A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


33. Big News part 2

"I found you!" My inner monologue was Interrupted by a tug on my arm.

"Poo! I was hiding from you"

"Please skate with me" harry grabbed my hand

"I was already in the rink and I almost died, I don't want to go again."

"Almost died" harry laughed, I slapped his arm going back to my seated area "hey sorry" his dimples showed as he spoke

"Tell you what Harold I'll skate but just to kick louis ass" I put my skates on since this whole time I've been in socks.

"What do you mean"

"He pushed me without any warning"

"Oops" he smirked, I gave him a weird look strapping the skates tight.

"Now help me up loser" I smiled, he grabbed my hand as I held onto his arm. I made sure harry had his skates on and he did.

"You have a tight grip" he said as we stepped on the laminated wood side.

"It's so that I won't fall"

"Look you can do it let go an think that you're walking on clouds"

"Clouds really?"

"Fine, I like that you're so close to me, and the way you hold me you know what they say about girls that have a tight grip"

"Shut up" I let go, I felt like I was going to fall so I reached to grab harry but he skated a few feet away "harry" I whinnied

"I knew you would let go, now don't think about it but slide, sway your feet to um back and forth?" Harry questioned, I did as he said and I actually moved, I swayed my hands as well.

"I'm moving!" I smiled earlier zayn was moving me but this time it's me by myself

"I told you, you could do it!"

"Woo!" I put my hands up stopping my feet, or at least I thought I stopped my feet

"I gotcha" harry grabbed my arms before I could fall on my butt. I was 'stable', we were blading in a circles, and I never seem to notice how our hands magically interlocked.

"Can I spin you?" Harry asked


"Like this" harry got behind me, grabbing me by my hips. He lifted my up in the air as he began to spin himself.

"Harry put me down" I said feeling sick. He slowly brought me down until we were face to face as we both fell.

"I pictured that so much better in my head" harry said as he rubbed his head. I put my hands on the floor pushing myself up so I could get off harry. I slowly tried to balance myself, I gave harry my Hand so I could lift him up. He got half way up as I slide back a bit and he slid backwards both of us falling once again.

"Oh my god I hate wheels!" I yelled

"And slippery floors!" Harry said, we both got into a fit of laughter, as we crawled our way out the rink. I sat on the carpet taking off these Death traps, harry doing the same.

"Party of Lustin time to eat" the music stopped as the speaker spoke. I got up grabbed my shoes from the cubbies, looking to spot Lustin guest.

"Coming?" Harry asked walking ahead of me. We followed Lilly and Justin with few people behind them, everyone stopped in the hall area and I noticed who was In front of us.

"Harry check out this blonde" I said "isn't his beanie cool?" Harry looked at me confused " I heard he's too cool to say hello to his friends"

"That's not good, uhh it makes him a mean guy?" I hit my forehead with my hand "he's also got a rash on his ass" I got on my tippy toes and whispered something in Harry's ear. "I heard his hair is not even blonde, that he dyes it!" Harry said

"What omg? His eyes are blue are those contacts?" I said loudly

"Hello Megan!" Niall finally turned around

"Hi Niall" I hugged him "we were messing around" I pulled away

"I know, Harry's not the meanest guy and just letting you know there is no rash on me arse" Niall laughed

"That's nice to know" I raised my eyebrow at Niall, we entered in the small room all of us being crowded since the tables took up most space.

"Guys!" Justin yelled getting everyone's attention. The noise dropped to silence

"The pizzas are over there, sit where you'd like and let me know if any drinks need to be refilled" Lilly said, there was a small line of 12 people so I decided to sit first than get my food. I sat at the corner of the table looking over to see louis sat diagonal of me. I gave him a dead serious look furrowing my eye brows and squinting my eyes. Louis grinned at me. I rolled my eyes, as he waved. I looked over at the line empty as the table were filled up. I looked back at louis and noticed he had gotten up, I looked around not seeing him anywhere.

"Looking for me love?" I almost jumped out of my chair, of how scared I was.

"Louis!" I breathed as if someone deflated me.

"Calm down" he laughed

"Calm down! Come here so I can choke you!" I stood up and grabbed his head in a head lock.

"Feisty one" I was pulled away, I looked to see myself in the hands of some stranger.

"Can you put me down" I said, he did as I pleased "who are you" I asked

"I'm Brent, Justin's friend. Just was trying to save his life" The tall black haired snapback wearing boy, pierced ears with brown eyes said.

"I got you a slice" I looked away from him down at harry giving me a caring smile.

"Uh thanks" I said siting down. I looked over at the food section seeing louis getting his slice. I walked away from the table

"You ass!" I said hitting louis neck

"I should have expected that" he laughed rubbing his neck "is it too late for a sorry"

"No I'm not mad I just wanted to hit you for pushing me and making me look like a psycho" louis chuckled, I poured myself lemonade.

"and just saying the whole pushing you in part was Harry's idea"louis walked away I grabbed myself another pizza slice walking back to my seat.

"Hey meg did you meet Cassie?" I swallowed looking at Nikki pointing to a girl with long brown hair and grayish blue eyes.

"Um no hi I'm Megan" I cleaned my mouth with a napkin

"Hello I'm Cassie" she spoke with a really soft voice with a slight accent

"Are you also from the Uk?" I asked

"Yes I'm from Worcestershire"

"Oh that's cool!" I smiled not knowing where Worcestershire was....

"And I'm Ashley, but call me ash. Cause I fucking hate my full name" the girl next to Cassie with short black hair reached out her hand showing off her many tattoos, I shook her hand repeating my name. I continued to eat as everyone was conversing.

"Want me to get you another slice?" Harry asked

"You're being to nice harry, I'm fine" I put my hand on his shoulder, wanting to pinch him. He smiled picking up his napkin to wipe my chin.

"You had a lil"

"Course I did" I yelled

"Guys if we can have your attention once again" Justin and Lilly said in unison

"Let's discuss the real reason you all are here" Justin said, it was quiet as they exchanged looks.

"I'm pregnant" Lilly finally spoke


A/N) There is a part 3, sorry for having to do it in parts but its too long to publish it all :) xxx Thank You for reading!

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