Camp Half-Direction

One Direction just finished their last concert in LI of their Take Me Home tour. They were on their way home, when something hit the bus. They get out, see a ginormous minetore, and run into the woods. They find camp half blood and run inside. They find out their half-bloods with the acceptation of Zayn. They meet the Percy Jackson crew and the new characters that were created based on the authors, and they have an amazing adventure of love, fun, hilariousness, and monsters. Madison(the directioner) and Julia(the demigod) joined forces to make this amazing fanfic, we hope you enjoy and we'll keep you posted. ;)


3. this is not chapter there

hi guys this is not chapter three i just wanted to let you know that the second chapter chapter 2 took place the morning before 1D arrived at camp so ya. and i know most of the chapter was Penny and Crystals back story but you really need to know the back story to read this fan fiction i am actually going to wright a fan fiction about Penny called " My Lucky Penny" so i am really really sorry if you were excepting more 1D in the second chapter so i am sorry again. and that was really random  i had a font change so ya my laptop is going crazy not like you care again i am sorry for the confusion 


                                            - HalfBlood1540 aka Jules 

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