A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


5. Daylight Club

Lilly's point of view-


We have just arrived at the Mirage. Everyone taking out their bags as we walked to the main casino entrance. Nikki went to the front desk everyone following. While she waited in line with Bree I looked over at Megan following her gaze to see she was starring at two shirtless hotties. One had curly hair with green eyes and the other had blonde hair with blue eyes. If I say so myself the blonde one was hot, Turning back to the curly haired seeing him wink... Wait what? Was that towards me or Megan? Doesn't matter it made me blush. I turned around hiding behind Nikki so no one saw me. We walked towards the elevator, going up to the 21st floor. In the elevator a sign posted on the back wall reading




I took a quick picture as we exited out walking down to room 2023. Nikki put in the card but the button didn't turn green trying again as Megan grew impatient. Right as Nikki opened the door Megan ran in throwing herself on the bed. Looking over at Nikki and Bree jumping along with Megan. Piling on top of each other as we all laughed.


"Guys... Get off of me you weight a ton and I'm dying" Megan yelled


"Excuse you" Bree got off dusting her self. Nikki laughed getting off and I stayed put since I wasn't really on Megan. Megan sat up taking off her shoes.


"What now?" Bree asked


"We unpack?" Nikki suggested


"That's boring" Megan said


"What if we go clubbing?" I suggested


"Where though?" Nikki asked, I took out my phone. Going to my camera roll, showing them the picture of THE DAYLIGHT CLUB'


"I'll think about it... But unpack first" Bree said. Sometimes she is fun and sometimes she is really parental.. Maybe it's cause she's oldest?.. Wait isn't Nikki the oldest?.. I did as she said grabbing my blue luggage, going to the second room. Seeing Megan already unpacking here, I rolled my eyes and went back to the main area seeing no one was using the drawers under the TV. One by one getting on my knees and taking out my clothing.


Nikki's point of view-


2 hours later~


I finished unpacking about an hour ago, just looking through the room service book. I'm starving... Like I can pass out right now. Bree and Lilly started to bicker at each other assuming they are also hungry.


"Girls!!" I yelled, both of them Turing to look at me


"hungry?" I questioned and in came Megan out of no where jumping


"Yeees!!!" She yelled "Yeah" Bree and Lilly gave me sincere looks. I grabbed my purse room card and keys leading the way out the room.passing through the casino inhaling the strong fumes. Ladies dressed in black lace clothes holding cocktail trays walking up to each poker table. Pressing the handy cap button so the doors would open automatically going into the parking lot.


"Pick up the pace Bree" I heard Megan whine. Lilly's pace increasing seeing her at my side. We all got in my Lamborghini. Starting the engine putting the car in drive. Of course me in the driving seat, Lilly at my side or in shot gun. Bree and Megan in the back seat. It was oddly quiet, but it was nice. Driving through the strip trying to get to the other side, near the fwy. Maybe me and the girls should go walking in our bathing suits like these people... Nah


* minutes later *


Parking my car. The girls running out. Here we go again  Into another fumigated casino. As we entered the Palace Station I saw a no smoking sign yet three old folks were smoking... If ya ask me that's not good for old folks but oh well they must not give a fuck. We went up the escalators the wall being mirrors, checking  my self out.


"Gah Nikki your so vain"  Megan laughed looking down at me. I rolled my eyes seeing her fix her hair up.


"Hypocrite" I said under my breath. We reached the top of the buffet place heading straight for the line. Luckily there wasn't that much people. I turned around seeing they added a little seating area which was really cute it looked vintage. Purple colors and fancy looking chairs.


"How many?" My gaze was fixed to the worker looking at me for an answer but nothing came out, what did she even ask? I thought


"Four" Bree spoke and I realized what she said.


"That will be 86.50$" the worker said, I took out my wallet and my palace station card.


"Anyone else have a card? You get a discount" another worker said and Bree and Lilly looked through their purses taking out their card handing them to the cashier lady. Megan didn't bother to check. One it's her first time in Vegas and she's technically a minor to be playing she's only 19.


"This way" this waiter led us to a booth. I sat with meggy while Bree and Lilly sat in front of us.


"So can we go now!?" Megan exclaimed


"Yeah I guess so" I replied back as Megan violently pushed me out the booth


"Damn girl!" I yelled, as they giggled I was being completely serious! I frowned walking to the plate area grabbing a plate heading towards the pizza which was pretty close to the plates. Walking around they had tacos, Mac and cheese, rice beans, oysters, meat at this area so much to choose from!  I walked around picking up different types of food. Going back to the table. First one here. I sat down awkwardly... It felt like I was on a date and my date wasn't here yet. Soon Lilly joining me.


"Yay! I was getting lonely" we both laughed, being joined by Bree. We all started to eat


"What may I get you to drink?" A waitress asked taking out her sketch pad. I looked around to the girls swallowing my food.


"Sprite" Bree said


"Fanta" Lilly said


"Ice-tea and another sprite" I said


"Be right back with your drinks"  she walked away. behind her we could see Megan with two plates, I stood up so she could get in.


