A Night Out

I have a group of characters half is about four friends that go to Vegas to try to make Megan forget about her break up. They run into strangers at a party in Vegas. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


39. Baby shower

Harry's Pov:

May 15.... Today was the baby shower. I parked my car at this venue. Louis had helped me put the directions in my GPS. Liam was already here since he carpooled with Bree and I had the rest of the boys. I stepped out, making sure Niall had the present and we looked for a door to enter.

"Ahhh! you made it" Bree cheered hugging us. I smiled looking around a table with a banner saying its a boy with presents on top was at a corner. Streamers hanged from side to side and the tables were adorned with blue or green table cloths. My eyes met Megan sitting at a table near a door that lead outside I think? I smiled.

"Where's Lilly?" Niall asked

"Justin hasn't come, he said he'd bring her fifteen minutes ago and nothing" Bree looked stressed

"Maybe she went into labor" Louis smiled and it made Bree freak out even more. Liam hugged her reassuring she would make it.

"Well where do I put this?" Niall asked once again raising the gift.

"I'll take it" A women that I didn't recognize said with an accent "Hi I'm Lilliana's mother" she smiled

"Hello" I said, followed by 'hi' 'hey' 'nice to meet you'

"Have a seat, have a seat" she pushed us to Megan's table. I sat on her left zayn taking her right, Niall to zayns right and louis to my niall's right. Louis pointed out the baby bottle with bubble gum inside. The room went quiet as everyone's attention was at the door and Lilly came in covering her mouth. She began crying hugging her mum them Bree.

"Anyone want to get a drink?" zayn asked

"Me!" Niall walked away with zayn

"Hi" I whispered

"Hi" she smiled. We sort of stared at each other for a few minutes and I wanted nothing but to place my lips on hers.

"I've been meaning to ask you something"

"Look harry about the kiss, sorry"

"Don't say sorry, what are you regretting it?"

"I don't know what I was thinking"

"You obviously don't know what you're talking about so I'll give you a minute" I walked away to the sweet table sort of annoyed.

"Wow this looks good" I think her name was Ashley from the last meet up said.

"Yeah it does" I picked up a cookie

"Ash" she smiled

"Harry" I returned the gesture

"So having fun?"

"Not as much as I'd like no" I sighed

"I don't like babies" she said out of the blue and I turned to look at her "what they're like crawling creatures"

"Oh... I love kids" I awkwardly said

"Course you do" she reached for another strawberry dipping It in the chocolate fountain.

"What's that suppose to mean!"

"Ge, nothing. It's just you look like the type"


"You seem a little stressed, I don't have my smokes on me but I could ask Brent"

"I don't smoke"

"we're total opposites" she eyed me up and down. I didn't say anything grabbing a strawberry myself. I looked at Ash, she was wearing a grey muscle tank and really short ripped up shorts exposing her tattoos.

"I like strawberries and I have a few tattoos myself" I smiled.

"Oh really like what? A baby on your right arm? or a cat on your Chest"

"More like birds on my chest and a heart on my sleeve"

"Can I see the birds?" I looked down at my blue flannel and I unbuttoned the first two buttons opening up my shirt and showing Ash, she reached in my shirt touching the birds her fingers tracing them as she bit her lip.

"Hey!" Megan said coming in between us to reach for a sugar cookie. Ash said bye walking away and I smirked at Megan her eyes scanning the snacks

"Couldn't you have gone around?" I said and she glanced at me

"It wouldn't have made a difference, you guys were covering the table. What were you guys doing anyway?"


"Sure if you consider talking as her touching your chest"

"why'd you ask if you already knew? Were you watching us?"

"I wasn't watching"

"I always knew you were the jealous type since day one babe"

"Shut up" I quickly kissed her cheek and ran off to our table. I sat down and noticed Zayn wasn't here.

"Where's?" I motioned to his empty seat

"He went to the bathroom " Niall said

"Don't do that!" A cookie was chucked at my tummy. I picked it up bitting it

"Do what?" I smiled

"Oh you know!"

