Book of 1D and 5SOS Imagines :D [Closed Until Further Notice]

This is just for the Directioners and 5SOS Family :D Just a book full of imagines, some may be short, some medium, some long.


6. Cammy/Calum and Michael

Cammy's POV

"Luke! Where is my beanie! I know you took it!" You yell, going up the stairs and to his room.

"Cammy, I don't have it." He says, with a huge grin on his face.

"Liar!" You scream and you jump on him.

"Calum took it!!" He pouts and you smile.

"Oops, sorry Luke." You say, kissing his cheek and then you get up and run to Calum's room.

"Calum Hood." You say and he giggles.

"It wasn't me!" He says and you lean against the door frame.

"Then why is my beanie sitting in your lap?" You ask, walking toward him and he hides it behind him.

"What are you talking about?" He asks, linking his hands behind his head.

"I need it for my date tonight, hand it over." You say and you see his face fall.

"What date?" He asks, sitting up and sticking his bottom lip out.

"I have a date with Devin." You say, walking over to grab my beanie.

"Really?!" He asks and you sigh and nod.

"You know he cheated on you once!" He says and gets up and you look at the ground.

"I know." You say quietly and he embraces you into a hug.

"I just don't want it to happen again." He says, stroking your hair and kissing your head.

"I'm sorry." You say, pushing your hair back.

"Don't be." He says and you smile.

"But since you are here, I need to talk to you." He says, grabbing your hand and setting you down on his bed next to him.

"What?" You ask, looking down at your hands.

"Well, this is hard to say but I like you, a lot." He says in a rush and he smiles and you just stare at him.

"Um." You say and then you stand up slowly and walk out.

"Hey there." Michael says and you look at him and then up at his hair.

"What?" You ask and he smiles and bites into his apple.

"Yeah, I just dyed it, I just love blue." He says, laughing.

"Alright, anyways can you get my beanie from Cal please." You say, going to the kitchen.

"Why can't you?" He asks, throwing away the core.

"Well things got awkward." You say, turning to him.

"How?" He asks, sitting on the counter.

"He told me he liked me." You say and you look back at him and he is just staring at you.

"Ok." He says slowly and then gets up and leaves.

Michael's POV

"Cal." I say, walking into his room and walking over and grabbing the beanie.

"What?" He asks and I sit next to him.

"You told Cammy that you liked her?" I ask and he looks nervous.

"Yes, why?" He asks and I sigh.

"I like her too!" I say and he just looks at me.

"Well it sucks for both of us because she is going on a date tonight, with Devin." He says and I almost punch a wall.

"Him, really?!" I shout and he nods.

"We both know she would have picked me anyways." He says and I roll my eyes.

"No because you are a wimp, she would have chosen me." I say and he laughs.

"No, you are annoying." He says and I turn to him.

"No, you are." I say and he gets up.

"Let's find out who she would pick." He says and we both run downstairs and stop in front of her.

Cammy's POV

"If you were to choose one of us to date, then who would you choose?" Calum asks in a rush and you just stare at him and Michael.

"Why?" You ask, looking between them.

"We are in love with you." Michael says and you look at him surprised.

"I don't know." You say, looking at them both.

"You have to choose one." Cal says and you sigh.

"You Calum ok? Michael, I like you but I know you like someone else." You say, kissing his cheek.

"Now, come with me." Cal says, grabbing your hand and pulling you to his room.

"You can't go on a date with Devin, you are with me now." Cal says and you look at the door.

"Cal." You say but he leans in and kisses you.

"I love you." He whispers against your lips.

"I love you too." You whisper back and you call Devin and then you stay in Cal's room all night talking and you become public and Michael gets a girlfriend and you guys are really close friends.

Authors Note

Hiiii!! I hope you liked this chapter Cammy! I did eenie meenie miney mo so that is how you got Calum. :) -1D's Diana

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