Cricket Chronicles

Watch out for them.....they're everywhere......we're not sure why they're here.....BEWARE OF THE CRICKETS!


1. Starting Off With A Bang

It was an ordinary passing period between 2nd and 3rd at Prairie Middle School when the strange occurrences began. As I reached my cheaply constructed D Hall locker, (It’s true. One would think that the lockers in the newest wing of the school would at least shut fully on the first try) I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turning around, I noticed my close friend Serena staring at me with an urgent look upon her face. I was sort of surprised to see her there since we got put on opposite teams this year.

“Hey Thalia, I need a favor,” she stated to me. “Take this and hide it. Don’t tell anyone you have it.” She then discreetly passed me a small, silver device that resembled a pocket calculator.

“Okay, who does this belong to?” I inquired. Knowing Serena, it probably belongs to one of our friends. “I won’t conceal it unless you tell me!” Instead of shooting me a playfully annoyed glare like usual, her expression appears even more solemn.

“Uh….um….Kristina! It’s Kristina’s!” she quickly stammered out. Despite not believing her one angstrom, I accepted the calculator and opened my locker. Before rushing off to her next class, she roughly grabbed my shoulder. “Beware of the crickets!” she hissed into my ear. Beware of the crickets? What in the world did that mean? However, before I could make her explain anything, she darted away and into the sea of people. Deciding to go on with life, I pocketed the calculator and headed to science.


Throughout science, I pondered Serena’s cryptic cricket message. Beware of crickets? I mean, I knew that Prairie View had this strange cricket infestation that has been unprecedented as far as I knew. However, that shouldn’t warrant immediate panic, I thought. Just as those thoughts crossed my mind, a black cricket jumped up onto my notebook, causing me to slightly flinch backward. I told myself that it was only a cricket. It was only the largest cricket that I’d ever seen in my life!

As I brushed it aside to continue my work, it began its chirping regime. If it wasn’t for the respect that the teachers had for the insects, I more than likely would have flicked it away. This probably sounded crazy, but it almost felt as if the cricket was glaring at me while I worked. After what felt like eternity, the second hand struck the 11 and the class was over. While packing up my belongings as rapidly as possible, I “accidentally” shook the cricket out of my spiral. That quieted the thing down!


Soon enough, it was time for lunch. Since my typical lunch conversationalists were not present, I found that it was as good of a time as ever to start my math homework. However, my curiosity overpowered me a few minutes later. After closing my book and the packet on algebraic word problems, I carefully extricated the calculator-like object from my pocket.

Staring down at it, I found that the little silver device looked exactly like a pocket calculator. I wasn’t sure if it was a wise choice to begin pressing buttons, but my ingrained erudite thirst for knowledge got the better of me. Making sure no one near me was looking, I pressed the ON button.

By now, and person with a highly developed sense of irony must have figured out that all the calculator did was turn on. There were no flashy lights or explosions, just a calculator ready to be used. I then experimented further and entered some simple math problems. Upon doing this, I came to realize that all of Serena’s panic was over a simple calculator. Just as I was about to break open the math notes again, four black crickets jumped out of no where and began to drag the calculator away. As soon as my brain processed just exactly what I was seeing, I decided that I should probably stop them from getting away with Serena’s calculator. Just as I was about to bring down the mighty wrath of my hardcover math textbook upon them, the calculator did something very un-calculator-like.

The first thing it did was begin to emit this golden glow from the screen and the buttons. Then, it started levitating about an inch above the table. Within an instant, the device began spinning at a rapid pace, sending crickets flying in various directions. Fortunately, none of them landed in my food. Unfortunately, the rest of the people at my table noticed the commotion, and turned to look just in time to witness the calculator return to its original state and fall back to the table, and to see me hovering over it with my math book held in prime striking position. While hastily taking my seat once more, I stumbled out some explanation to the onlookers. Whatever I stated apparently satisfied them because they turned back to their food and continued eating. I was still in too much shock because of the silver device’s actions to really even begin to try and figure out what happened.


The rest of my classes of the day passed by rather uneventfully, (if you call the crickets chirping every two second uneventful) and finally it was time for this mystery assembly at the end of the day. No one had even the slightest idea of what it was about, so we all just filed into the gym, team by team. As the other 8th grade team passed by, I noticed that Serena looked even more worried than earlier. I began to solemnly consider the significance of the silver device and its relation to the crickets.

Then suddenly, Serena darted out of the gym and back to the D Hallway. I too was starting to worry since she dashed out of there quicker than I’d ever seen her move before. (Quicker than I had seen most people move, in fact) After a few seconds of contemplation, I came to the conclusion to try and discover what she was hiding. Upon attaining permission to use the bathroom, I speed walked out of there.


Luckily I found Serena in the first place I checked, which was the D Hall girls’ bathroom. Surprisingly, she seemed to be holding her hand in front of her face and shouting at it. Before I could notify her of my presence, the calculator-device suddenly rocketed up in temperature.

“OUCH!” I shrieked. Turning around, Serena saw me whip the little silver device into the sink. It began glowing bright red.

“Thalia! Get out of here! You must!” she pleaded. At this point, something jumped off of her hand and into the sink. That something turned out to be a slightly oversized black cricket. “Thalia! Now! Turn the sink water on and let’s go!”

“Give me the Transfusor!” a shrill voice coming from the direction of the cricket yelled. I must have been hearing things because if I wasn’t mistaken, that cricket just spoke. The cricket then tried to make a break for it with the calculator, but Serena beat it to it. After activating the motion-sensor sinks, Serena yanked my arm and we fled from the bathroom. Right before entering the gym, she pulled me aside.

“Thalia, you can’t tell anyone what you just saw, or that you saw the calculator. Promise?”

“What the….how in….the thing was….THAT CRICKET SPOKE! I know it!” I replied. “How in the world do you expect me to keep this quiet???”

“Just don’t tell anyone, please! A lot is at stake here! The crickets aren’t just crickets. They are more than you believe them to be,” Serena solemnly stated to me.

“What are they then? Spies or something?” I inquired incredulously. Upon receiving nothing except a knowing look from her, I realized I had struck the bull’s-eye. "Okay then. I believe you." 

“Wait, you believe me just like that? No questions asked?" 

"Well, I just heard a cricket talk, so hearing that they're spies is the least weird thing that's happened so far today!" I ranted. 

"Okay then. But still, please don't tell anyone about this!" she told me. Without waiting for a reply, she shoved me in the direction of the gym, than ran back to the bathroom. I was still so stunned that I couldn’t do much more than head back to my seat in the gym. However, before I could reach the bleachers, a loud noise sounded from the bathrooms. That’s when the crickets went mad.

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