Book of 1D and 5SOS Imagines :D [Closed Until Further Notice]

This is just for the Directioners and 5SOS Family :D Just a book full of imagines, some may be short, some medium, some long.


12. Zayn Malik


Imagine you are pregnant and you don't know how to tell your boyfriend Zayn.

"I'm home babe!" Zayn calls from the front door and you get up from the couch and wait for him to appear in the living room.

"Zayn, I need to talk to you." You say, making him sit down and he stares up at you.

"Zayn, I-I am pregnant." You blurt, staring down at him.

"I'm going to be a dad?" He asks and you nod and watch him get down on one knee and rubs your stomach and kisses it.

"I need to talk to you too." He says, staying down on one knee.

"What?" You ask, staring down at him.

"(Y/F/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N), will you marry me?" He asks and you gasp.

"Yes!" You shout, kissing him and he smiles.

Authors Note

Just another imagine I made up, I hope you like it(:!!! -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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