm around him " I love you" she laughed at Justin's scared expression 


" you're vicious but I love you" he smiled 


"pasta" a different waitress with an accent said placing a medium size bowl down with four little plates 


zayn: "how long have you two been dating?" 


"almost three months" they cheered 


Zayn: "Lilly you should invite Justin to our parties!" 


Justin: yeah Lillian, why don't you?


Lilly: shut up... zayn you have too many pretty girls at those parties. I don't want my Justin getting stolen.


Lilly and Justin had another couple moment. I mentally vomited, taking a bowl and serving myself some pasta. Who needs love when you've got pasta and pizza


"babe?"  i broke out my thoughts forgetting zayn was here... any Lilly and that Justin were here 


"yeah?" i asked 


"ha nothing, You looked so cute and concentrated in serving yourself"


"hey I'm hungry.... this is the only food so shut it" I pushed zayn's arm, receiving a chuckle from him 


"a Hawaiian pizza , one cheese pizza and two pepperoni" a waitress came, handing a plate to each of us. she handed the plates wrong so we had to slide them correctly to each other. 




we finished eating, Lilly, zayn, and Justin all going into the restroom. I stood outside starring at the pretty stars shinning in the sky. The door opened Justin coming out


"oh hey" he said scratching his head 


"hi..." I said 


"look I'm sorry about....um... this morning... ya... know. I-I could have sworn I thought you were Lilly, I didn't know you girls slept over" Justin scratched his head.


"It's fine" I laughed, both of us laughing at how awkward this was for us. the door opened once again Zayn and Lilly coming out. we got in Justin's car driving off. The trip back seemed much shorter. Justin stopping in front of the boys home. I got off with zayn to say goodbye. 


"lad we're having a party Maybe a Halloween themed.... Liam's the planner. But I'll let Megan know and she will tell you" zayn smiled saying goodbye. I glared at zayn for making me walk to the front porch 


"hey! I wanted privacy" Zayn smiled. I rolled my eyes and rung the door bell. Zayn giving me his pouty face I laughed into his chest. lifting myself up to look at his beautiful eyes 


" I gotta say I had fun zayn" I smiled


"me too love, Goodnight" Zayn placed his lips onto mine his lips tasting like coke and a fruit flavor. I put my hand on his cheek continuing to kiss him


"uh-hm" we pulled away. Harry standing at the door way looking annoyed. 


"about time" zayn said smiling 


"about time" harry scrunched up his nose mocking zayn " maybe if you two weren't eating each others faces you'd notice I opened this damn door" Harry glared 


"we weren't eating each others faces it was a kiss" I said 


"I don't care" Harry said 


"then why are you fussing about it" I yelled 


" Oh shut it" Harry walked away. I gasped, I was ready to slap that boy. Zayn kissed my cheek goodbye. I walked back to Justin's car. 


"sorry For taking long harry was being an ass" I said buckling myself 


"it's fine we were occupied" they smiled at me. I gave the a weird look, Lilly raising the music 

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