A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


34. baby?!

Lilly's point of view- 

"I'm pregnant" I said, Justin reached for my hand, kissing it. I looked at the different tables everyone with a shocked expression some grins and gaped looks. 

"What!" Bree said loudly 

"How did this happen?" Harry asked a smirk on his face 

"Well we-" 

"Don't listen to harry" Megan cut off Justin, Giving harry a slap on the shoulder. I expected my best friends to be jumping and running to me with open arms and cheerfulness. Justin's friends didn't say a word. It was quiet. 

"Congrats!" Brent stood up hitting the gallon of soda with his plastic spoon. 

"Wooo!" Nikki said, the door opened in coming zayn. Everyone started at the door like when you're in school and have a new student. 

"What did I miss?" He raised his eyebrow, taking his seat staring around the place. 

"Lilly's pregnant" Niall said 

"Lilliana?!" Zayn screeched, I shook my head wanting to cry. "Wow lil didn't know you had it in you" zayn smiled giving Justin a thumbs up. 

"So is this like a baby shower?" Cassie asked 

"No, that's still to come" I said, The door opened once again coming in a worker. 

"Sorry to be a party pooper but the party had ended here at Ricky's Rollerblade" a ginger girl mid 20's entered with the most perkiest voice. 

"Give us five more minutes" Justin said 

"I said the time as ended" she spoke through her gritted toothy smile. 

"Five minute for us to leave" 

"Get out!" I swear she twitched, everyone got up walking to the exit. 

"Crazy bitch" ash yelled. We stood outside. Justin saying goodbye to his friends. Bree, Megan, Nikki and the boys huddled Around me. 

"Lilly come home with us we need to talk" Bree said 

"What's there to talk about?" I asked 

"Many things, Lilliana please" I sighed walking up to Justin. 

"Hey! We were wondering if you wanted to watch a movie?" Mark asked 

"can I talk to Justin for a minute" I pulled him away 

"What's sa matter" Justin asked 

"Babe, I'm going to spend a night at the girls house" I said 

"Need me to go home and get you some clothes" 

"It's fine I'll borrow some of Nikki's clothes" 

"Okay babe be safe" Justin kissed my forehead "although I'm going to be lonely without you" Justin held my hand. Our foreheads touching no space between us 

"Go have some fun and watch a movie with mark" I laid my head on his chest 

"And you get rest" 

"Okay baby" 

"Text me, when you get there" 

"Mmhhm" Justin kissed my lips. I hugged him walking away to the girls. 

"Who's car?" I asked 

"Bree's" Megan said 

"Where's sh" I asked but stopped once I saw her making out with Liam. 

"Yeah" Nikki said 

"You know Liam I'm standing right here" niall said 

"Right!" I said 

"You are sucking faces in my bubble" Megan said, Liam and Bree pulled away. 

"Well bye" louis said 

"Adios!" Louis and Niall walked away 

"Bye everyone" Liam said as zayn and harry waved. We got in Bree's car I in shot gun as Nikki and Meg took the back seats. Bree pulled out driving straight and took a turn. 

"Bree can you go to McDonald's" Nikki said 

"Didn't you just eat" Bree asked

"I did" 


"Please I'm hungry, that pizza was plastic no offense Lilly" 

"Ugh Nicoleeeee" 

"Ugh Briannaaaaaa" 

They both stretched out the vowels in their name. Bree stopped the car at a McDonald's. 

"Anyone want anything?" Bree asked 

"Can I get a ice cream cone" Megan said 

"Okay. You Lilly?" 

"A Big Mac" 


"Yes please" 

"Well be right back" Nikki and Bree closed the car doors. I took off my seat belt looking over at Megan texting.

"Who ya texting" I asked 

"Oh no one" she smiled putting her phone down 

"Oh well he must be someone to be making you smile" 

"I'm only smiling because this boy is a dork" 


"Harry, he keeps texting me things like orange you glad we skated, and I reply with water you mean and he tells me beach stuff... I don't know its weird but thats how we text" Megan smiled 

"That's cute" I said

"I guess, Harry's just weird like that" Megan said 

"But you like it" 



"why are you being weird"

"Does he care about you?" I asked 

"What do you mean?" 

"Does he love you?" 

"What?" The door opened in coming Nikki and Bree. I turned around going back in my seat putting my seat belt on. 

"Megan you drop any ice cream in my car you will lick it up" Bree said handing me the McDonald's bag. 

"Is that a threat? Cause I don't know Bree your car seems pretty clean. I wouldn't mind licking up ice cream from your leather seats" Megan's said licking her cone 


"Drive Bree" Nikki said. I looked out the car window seeing the birds move out the way as we pulled out. I looked in the bag grabbing my burger. Nikki and Megan sang along to the radio. 

