Camp Half-Direction

One Direction just finished their last concert in LI of their Take Me Home tour. They were on their way home, when something hit the bus. They get out, see a ginormous minetore, and run into the woods. They find camp half blood and run inside. They find out their half-bloods with the acceptation of Zayn. They meet the Percy Jackson crew and the new characters that were created based on the authors, and they have an amazing adventure of love, fun, hilariousness, and monsters. Madison(the directioner) and Julia(the demigod) joined forces to make this amazing fanfic, we hope you enjoy and we'll keep you posted. ;)


5. The Dinning Hall

*Authors Note*

Sorry we toke so long to update, but here it is! Oh, @69Beanies you can be in the fanfiction, do you want to be Harry's girlfriend? If you didn't ask in the comments, ignore my previous comment lol:)

*Chapter 4*

Louis' P.O.V:

As we walked to the dinner hall, I couldn't help but notice how many trees there are in this camp! I mean seriously there's like a thousand of these things! Anyways, I saw a lot of other weird things, but they are too weird to share. But the weirdest of all is that Zayn is a saytor! Seriously, how can you miss a power like that?!?!?! I'm a pretty picky person, so I wondered what was in the dinner hall, or if it was even edible. "What was for dinner?"I asked Penny and Crystal.   "I wouldn't worry about that," Penny and Crystal sad in sync. We walked in and Penny handed me a gold platter. "In case you haven't noticed, IM NOT A SAYTOR!", I said. "We know obviously; just think of what you want and it'll pop up on your plate!" "JUST DO IT!", they said. I thought of my favorite combo meal at Nandos and BAM! It magically appeared on my plate. "Just wait 'til Niall gets here", I thought. Penny and Crystal thought of their meal and it appeared, but they weren't as surprised as I was! After that, they went to go sit at a sea green table. As I went to sit with them at there table a 5 foot saytor with a baseball bat  stopped me." Hold up pretty boy, your one of that direction of one band right" I nodded. " Your tables over there with the Hermes cabin" I turned my head and saw a bright red table with a bunch of people sitting at it.. I started to walk over there but then stopped my self. " You know it's one..." I stopped there the sort saytor gave me a murderous glare. "never mind "I said and turned to go sit at my table. When I got there I sat with the guys and put my tray down. "Oh my gosh I can't believe food just APPEARS! Too bad we only eat three meals a day plus snacks", Niall said. "I knew you'd like it here Niall!" I said happily. I noticed that Harry always makes googely eyes at Annabeth, Percy's girlfriend. "Ohhhhhhhh...someone's got a CRUUSSHHHHHH!!!!" We all said in harmony. "Dude sorry to bother your little moment here, but she's TAKEN." Zayn said. "I don't care; once she gets a whiff of THIS she'll drop him in an instant," Harry said. Good luck with that, I thought. Annabeth and Percy had know each other since they were twelve according to Penny and Crystal. They had been through a lot together not to mention they have been dating for almost two years. Also they have had a crush on each other since they met each other. Percy finally got the courage to ask her out almost two years ago when he was 16. I don't know if this is true but Penny said that Aphrodite made Percy and Annabeth purposely to be with each other. and on top of that  Percy and Annabeth were happily in love nothing could break them apart. But of course I couldn't tell Harry that he is my  best friend I couldn't crush his dream,or could I?

hope you liked it, chapter5 will be up by 1:00       

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