A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


13. Do you? (continue)

"Doll are you fine?" I looked over at and elderly women giving me a hand


"Oh um yeah" I wiped my eyes, trying to take in what happen.


"Did he hit you? Are you hurt?" She asked


"Oh no! It's just we were arguing"


"If I may ask why?" I looked at the elderly women who looked concerned. I took her hand sitting on a shoe bench


"The boy who was yelling at me said that he likes me" I paused looking at her


"Is that so bad? Is he your brother?"


"Haha no, it's just that I broke up with my X not too long ago and I don't think I'm ready for a relationship... Well maybe I am or no I don't know!" I looked down


"Sweetie the question is, do ya like him back" the women put her arm around my shoulder and I looked straight ahead outside the store, do I like him? I've asked this question a million times to myself.


"That's the problem" I looked at the old lady " I don't know" I finished


"Well you should know by the way he makes you feel and the way he looks at you"


"I know"


"Dear time will tell for now, try talking feelings out"


"If I can find him" I got up,my eyes still on the store door


"Good luck" I heard


"Thank you" I turned around to see the elderly women was gone, I shook it off...well Sorta. walking out of the store. Ok where are my friends. I sat at the fountain taking out my phone dialing Bree.


"Hello?" I asked hearing talking


"Oh hey how's a going?!"


"Bree! Where are you?"


"The bathroom why?"


"Where's the bathroom?"


"I don't know..."


"Bree... Where's Niall and Nikki"


"With me at the bathroom"


"Ugh describe the area"


"Couches,pretty painting... Why do you wanna know?"


"I'm here alone at a water fountain"


"Oh I know where that is!! I'll be right there!" Brianna yelled hanging up


These heels are killing me and I haven't walked much. People won't mind if I walk bare foot would they?


"Megan!" I looked up, seeing Niall approach me. Behind him Bree, Nikki and Liam.


"Where's Harry?" Liam asked




"Just gone... Where to" Liam asked again


" I don't know Liam he left!" I yelled irritated. I looked over at Liam feeling bad for yelling at him, he was only asking a question. We exited out Caesars palace walking back to Excalibur and into Nikki car. This time I don't need to sit on Harry's lap since he's not here.


"You really don't know where Harry went off too?" Niall whispered, giving me a concern face


"No" I sighed "he got mad at me and left, I don't know where to but I think he's fine" I turned to the window, the casinos and hotels lite up as it got darker.


"Megan!" Nikki yelled and I got out the car.... Well that was fast. We stopped at the casino entrance Liam looking like he wanted to say something, but changed his mind


"Wait" Niall said putting his hand between the elevator doors "I'm going to play some slots"


"Can I join?" Nikki asked


"Yeah sure!" Niall answered


"The card" I yelled, Nikki running to hand it to us. Just Liam, Bree and I. The door open taking a turn and walking straight down a hall


"Um well bye.." Liam said as we reached our room


"Liam" I said and he stopped walking Turning around. I walked up to him wrapping my arms around him in a hug


"I'm sorry for yelling, I was frustrated" I said letting go


"It's fine love" Liam kissed my forehead


"Let me know if you hear anything from Harry, good nite" I walked back to the room seeing Bree had already gone in. Closing the room door I quickly took off these sandals throwing them at the kitchen.


"Mad?" Bree came towards me


"No it's just I hate those sandals, the toe strap hurts and the heels!"


"Alright well Lilly called me asking if we wanted something to eat"


"Oh something to drink I do!"


"She's bringing subway and drinks"


"Awesome, hey I'm going to shower"


"Wait what happen with you and Harry"


"It's a long story, I tell you later or some other time"


"How bout tomorrow at the pool?"


"Yeah sure" I smiled walking into the restroom.


Liam's point of view-


"Thank god Harry you're safe!" I said closing the room door. Seeing Harry lying on the couch with a blanket and cookies.


"Yeah I'm here"


"What happen mate" I sat by him taking off my sneakers


"I told a girl how I feel about her but I guess she doesn't feel the same way, I'm an idiot Liam... I always fall!"


"Harry you're not an idiot and did you give Megan time to talk and think"


"It's not a think situation!"


"It kinda is"


"Doesn't matter now, I'm avoiding her, now she thinks I'm a jerk or and idiot"


"She said that?!"


"No... But I raised my voice at her, holding hard on to her shoulders... I could see the fear in her eyes"


"You hit her?!" I cut Harry off


"No! I wasn't that mad! But I would never hit a girl! Liam you know that"


"Well yeah but Harry when you're angry there really isn't telling what you'll do"


"Any ways, I sounded stupid and knowing she doesn't like me back how can I be just friends... I don't know I just need time to think"


"Just talk about it. But hey want to go see Nicola? I have to pick up zayn and Louis"


"I could use something to do"


Harry took off his blanket fixing up his hair, I took an apple off the small table walking out in my socks.


Minutes later*


"Harry can you text Megan telling her you're alright" I said remembering she asked. I'd do it my self but I'm driving


"Oh um I suppose" Harry grabbed my phone. Typing a few things then putting it down on his lap.


Buzz buzz


"What she say?" I asked seeing Harry get a mouth full grin


Text covo/

Liam( harry): hey! Harry's fine! Found him safe and sound at the hotel


Megan: thank gosh!! Liam is he mad? Hug him for me pleaaassse! And give him a kiss on the cheek



"Haha that's cute, but do I really need to hug you" I asked


"And kiss" Harry laughed


"Tell her she can do that her self" I turned off the car, getting out with my apple core.


Ding Dong*


"Here" Harry handed me my phone back, I quickly put it in my pants


"Liam!" Nicola engaged me in a hug, greeting Harry. I walked in throwing away the apple core. Smiling at zayn and Louis sitting at the kitchen table


"Well hello boys, did you have fun?"


"Mate it's so good to see you!" Zayn ran toward me hugging me


"Louis you're not happy to see me" I asked walking over to him but louis just glared at me


"Are you happy to see me?!" Harry asked going up to Louis messing up his hair, just laughed and Harry went to zayn


"Okay Nicola thank you, you're amazing" I said walking to the living room


"No problem, but I think the blue eyes one hates me"


"Louis?" I asked "why?!"


"We were constantly bickering at each other and we sassed each other it was bad" Nicola smiled


"Well alright, I'll take them back to the hotel. Thank you once again" I hugged my sister going back to the kitchen


"Come on boys" I lead the way out towards the car, waving goodbye.

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