"Geez you do know you can go back for seconds?" Bree said


"Eat then get up? No thanks" Megan dug into her macaroni


"What about desert" Lilly asked


"Cwap I fogot twat" Megan said with a full mouth of Mac and cheese. I laughed at Bree's facial expression change to grossed out. The waitress returned with our drinks, helping her to hand them to everyone.


"Anything else?" She questioned


"I think we're fine" I smiled


"So about that club"  this time I brought up the subject


"What about it?" Bree drank her sprite 


"Are we going?" Lilly asked


"Guys you can go but I'll stay with meg" she said


"Why?" Lilly said


"Let's all go" I said


"I'm 19 guys" Megan finally said something, putting her fork down.


"Ohh" Lilly's face looked bummed out "It won't be fun with out you guys though" Lilly said. It was quiet and for a few minutes you didn't even hear chewing


"May I take your plates" the waitress came back, and we handed her the plates.


Bree's Point Of view-


" I want desert" Megan said, I got up. Well actually all of us, heading for the desert table right in the middle. Ice cream, cakes, different pastries, cookies, donuts. Lilly headed for ice-cream, meg to the cheese cake, Nikki to the donuts. I headed for the simple cookies. Walking back to the table seeing the girls converse but stopping as I came.


"What" I asked, they exchanged looks then Lilly elbowed Nikki


"We thought about it and what if we lie and make Megan look older?" Nikki said spark of hope in her eyes as Lilly and Megan looked at me crossing their fingers


"If you guys can do it fine" I gave in finishing up my last cookie.


"Alright woop!  Let's go" Lilly got up


"Wait!" Megan shoved the last piece of cheese cake in her mouth, rushing out. We walked back down the escalator.


"Guys I'm so full I can't walk" Megan said as we reached the bottom. We just laughed at her. Walking back to the car.


Megan's point of view-


Minutes later*


I sat on the couch as the girls got ready. I waited for Bree to finish and give me a new look. I was scared and excited at the same time.


"Meg!" Bree called my name, I quickly got up running to the bathroom. I felt out of place. Lilly was wearing a dark blue dress with pink pumps and her hair in a bun. Nikki had a pink top dress with a black sparky bottom, black stud clutch and black heels. Now Bree was wearing a bit of a cleavage yellow skin tight dress, with light blue heels and black and yellow clutch. She began to brush out my hair curling it or straightening? I couldn't tell. Nikki started doing my make up while Lilly left to the drawers.


"In second thought I don't want to go.. I'll just stay here alone yeah!" I said


"Please" Bree said


"Why? Come have fun forget break ups" Lilly came back with a little black dress. For a moment I actually forgot about zayn. Thanks lily I  sighed and they continued to make me over. Bree finished and she left my hair wavy, which looked really cute. Lilly was still finishing up on the make up applying lip gloss.


"Done" she exclaimed adding make up to her self


"Try this on" Lilly handed me the dress and I went to the bathroom. Coming out. Looking in the mirror the make up really changed me up i do look a bit older.


"Hottie alert" Nikki joked, I rolled my eyes


"Put these on" Bree handed me white bow tie shoes.


"So everyone is ready?" Lilly said


"Yeah let's go!!" Bree yelled taking the led, followed by Nikki grabbing her clutch and keys. Lilly and me last closing the door.


* At the Mandayln bay*


We headed towards the arena area going down the escalators to the daylight club. There was a big man standing at the door dressed in black... Shit. "ID's " he asked, the girls stalled to take it out their purses


"Aye you!" The man yelled going to the other side as a person tried getting in


"go in girls" a younger security said


"That was close" I said laughing.


" We forgot to get you a fake ID" Nikki said, It was dark in here, the only light from the DJ and dance floor. Loud music blasting 'Good girls go bad by cobra star ship'.


"Let's dance" Nikki yelled hardly hearing her. 




We've been dancing for a while now, it began to get crowded And I was no longer near the girls surrendered by strangers. I flinched as I felt a pinch on my ass. Turning to see a much older man,looking pretty drunk, he starred down at me. But I just ran away running into someones arms.


"I'm sorry" I said out of breath not even bothering to look at who I hit. Spotting the girls at the bar, walking over to them


"Don't leave me alone" I yelled mad "We got thirsty" Lilly said shrugging it off


"I almost got raped!" I yelled more


"Take a chill pill" Nikki said handing me a drink


"No thanks" I sat by Bree hoping she had some common sense


"you're not drunk right?" I asked and she laughed


"Not yet" she smiled, I set my head down resting but  Bree pulled me to the dance floor with Lilly and Nikki dancing to Taio Cruz Break your heart.


Harry's point if view-


"Get off" I said to a girl dancing all up on me. I was a bit peeved off with her following me grinding all up on me. I'm not that kind of person. I went towards the bar with the boys.


"Aye Niall can ya get me a drink?" I asked being 19 I couldn't drink, but I needed something. Niall shook his head ordering me something. I walked over to a table with Liam.


"Having fun mate!?" Liam yelled


"A bit" I said looking out to the crowd of people dancing a particular girl in a black dress catching my attention. The way she danced and laughed with her friends I needed to know her name.


"Here!" My train of thought was interrupted by Niall's yell handing me a margarita as he drank his fifth bottle of beer.