"I don't.. care to remind me?" I tried to stop smiling but I couldn't. The smile was plastered on my face my dimples evident.

"Don't give me that smile" Megan sat down

"What am I doing?" I laughed

"Flaunting your dimples at me" she mumbled

"I can't control my dimples they're like my d-

"Harry!" she slapped my chest before I could finish my sentence. Niall's laugh broke us out our little moment.

"Wow" Louis and Niall gave each other a look nudging each other.

"The bathrooms pretty cool" zayn came back sitting down.

"Why?" Megan moved away from me "did they decorate it in there too?"

"Nah it's just cool looking" we laughed, at Zayn's way of describing things.

Megan's Pov:

"Okay it's time for some fun!" Bree exclaimed a mic in her hand.

"Oh boy fun!" louis mimicked her voice, Bree turned to me giving me a look of get-up-and-help-me. I got up from my table to her little set up table with a bunch of bags on top.

"Help me pass out three jars to each table" Bree told me, ordering Ms. Cruz to do the same. I was going to ask what jars when I saw Ms. Cruz getting them from a basket. I grabbed six small jars of baby food and went straight for the boys table letting them slide on the table.

"Need help" harry stood up reaching to grab my three other jars of baby food

"I'm good, ask Bree if she needs anymore help" I walked to the next table. Surprisingly there wasn't much of us, just the boys, Justin's friends and a few of Ms.Cruz friends or family, Justin's as well. About four tables full of friends and family, I set down the three baby food at a family table walking back to Bree.

"Anything else?"

"I handed Harry paper and pens so everyone could write down their guess, so just sit and when everyone's done collect the jars and rotate to the next table once everyone has reached 12 collect the papers. please" I shook my head walking back to the table. Niall already having the Jars open.

"Oh this one tastes like shit" Niall scrunched up his face in disgust "defiantly shit flavor" he wrote it down

"Oh this ones squash!" Liam yelled lifting the jar

"Aye keep your answers to yourself!" I smiled

"help me out?" Harry smiled smiled lifting up his spoon, the food coming from jar two. I couldn't help but smile, I opened my mouth and harry gave me a spoon full. I think this was Apple? but it tasted like peaches. I grabbed a spoon for another taste...

"I think its berries" I whispered to harry

"Thank you" he kissed my cheek

"Augh how can babies eat this" Louis spit onto the napkin, pushing the baby food away.

"What this is delicious!" Harry was eating all of baby food number 2

"Hey I haven't finished!" Liam grabbed it out his hand, eating a spoonful writing it down. I looked around the table and everyone seemed to be done I collected the baby food and moved to the next table getting table number fours baby food. After all the rotating I took the papers to Bree as she quickly viewed the papers over. Lilly coming over to help her view them. I looked over at the rest of the table seeing diapers and baby bottles and what seemed to be beer cartoon trash?

"Wow Justin failed miserably" Bree laughed

"Hey so did louis" Lilly said

"Liam did pretty good" bree smiled

"What the heck shit isn't an answer! You don't feed babies shit" Lilly threw the paper to Bree.

"Harry's my top" Bree said

"How many did he get?" Lilly asked looking down at her papers


"Aw man Brent was close he got 9/12"

"So did your mom" Bree searched through the bags taking out a little wrapped gift walking away.

"What's next?" I asked

"I want to see the men have a little fun" Lilly grinned picking up adult men diapers "All the men over here, expect for the young ones" Lilly yelled

"Can you go get the baby bottles there's ten in the fridge" Lilly told me, I walked away to the kitchen area seeing food being cooked, which smelled really good maybe I can sit here and eat? I opened the fridge taking out eight baby bottles being all I could carry.

"We're playing Diaper Derby Drink up baby! but with diapers because I think it would be easier" Lilly announced, I placed the baby bottle down behind her.

