A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


8. catching feelings

Megan's point of view-

Next Day☾


I got out the shower, Lilly following after me to do the same. Her 'boyfriend' or whatever went home yesterday at midnight. She says they're not dating but it's clearly they like each other. I ordered room service but the girls didn't want to eat... Waste of money. I grabbed my Minnie Mouse shirt and black shorts with my fuzzy socks. I didn't bother to brush my hair it would just become puffed up. Bree sat on the couch just lying down with her feet on the coffee table. Nikki sat near the love seat with a bored face starring at the TV. I took a seat on the love seat taking my phone out my pocket.



'Meeeeeegaaan!!! I'm so bored my friends are boring they want to do nothing but sit-Harry


'Ha it's like we have the same friends!- me


Want to go get some coffee?-Harry


Love to!- me




I waited for Harry to reply back since he always text me back quick... Though he didn't. I walked to the bed room to grab a hair tie.


"Meggy! A boy is here for you!" Bree yelled and I ran to the door


"One moment!" I yelled grabbing Lilly's combat boots since they were right by the door. I ran to the door smiling.


"Bye Bree!" I smiled shutting the door,bending down trying to put on the shoes


" I can wait, I'm in no rush" Harry said grabbing me by my hips. Causing me to stand up by his touch it gave me butterflies.


"Okay" I sat down untying the laces of the boots. Tying the last lace as I looked up at Harry with two fingers squinting at me. "What are you doing?" I laughed as he moved his tongue around still holding two fingers out.


"I was trying to squish your head, with my fingers" Harry said like it was a normal thing


"Oh my gosh!" I laughed standing up, we walked down the hall as he ran to press the button so the elevator would open. He's so childish! I smiled as we entered the elevator. I looked down through out the elevator ride. Right as Harry was going to say something the door open and I walked out.


We reached Starbucks and surprisingly it was empty, was it early?


"Welcome to Starbucks would you like to try out new latte?" The cashier asked


"Um no thanks but ill take a mocha frappuccino" Harry said his dimples appearing on his cheeks... I just wanna-


"You mam?"


"Oh um ill take the same"




"Harry styles"


"Megan Parker"


"Okay that will be 10.25$" the women said as I took out 20$ but Harry beat me too it. She ringed us up.leaving to prepare the coffee.


"Harry!" I glared at him


"Megan!" He mimicked my voice that became high pitched as I said harry


I rolled my eyes at him "I could have paid.." I said playing with my fingers


"But I don't want you to" Harry wrapped his arms around me hugging from behind his hands tightly holding my stomach. His head on my shoulder as he whispered in my ear. I felt weak like I couldn't function and I think he knows... Or maybe not, by the sound of that chuckle I don't know.


"Sir" Harry let go Turning to the women as she held our coffees in the air, Harry walked over to her and I took a deep breath. I stretched out a bit walking over to him as he handed me my coffee. We walked back to the elevators and I just continued drinking looking down.


"Can I come over?" Harry asked as I opened my hotel room door


"Sure if you don't mind three girls around" I said letting him in


"Girls I'm back" I yelled taking off Lilly's shoes leaving my fuzzy socks on. Dragging my feet on the carpet to see where they went


"Megan!!! Nikki has gone mad help me!!" I heard Bree yelled and I laughed to see Nikki smacking Bree with a pillow, I handed my drink to Harry


"Guuuyyyss!! Stahp we have a guest" I said jumping on them


"Augh!" Nikki pushed me off getting up "fat ass"


"I love you too!" I yelled back as she walked to the couch. Just me, Bree and Harry.


"Your friend is cute" Bree whispered leaving. I smacked her as she looked back at me like 'what'


"This is an every day thing?" Harry asked and I forgot he was in the room


"Oh yeah" I got up taking my coffee out his hand walking to the other Side, sitting on the love seat.


"Make room!" Harry said sitting on my lap, I pushed him off and now he took up most of the space while I was squished to the side. "Get up Megan" he said. At first I gave him a look like 'no he should go' but I think he had an idea. Harry sat straight up taking the whole love seat (it wasn't a big love seat probably a little one) as he patted his thighs for me to sit


"Uh no" I said laughing at his pouty face


"Megan don't be a dick!" Nikki said slapping my butt.


Yeaaah Megan" Harry said smiling he was sure acting like a little kid. I let out a groan noise as I was pushed on top of Harry, my chest brushing his face slightly. My hands putting pressure on his stomach. Since I was already lying on Harry I decided to stay sitting on his lap my feet having of the love seat since I was seated side ways. I think it was Bree who pushed me I'm going to get her back! I looked up at Harry smiling like he was satisfied.


