Book of 1D and 5SOS Imagines :D [Closed Until Further Notice]

This is just for the Directioners and 5SOS Family :D Just a book full of imagines, some may be short, some medium, some long.


36. Sofia/Ashton or Liam


"Ashton!" You shout, looking for your best friend.

"Sofia, please." Liam says, peeking his head through the door of his room.

"Sorry, I am looking for Ashton." You say and he shrugs and closes the door again. 

You wander to his room and open the door but it is empty. 

"Ash?" You call, receiving no answer.

You leave, looking for your best friend.

The bathroom door opens and Ashton emerges from the bathroom.

"Hey Ash, I was looking for you." You say and he smiles.

"Sorry, I was in the bathroom." He says, resting his arms behind him.

"What's wrong Ash?! You look like you have been crying." You say, putting your hands on his face.

"It's fine, my contacts are just messing with me." He says and you roll your eyes.

"Ash, tell me what's wrong." You beg, staring at him.

He just turns away and you notice his bracelets.

"Ashton." You whisper and he turns and looks at you.

"What?" He asks and you walk up and gently pull his arm up, exposing his wrist, filled with cuts.

"Ashton, why?" You ask and his tears fall down his cheeks.

"Stress." He says and you stare down at his wrist.

"Ashton, please!" You beg, wrapping his arms around me. 

"Ashton." You say and he presses his face to your neck.

"What's going on?" Liam asks and you turn.

"Ash." You say and he looks up at Liam.

He puts out his arms and Liam stares at his wrists.

"Ashton." He says, looking up at him.

"Liam, please." Ashton says and you hug Ashton.

"Promise to never do that again! You know fans look up to you." You say and he nods.

"I know but I can't handle the stress." He says and you bite your lip.

"Please." You say, tears threatening to spill.

"Okay, I promise." He says and you hug him.

Authors Note

I hope you like this Sofia! -BoyBand&&VinerCrazed;)<3

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