"Can you give me a fry" Bree said, I dug into a bag, taking out a fry feeding it to Bree, since she was driving. 

"Ohh raise it" Nikki said

Minutes later~ 

We made it to Bree's house, she took off her jacket and shoes. Well all of us. Bree's house being like our house. Megan ran to the white long couch lying down, Nikki lifting Meg's legs sitting then putting them on her lap. I sat on the other couch, Bree sitting next to me. she reached over to place her coke on her glass table taking a bite out of her burger.

"Well say something!" I yelled not being able to take her stares any longer. 

Bree: "How long have you been pregnant" 

"About three months" 

Nikki: " oh is that why you're wearing that big dress" 


Megan: "Three months... That's in October" 

"Yeah.... The halloween party at the boys house...." I looked down playing with the hem of my dress 

Bree: "Oh my gosh" 

Nikki: "Wow... How did we not notice?" 

Bree: "Anyways Is it a boy or a girl?" 

"I don't know yet, but I have a doctor appointment on Friday for ultrasounds" 

Bree: "Does your mother know" 

"I haven't talked to her in years..." 

Megan: "What do you mean" 

"You guys know.." I said 

Nikki: "No?" 

Bree: "You never talk about your parents... Actually I don't think I've ever meet them either" 

Megan: "No I've meet her mom" 

Nikki: "I've told you guys about my parents, my mom, dad and my brother the tattoo artist" 

Bree: "What about the druggie" 

Nikki: "He was my cousin..." 

Megan: "Yeah and you guys know my parents passed away when I was little so I live with my grandparents" 

Bree: "and My mom and dad, three sisters" 

I sighed "my dad is in Jail, my mom I haven't talked to her since I was 17, I'm 21 now " 

Bree: "Why?" 

"You guys remember Reggie?" 

Nikki: "The man whore from high school" 

" yeah remember when I was dating him at the moment. I thought he was my life. I loved him and I thought he loved me"

Bree: yeah, we would ask you to hang out and all you said was I'm going to be with Reggie

Nikki: all that would come out your mouth was Reggie this Reggie that... 

"Yeah I know, But I was wrong. My mom was telling me how my grades were dropping and trash talking Reggie. So I got mad and left" I said 

Bree: "That's stupid, over Reggie really!" 

"It was a big argument we had and then she started comparing him to my father and told me how he just wanted to get In my pants, I know its stupid now but back then i took it serious, I was done,but now I regret it, because he only took advantage of me. I miss my mom I just want to hug her and tell her I'm sorry" I cried putting my hands over my face. 

"Aww baby girl" Bree rubbed my back "I bet your mom misses you and want nothing more than to wrap her arms around her little girl" 

"You think so" 

Megan: We know so, after not seeing her for five years. I bet she misses the heck out of you" 

Nikki: "Where do she live?"

"still in Pasadena I think" I wiped my eyes 

Bree: "Then we go tomorrow!"

"Guys" I said 

Megan: "Don't try to tell us no" 

"I love you guys" I said opening my arms to give them all a hug. 

Nikki: "we love you two, now what about marriage." 

Bree: you two do plan to get married right?

"You see.... We would love to get married. But Our plan is to put all our money into our baby and then maybe in a couple of years we will get married." 

Megan: a baby isn't free 

Nikki: what about the baby shower 

"That's happening... I just don't know when" 

Bree: well it will be a June baby... So maybe February.... March or April

Megan: but that's for you, Justin, your mom and the doctor to discuss and think about 

Nikki: I say march 

Megan: are you any that I just stated

Nikki: I'm the doctor

Bree: please, what kind of doctor are you?

Nikki: " Dr. Feel better" Nikki felt Bree's thighs, moving her eyebrows and winking 

Bree: "never touch me again" we all laughed except Bree 

Meg: "did you see your face" 

Bree: wasn't that funny 

"Your disturbed face was" I smiled 

Nikki: we can do a physical 

Bree: "step back!" She slapped Nikki as she tried to squish her in a hug. Everyone to bed! My house my rules it's time for bed!

Megan: dude it's 9:49

Bree: dude go to sleep, you guys know where your rooms are.

Nikki: I'm calling Liam!

Bree: "go ahead!" Bree got into her room

"And say what?" I laughed

Nikki: I don't know, I thought she would be threatened

Megan: she's very scared, she's hiding

"Is that a joke?"

Megan: it can be?

Nikki: ahh meg you confuse me good night!

"Goodnight I love you!" I said

Nikki: "I love you too"

Megan: "goodnight I love you both!" Megan yelled walking into her room coming out to give us a look since we didn't say it back "you guys suck" she waked inside

Nikki: "love you!" Nikki and I laughed, going into our rooms.

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