"Mate I think you should calm it down" Louis yelled


"Nah!" Niall walked away into the crowd


"Harry keep an eye on him" Liam drank his martini. I got up following him, having to squeeze through the crowd. I swear someone just touched my willy.


"Augh" I yelled feeling someone hit hard against my chest. Inhaling a flower berry scent as a girl ran into me. I gently put my hand on her back, looking down at her.


"I'm sorry" the girl said not bothering to look at me putting her small hands on my arms pushing me away. Running to her friends at the bar. Realizing it was The girl with the black dress.Wait why was she even running? I tried shrugging it off, but couldn't I wanted to go up to her and just talk, but I had to find nialler.


"Hey cutie" this girl with cleavage, and a ton of makeup said giggling


"Uh" I said


"Wanna dance?" She began to shake her butt on me


"No!" I pushed her away. Spotting Niall talking to a nice looking brunette. Oh he's fine I thought, walking back with the guys.


"All these damn people, trying to get in my pants" I yelled taking a seat by Liam


"Dude your acting like zayn all cranky cause of a break up but I'ts funny cause yo don't have a girlfriend " Louis said


"No I'm not"


"Yeah you are, we should have left you at the hotel with zayn! Here take a sip" Liam said sliding me my drink


"Have fun! you know!" Louis yelled getting up with Liam


"come lets find you a girl" Louis said, I finished my drink and followed behind them. This was stupid, lets just go home Liam is already or at least still sober, Niall's drunk I sighed as Louis started chatting up random girls. I spotted the girl in the black dress take a seat by herself. Nows my chance.


"Hey harry this is Taylor and Nevada" Louis said but I paid no attention.


"Nice mate, hey I'm going over there" I sat not looking at him keeping my eyes on the girl with the black dress. I started to approach her what should I say? Hey let me buy you a drink? Wait I can't... What's your name? I like that dress? I tried thinking of the perfect thing to say, finally reaching the table and taking a seat. Harry you weirdo she's going to leave, I starred at her until she looked up from her phone. 


Megan's point of view-


"Hey girls I'm going to take a break"  I said leaving them to keep dancing, ugh I hate heels. I sat down at a table with the light shinning right on it. Taking out my phone just going through it. My light was blocked probably just people dancing, feeling like someone was looking at me. I looked up from my phone to see a boy with curly hair smiling awkwardly at me, with his hands folded like he was waiting for something.


"May I help you?" I asked laughing


"Oh um I like the weather" he said




"Hahah I meant how's the weather, ugh I'm so stupid um hi!" He said these deep dimples appearing on his cheeks


"I haven't been outside so I don't know the weather but hi" I smiled setting my phone down on the table


"I'm Harry" he held his hand out


"Megan" I shook it back and he looked quite familiar


"So um I was wondering if you wanted to dance?" He asked biting his lips, licking them after making his lips look glossy and Kissable. Oh my god what am I saying, wait he asked a question


"Sure"  I smiled standing up


"Lovely" he grabbed my hand, his accent... We walked over to the main area of the floor, started to dance to Young Science- Chill Murray


"I can't dance" he smiled as he began to do the sprinkler


"Hahahaha oh my god are you drunk?"  I put my hands on him to stop dancing


"Move to the beat" I said showing him a few of my moves although they weren't any better.


"This is my beat" Harry began to do that under water move, and the peace signs across his eyes.


hey if ya can't beat em join them!


Harry started screwing a light bulb or invisible in this case. While I did these circle moves with my hands. The song ended and I couldn't stop laughing. Harry placed his hand on my shoulder leading me back to the table.


"We were horrible" I said calming down a bit


"Hey, hey speak for your self I think I did pretty well" He smiled proud of himself as i slapped his arm.


"Ow!" He said looking at me


"Ow!" I mimicked his high pitch scream. I just meet this guy what 5 minutes ago and we're acting like we've know each other for years. Harry came up to me smirking down at me


"What!" I yelled. Harry embraced me in a hug covering my face with his hug his torso covering my face as he messed up my hair, letting go laughing


"you little dick! That took some time" I tried keeping a serious face but couldn't, haha who does that?


"Harry lets go, it's getting boring" this blonde boy with blue eyes said approaching the table. I looked at Harry then back at him


"Oh my god! The shirtless guys!" I said my thoughts aloud


"What?" Harry asked


"Oh nothing..." I looked back at the blonde "


You're probably having a Craic time but you can fuck other girls come on Harry" the boy continued talking pulling Harry up


"What?" I asked getting up as well


"fuck? That's why you talked to me?"


"No Megan he's drunk, I have no intention!" He defended back


"Oh stupid Harry" Blondie yelled


"Look Megan, I'm serious. Don't believe me fine.. I guess this is good bye" Harry said looking down


"Your friend does look drunk" I said and he looked up giving me a half smile


"Mind helping me?" He asked


"With what?"


"Finding my friends"


"If you help me find mine"


"Deal" he smiled exposing those adorable dimples. Harry took the lead with his friend behind shouting random things to people.


 A/N) I wrote this story a while back so things might be a bit outdated. 

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