"So about that guy" Harry said playing with my hair


"What guy?" I asked reaching for my drink


"The one that was in your bed..." He said


"Ohh um I think he was Lilly's friend, wait speaking of Lilly" I said to Harry siting up "where's Lilly?" I asked the girls


"She went out, I think with Justin" Nikki said


"Who's Justin?" I asked


"The boy from yesterday" Bree said


"Oh okay..." I said laying back down. It was quiet everyone was doing there on little thing. Nikki on her phone, Bree watching TV and Harry well he was being Harry. The door opened and in came Lilly and Justin holding hands... Well that was quick. Justin grabbed Lilly from behind kissing her neck and cheek as she giggled.


"Ugh get a room!" I yelled playing with my bracelet


"Maybe we will!!" Lilly yelled going to my bedroom


"Ew guys not my bed!!" I yelled but they shut the door... I swear if they-


"Jealous?" Harry said


"Of what? Them psh no! Why would I be?" I asked


"Cause they were being couplely"


"No it's just they can go kiss and touch Each other somewhere else not right in front of the television"


"If you want we can kiss and touch each other somewhere else" Harry smiled cheekily. touching my thigh


"Pervert!" I smacked his arm, sitting up to get off this freak "auggh" I groaned. Harry wrapped his arms around me and held me back


"Pleaase" he whinnied


" I can kiss you" Nikki said getting up walking to Harry, she began to lean in closer to him but Harry was just smiling at her. Soon he leaned in as well. Wait what the hell Nikki don't kiss him


"Oh my god he's trying to get it in there!!!" I yelled right in Nikki's face. Right as she was going to lock lips with Harry she turned around looking around to see what I meant, I grabbed Harry's Starbucks and shoved it in his mouth so his lips would be occupied. Nikki looked back at him and sat down. Thank god. I got comfortable laying my head on Harry's chest, why would I even care if they kissed its not like he's mine or anything....


"I wasn't going to do it" Harry said whispering in my ear placing his drink on the table


"And I care why?"


"Oh I dunno maybe cause you caused a distraction so she wouldn't" Harry continued to talk in a hush tone. Maybe because Nikki was a couch away from us


"I don't know what your talking about" I avoided his beautiful green eyes


"Okay mrs. He's trying to get it in there" Harry said, I looked up at him and he quickly kissed my chin.. Haha what? He sticked his tongue out at me "you're the jealous type eh!" Harry said


"Don't kiss me and shut up!" I said


"You like me don't you" he teased


"Oh my god!" I said annoyed


"Shhh!!" I turned to Bree as her eyes were glued to this crime movie. I got up and sat by Bree leaving Harry alone. I looked at the movie but it bored me. i starred at my drink then harry. Is it weird he was looking at me too? I'm pretty sure he was since he looked at me, catching him doing so and him pretending like something flew by as he looked at the ceiling. I hate him,he is so... So nothing maybe I do like him. Nikki got up walking to the bedroom, nows my chance. I scooted where Nikki was seated stretching to grab my drink.


"Oh you want this?" Harry said taking the Starbucks shaking it smiling at me


"Yeah now give it" I put my hand out


"For a kiss I will" he smiled


"Flirt *cough *cough" Bree said


"In your dream styles" I crossed my arms


"Okay then" Harry shrugged his shoulder drinking OUT of my coffee, when his was right next to him quite full!


"What the heck!" I yelled going up to him trying to get my coffee back


"Mmm that's sensational!!" He smiled, I rolled my eyes sitting back down taking a sip


"Eh gross you left your chap stick all over it" I said touching my lips


"That's the point now you have Harry germs!"


"More like, every girl you kissed"


"Player!" Bree laughed


"Actually I haven't kissed anyone, the girl I asked to kiss closed the door on me" Harry said looking straight at me


"Aw that's a bit harsh" Bree said


"I know but SHE doesn't seem to get it" Harry Said emphasizing the she.


"Please" I said, Harry took the coffee rubbing his lips all over the straw once again.


'Two can play it that way' I said going to the bathroom getting my velvet cupcake chap stick, putting a lot on, walking back with Harry and Bree. I grabbed Harry's Starbucks drinking out of it, practically kissing the straw handing it to Harry, but he didn't seem bothered as he just drank it.