"What do we have to do?" this man mid-40's spoke

"Okay your partner will have a diaper on this side and on the count of three they will run to you placing the diaper on for you. Once that, your partner will run back picking up a baby bottle and you must crawl to them to get the bottle the first one to drink up wins! got it?" Lilly yelled

"No I'm too old for this!" two of the older men sat down

"Who's are partner?" mark asked

"One of the girls, your choice" Bree said and Mark ran to me followed by harry.

"I was here first, bye!" Mark turned to Harry

"Megan can you be my partner?" harry asked

"Um" I said,

"I'll be your partner?" Ash came up to Harry, he looked over at me then mark.

"Okay" Harry walked away with Ash not giving me a second look.

Everyone walked outside and I went back to the kitchen to get the other two bottles. I handed the bottles to Ms. Cruz as she took over Lilly being Justin's partner. I looked at the boys line. Two guys that I had no idea who they were, that Brent guy, zayn, Niall, Harry,mark, Liam, Louis and Justin. I then looked to the girls side going down to the seventh spot since I was marks partner. I was in between Ash and Bree. Ms. Cruz handed us Adult diapers remembering us what to do.

"One, two, three!" she blew the whistle and I ran to mark putting the diaper to his waist, then in-between his legs or under? I glanced to my left to see ash touching Harry's private as she took her time putting on the diaper. I turned my attention back to mark bringing the diaper in between his legs then strapping the back with the front. I ran back to my spot picking up the baby bottle, waiting for mark to crawl over. I exhaled, mark reaching me I handed him the baby bottle and he began chugging.

"Winner!" Ms. Cruz yelled and I looked over to Niall and Nikki, Niall raising the bottle in the air.

"Fuck, it wasn't coming out fast enough" mark said squeezing the nipple of the bottle.

"Can I have more beer as my prize?" Niall smiled walking up to the table

"Beer?" I asked

"The bottles are filled with em" zayn wiggled it in my face passing by

"What the fuck, we should have won!" ash yelled

"Won? you guys were the last ones to crawl" Bree laughed

"Wonder why?" I said

"You have a problem?" Ash said

"Nope" I smiled and she gave me a glare. I didn't have a problem I'll be honest I just think what she was doing while putting the diaper on harry was inappropriate.... cause there's little kids here. Like Liam and Bree.... oh and those four year olds that are running around!

I walked away to the bathroom, into the venue all the way to our table and into a hallway that I'm pretty sure that's were the bathrooms were located. If not I can just wash my hands with the hose. I pushed the door turning on the faucet pumping soap into my hand. I rubbed my hands together turning off the water looking around for the paper towels. The dispenser being one of those high tech sensitive touch device. I took a quick look in the mirror brushing my hair with my fingers. I threw away the paper towel opening the door walking out.

"Hey" Harry laid against the wall, one foot against the wall the other keeping him up his hands crossed against his chest.

"Hi?" I looked around the hall

"We need to talk"

"I don't like those four little words"

"Nobody does" he smiled, standing up straight "but follow me" he reached for my hand leading me more farther into the hallway pushing me into a supply closet? I stumbled in hitting against this rack... the lights turned on and harry shut the door, our bodies awfully close since it was a small closet. It was better out in the hall.

"Harry can we-"

"What's up with you and mark" he cut me off

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know... he was looking at you dreamily" he looked down

"harry" I said

"You kissed me and I know it meant something, no matter how many times you tell me you don't feel the same I know you're lying"

"let's get out its crowded in here" I pushed harry so I could open the door.

"Megan tell me one thing" Harry shut the door, turning around now there was literally no space between us. He looked down at me and I looked back at his beautiful green eyes slightly darker than usual but still shinning.

"What" I whispered faintly

Harry placed his hand on my cheek. Placing his lips on to mine, I put my hands behind his neck. I felt a little curl twisting it in my finger. Harry depended the kiss bitting on my bottom lip."that this means nothing" harry pulled away.

"I'd be lying if I said that"I breathed out "because I really like you harry. Ever since Vegas, you've always been there for me and I'm just an idiot who went back to the past and it repeated itself"

"Oh but darling you've been on my mind ever sense" harry smiled and we walked out of the supply closet.

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