A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


32. Big News

Megan's point of view-

Ever since Bree and Liam started dating it's been like a big family affair. Niall, Louis and Liam like brothers to me and Zayn well we haven't really had a full on conversation with one another more like a few words said here and there.

"Hurry Megan, Bree is waiting outside" My Nana said hitting my room door, I was changing to get ready to skate. I can't even skate but it was an invite from Lilly and Justin. It's going to be nice to see them I haven't in a month. I quickly zipped up my jacket. Running down the stairs.

"Bye" I kissed my grandparents on the cheek running out and into her car.

"I just got a call from Nikki" Bree said driving off

"What'd she say?"

"If we could give her a ride"

"Okay" I turned up the radio as Bree got on the free way. I took out my phone a new message from harry.

Hiiiii, where are you?

Driving to Nikki's

Didn't Lilly invite you to Rollerblade down at Ricky's? :O

Haha yes harry we will be there after we pick up Nikki!

Oh yay! Get ready to go down xx

I smiled about to type something as Bree honked the car

"Ahh" I let out

"What's got you distracted" Bree said

"Nothing the car horn scared me"

"Well you must've been in another world" she honked again. A spunky blonde came skipping into the car.

"About time" Bree said fixing her mirror before she began to drive again

"Hey I had to check my hair one last time" Nikki said

"You should cut it short then you won't spend so much time straightening and curling" I said

"Never, no way" she said

"Aww why?"

"Dude I love my hair"

"You know what I would love if we all lived together, like the boys live together" Bree said

" Lilly and I live together I guess, but I was over at this house so they would have privacy" Nikki said

"Wait I thought they went on vacation?"

"Vacation there not even married!" Bree said

"They told me they needed privacy but if they were on a get away why wasn't I allowed to stay at the house" Nikki said

"Oh I dunno Maybe cause you might've thrown a party"

"A party that you would have come too!" Nikki said

"I wouldn't" I unbuckled my seat belt, waiting for Bree to get out and Nikki.

"Ya you would and Bree would come too, all of you have this craziness in you. Someone just has to let it loose" Nikki said wiggling her eyebrows, I started laughing

"Babe I think you had too much sugar" Bree patted Nikki's head like a dog, I smiled at Nikki's childish act of sticking out her tongue and mocking Bree. We stopped at the front desk. I took a look around the place a mini arcade area, to one side the register and to get your skates on the other. There was a little hallway leading to the The skating area had loud pop music playing as the lighting was dim with colorful disco lights. the eating area to another section. Bree found Liam as they greeted each other by a hug and a kiss.

"Woah when did this happen?" Nikki asked staring at them kiss.

"Bree didn't tell you?"


"Augh she would shut up about it when it happen and it stayed like that for about a month?.... Wait maybe less cause it hasn't been a month right?"

"Oh, well okay"

"Meggggy" Lilly wrapped her arms around my neck from behind "hey Nikki I missed you" Lilly walked over to her.

"Hey Lilly" I said looking at her outfit a summer dress pink with flowers on the bottom. Not proper attire to be on roller skates if you asked me.

"The boys are skating with Justin and his friends! You girls have to meet them" Lilly said

"The boys?" Nikki asked

"As in harry, louis, Niall, zayn?" I said raising my eyebrow

"And mark, Brent, Cassie and ash!" Lilly squealed

"Who?" Nikki repeated

"Go get your skates" Lilly pushed us

"I don't skate"

"Say party of Lustin" Lilly yelled running off

"Lustin! Haha what the" Nikki laughed

"Does she mean Justin?" I question going up to the front desk

"Can we get two pairs or skates" Nikki said

"Sizes" the man asked

" a six n a half" I said

"A seven" Nikki said

"Are you here in a group" the man asked

"Lustin" then man handed us our skates. We walked back to Bree and Liam sitting on a bench.

"Ayeeee" another pair of hands wrapped around my neck from behind but this time it was a cheeky dork.

"Don't touch Me" I slapped his hands

"come on meg put your skates on and get ready to get down" harry said

"You want her to dance?" Nikki laughed

"What no? I want to skate with her, but if you prefer to dance" harry smiled looking over at me

" I was told to come here because of an important thing" I said

"Yeah same" Liam said

"Don't change the subject" harry tapped my nose, I smiled. I would get up and push him since the only thing between us was the rink border thing.