"Now you have Megan germs!" I said


"Wonderful now you're In me!" Harry started laughing and so did Bree. I rolled my eyes they're so immature "can you do it again, you Chapstick smells good and tastes good"


"No" I grabbed my drink continuing to drink it, Harry stood up starring right at me "what?" I mumbled the straw in my mouth. "Stop!!" I yelled as Harry tried to tickle me. I held my stomach setting the drink on the kitchen counter, catching my breath. He walked right up to me grabbed my drink and finished it completely.


"You little ass!" I said as he threw it in the trash


"Delicious it tasted like cupcakes" Harry said but I just glared at him. "Don't be mad little bunny you can have mine" Harry walked to the table getting his placing it right in front of me


"I don't want it" I sat on the stool


"Do you wanna share it?" Harry asked sitting beside me smiling like an idiot


"Fine!" I drank it and he did the same


"You like my germs and my chap stick, that's why you accepted to share it with me" he said


"You just don't shut up do you?!" I laughed


"Orange you glad I made you laugh!?" Harry said poking my cheek


"Stop!!" I laughed "you're such a dork harry" I poked him back


"And you like my dorky self" he got closer to me


"I never said I liked you" I played with the cup


"Would this change your mind" Harry said leaning in his nose was touching mine and I leaned in I felt his lips touch mine


"Keep it PG kids!!!" Nikki yelled pushing me away. What the fuck Nikki she ruined the moment we didn't kiss or anything, his lips just slightly touched mine. I wanted to punch Nikki, I didn't look at Harry. Just stop Megan he's just another dumb boy trying to mess with your feelings.

Harry's point of view-


I took Megan's drink and drank it all, just to play around with her. I threw the trash away and smiled at her but she looked upset.


"Don't be mad little bunny!! you can have mine!" I cheered going to the mini table by the love seat and back to the kitchen handing it to Megan.


"I don't want it" she said sitting on a stool


"Do you wanna share it?" I asked smiling really big moving my eyelashes sitting by Megan


"Fine" she said drinking it, I doing the same


"You like my germs and my chap stick, that's why you accepted to share it with me" I said looking at her expression change


"You just don't shut up do you?" Megan started laughing. Her laugh was really cute


"Orange you glad I made you laugh?" I said something really cheesy poking her cheek.


"Stop!!" She laughed more "you're such a dork Harry" she poked my stomach back


"And you like my dorky self" I scooted closer to her


"I never said I liked you" Megan looked down playing with the coffee cup


"Would this change your mind" I whispered leaning in. Our noses touched and it tickled, I Waited for Megan to lean in as well but she didn't, Im so stupid she doesn't like me. I felt soft lips land on mine


"Keep it PG kids!!" I was pulled back and saw it was Nikki. Was this her way of revenge? I looked at Megan but she just looked down upset and mad. Nikki walked away and it was just me and Megan again. I lifted her chin with my hands


'Ring ring ring'


My phone rang right as I was going to say something.




'Harry where are you?' Liam said on the other line


'Had coffee...'


'Come back the lads are hungry'


'Aw alright, I'll be right there'




* I hanged up on Liam looking at Megan, her eyes looked a bit teary. Does she really like me? Or is she just mad a Nikki? Or did she really want to kiss me she's going to cry?


"What happen" she said


"Oh my mates want me to head back"


"Oh okay bye" Megan said getting up waking away


"Wait!" I grabbed her arm "walk me out?" I smiled and she slightly smiled. We walked to the door and Megan looked at me ready to close the door but I pulled her out closing her room door. I gently pushed Megan on the door, placing my lips on hers. She kissed back she actually did!! I smiled during the kiss and I felt her do so too. I pulled away and Megan was blushing.


"I'll text you later" I smiled, walking away with a grin from ear to ear. I really do love her chap stick it makes her lips taste like cupcakes. I slid my card my room door opening. Liam and Niall were dressed ready to go.


"Someone's happy" Louis said coming with Zayn


"Yeah why?" Zayn asked


"I dropped my friend off and she's really sweet" I went to the mirror brushing my hair with my fingers


"Ohhh it's a she mates!!" Liam said


"You can talk about this later now lets go to the Buffett!" Niall said opening the door as we all walked out in a line.


Megan's point of view-


I led harry out just to be friendly web though I didn't want to see his face I need time to think. I just broke up with my ex about a while ago I don't think I'm ready for this. Harry pulled me out shutting the door. Smiling as he pushed me up on the door. Him soft plump red lips moving in sync with mine. He started smiling in the kiss and I couldn't help but do so too. He pulled away and I started to blush. He looked at me moving his hair to the side his dimples being deeper and cuter then ever.


"I'll text you later" he smiled walking down the hall. I placed my hand on my lips and smiled I really enjoyed that kiss.

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