Camp Half-Direction

One Direction just finished their last concert in LI of their Take Me Home tour. They were on their way home, when something hit the bus. They get out, see a ginormous minetore, and run into the woods. They find camp half blood and run inside. They find out their half-bloods with the acceptation of Zayn. They meet the Percy Jackson crew and the new characters that were created based on the authors, and they have an amazing adventure of love, fun, hilariousness, and monsters. Madison(the directioner) and Julia(the demigod) joined forces to make this amazing fanfic, we hope you enjoy and we'll keep you posted. ;)


2. The dream



Authors note”

Hi, so this chapter two, sorry It wasn't here sooner. I was at My cousins house and Madi broke here foot so I've been writing solo. So any ways I'm really sorry for the spelling and errors in the last chapter. It was 11:00 pm and we were really tired so we just posted it on the spot.

As always we do not own PJO or HOO (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, hero of Olympus) but if did I would have Percy eat blue food every day( not that he doesn't already do that). But anyways Rick Riodan dose that is why I am writing this fan fiction ,lets face it the second best thing. And I would like just remember in this chapter it's me Julia writing so there may not be a lot of 1D in it. Sorry but I'm not such a big fan of 1D my BFF Madi is so ya expect more Percy Jackson. And for those of you who are into 1D the next chapter ( chapter 3) will have more 1D. So here is chapter two enjoy ;)


chapter 2


PVO Percy


For some reason Penny and Crystal were very excited today. Well Crystal, Penny was always very excited. Me and Penny were siting at our table when Crystal came over. “ Penny, penny did you have the dream” Crystal exclaimed. “ Yes Crystal I had the dream” penny replied. Penny really isn't a morning person. “ You, don't sound excited” Crystal said. “ Well that's because I'm a all-star weekend kind of girl”. “ What are you guys talking about” I interrupted. “ nothing” they both said. You see Penny and Crystal are twins, Fraternal twins but they are so much alike. Penny has dark brown hair and sea green eyes (like me). And Crystal has blond hair, and not the kind of blond that can pass as brown in the winter I mean blond hair like my girlfriend Annabeth's. I think she gets it from her mom I have no idea. Two years after I was born, the gods wanted a child. So they voted to see which god or goddess would go fall in love with a mortal on earth. Naturally it couldn't be a child of the big three (Poseidon , Zeus , Hades) because of the big proficiency . So they picked Ares god of war. Right when he was suppose to leave he asked Poseidon if he would go instead because he couldn't do that to Aphrodite( his girlfriend). So Poseidon went and fell in love with another mortal. She gave birth to twins, the gods were only expecting one. So he left baby Crystal with the mom and took baby Penny with him. The gods all gave her powers so she has the power of all which is what they call it I think. After two years the gods figured out it that Penny was Poseidon”s child not Ares. So they planed to kill her. Poseidon couldn't bare to see that happen so he sent her away. He brought her to an orphanage' and she lived there till she was 8. then where demigods adopted her. She lived with them for five years, there she learned how to harness her powers and fight like a masters. But sadly her foster parents died in a monster attack. So she went back to the orphanage and told them her had parents died but She didn't tell them about the monsters. There she met Crystal who's mom had died as well. But Crystal had lived a very different life then Penny's. Her mom was famous and had a lot money so she was rich until her mom died and she went to the same orphanage. They became fast friends and lived at the orphanage until a satyr came to go get them and bring them to camp half-blood. At camp half blood the learned they were twins and stoped the giant war. To thank them Zeus gave Crystal the power of all and didn't kill them. Zeus also made them a island in the sky that no one could get there except for them. He also gave them the power pop. Poping is when you think of any object or person place or thing and you either go to place or the person or object will appear near,It's really cool. They also gave them Olympus express cards with infinity Money and drachmas on it. And when I defeated the titans I only got offered to be god, how unfair is that .Penny took a intern ship with Aphrodite Crystal took one with Zeus. And they learned how to sing and cure people with Apollo. And now the come to visit camp half-blood during the summer . Well anyways what was my point oh yes since they have the power of all they can tell the future. So sometimes there dreams are like that. “So what did you guys dream about this time” I asked. “ We can't tell you ,sorry” Penny said.“Wait maybe we can” Crystal butted in” We do have to tell Chiron”. “ I guess your right” Penny agreed we finished breakfast in silence and when we finished we headed to the big house. Chiron and Mr. D were playing morning there game of pinocle when we walked in. “HI” penny said'( after she eats her breakfast she isn't cranky any more). “ Hi girls, how can I help you ” Chiron replied. “We think there is going to be some new campers coming tonight”. Penny said . Oh no this can be good. “ Well who are this campers” Chiron asked. “ One Direction” Crystal said oh boy


Authors Note”

I hope you liked the second chapter' Chapter 3 is on It's way

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