"Fine if you won't skate than I'll skate with harry" Nikki said pulling herself up slowly going into the rink rolling over to harry, they linked elbows.

"Bree want my skates?" I asked

"I think I'm going to be with Liam for a bit" she said as they both walked away. I sighed loudly going to a table, placing my skates a top the table and taking out my phone.

"The fun is over there babe" I heard

"Harry go away" I continued to scroll through twitter not looking up.

"Who's harry?"

"Uh oh sorry,  I thought you were someone" I put my phone down locking it

"So does that make me no one?" He smiled


"I'm mark" he smiled. Mark had curly hair in a quiff form with those hipster nerd glasses. As for his style.... A black skull shirt and green pants.

"Megan" I smiled

"So how bout we" mark started

"Megan!" I was hugged by louis, he sat next to me putting a hand over my shoulder looking up at mark. "Oh hello mark"

"You too know each other?"I asked

"Yeah I'll catch you later" mark walked away

"He's one of Lilly's new friends, or Justin's" louis said removing his hand from my shoulder.

"Oh I should probably introduce myself to them"

"They're rollerblading"

"Ehhh then maybe later"

"Come on, skate I'll guide you"

"I don't know" Louis got down on his knees took off my shoes and grabbed the skates from the table "you're too kind my Prince Charming" I said as he put them on for me.

"Grab my hand" Louis laughed, I slowly stood up putting my phone in my back pocket, loosing balanced as I griped louis's wrist. We walked over to an entrance one side wood floor the other carpet. I Being on the carpet side.

"Step one foot than the other" louis said, I put my foot one foot in, being pushed

"Louis! What the hell?!" I yelled, as I spun

"You can't go in with out your skates" I heard him yell back

"You're going to pay!" I yelled grabbing on to the nearest person I could

"Megan?" I looked up at zayn

"Oh sorry zayn" I let go, falling down.

"Give me your hand" he laughed

"I'm good"  I sat looking up at him, he shook his head and said my name, as he helped me up, we linked elbows and he grabbed my arm with both his hands.

"Can we talk?" Zayn said

"Can you get me outta here" I said as we circled the arena rink mabob

"Megan, hear me out and I'll get you out of here"

"Make it quick zayn"

" I know I messed up, I'm the biggest idiot out there. But I realized I'm crazy" I interrupted by my giggle "I'm not ready for a serious relationship I'm not ready to settle down, I'm still young, stupid and make mistakes, and I want to put this whole dating shit behind us and forget it and be friends I miss talking to you or not being able to talk to you because it's awkward"


"Before you say no, just know I'm a great friend, and nice listener too" he smiled 

"Zayn, Yes your an idiot and you fucking screwed up twice before it hit you, but I'd love to be just friends and put everything behind us" I smiled

"Thank you!" Zayn hugged me, he stopped moving and we reached the entrance

"Thanks zayn" I kissed his cheek

"Woah! I said just friends you slut" Zayn smiled "I'm kidding"

"Better be" I laughed as I made it back to the carpet side. Zayn rolled away. I sat down on the bench near the entrance taking off the skates placing them on the table.

"Hey Megan!" Louis rolled by going into the rink, I reached to get him stepping into the rink with my socks

"Mam, you need skates to enter the rink" a worker came up to me. I mimicked what the worker said as she walked away. I grabbed the skates walking towards Bree and Liam. I sat down doing the cupcake pose staring at them as they both stopped their conversation to look at me.

"Hahaha continue" I smiled

"Meg go bother harry he was looking for you" Bree said

"Liam do you see the way she talks to me she hates me"

"Meg you can stay" Liam smiled

"So what are we talking about"

"Oh just the type of ointments you-"

"Bye!" I got up before Liam could finish his sentence. Where's Nikki? I spotted Lilly's pink flowery dress as she talked to a worker. I walked up to her as she finished talking.

"Lilly when do we eat?" I asked

"That's the last thing we do. I was just talking to our party person planner, helper whatever you want to call him and he said about 15 more minutes of blading then 30 minutes to eat and we leave"

"But what if I want to eat now or blade when I finish eating?"

"Then you pay separately"

"Okay 15 more minutes I can wait"

"They go by quick" Lilly smiled

"Sorry to interrupt but can I borrow  Lilly" Justin said grabbing her hand

"Go ahead, hello by the way" I said as they walked off. Justin's got a little mustache going on its funny and what's up with the


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