Camp Half-Direction

One Direction just finished their last concert in LI of their Take Me Home tour. They were on their way home, when something hit the bus. They get out, see a ginormous minetore, and run into the woods. They find camp half blood and run inside. They find out their half-bloods with the acceptation of Zayn. They meet the Percy Jackson crew and the new characters that were created based on the authors, and they have an amazing adventure of love, fun, hilariousness, and monsters. Madison(the directioner) and Julia(the demigod) joined forces to make this amazing fanfic, we hope you enjoy and we'll keep you posted. ;)


4. harry wakes up



*Authors Note*
Hey guys Jules wrote most of the book so far and I know you directioners would be a little annoyed that there wasn't much 1D(I would) but I won't let you down! So this chapter will be a little more 1D than Percy Jackson, but PJ fans, you'll get plenty more of that from Jules;) this chapter isn't a flashback, we are now at the time where harry passed out and is now waking up. Enjoy!

's POV:


I woke up in this strange place with Zayn staring at me. "Man Zayn I had the weirdest dream. We were running away from a bull-like thing and you, oh my god, you were this weird goat thing...OMGGGG!" Harry said, looking down at Zayn's goat body. "Weird isn't it. So you were passed out for almost 12 hours, and yea that's about it. Why don't you meet everyone, btw Louis made some friends!" I got up and saw Louis laughing and reading magazines with these two girls and this beautiful blonde girl my age was standing next to them, man those girls were as cute as a button, every single one of them! That blonde girl was so beautiful, I fell in love with that women INSTANTLY! But the dark haired boy was apparently dating her. But, I have my ways?

Louis' POV:
After we settled into this camp, I realized how fun it was! These two girls Penny and Crystal are so fun to hang out with, and Annabeth was funny too. Me, Penny, and Crystal make these kissy faces at Percy whenever he's flirting with Annabeth? and it drives him NUTS! Haha funny little lads. What's even funnier is Harry has a thing for Annabeth! Can't wait to see how that works out... Anyways, it turns out that we are all these things called "Demigods" and Zayn is part goat! It's called a Sayers I believe, man Zayn is confused! It's funny how he always trips cuz he doesn't know how to walk! And every time he passes me I pretend he's a camel and shout "HUMP DAAY!" That drives him nuts too! I wonder if I bother people too much... Even though its HILARIOUS!

Annabeth's POV:
After One Direction came into camp half blood, things have been weird and amazing. So the weird part I noticed is that Harry has a thing for me! Figures my least fav 1D member is in love with me. But me and the girls have a blast with the rest of the guys, Penny and Crystal love hanging with them! And so does Louis! Now every day I wonder what's going to happen, especially who their Demi parents are! Yikes:/


Authors note: ha, ha ,ha isn't my best friend funny. I am seriously cracking up right now OK it is me Julia finishing this chapter so their will be more Percy Jackson as you all know so here it is


Penny's PVO


OK I have had a lot of fun today. I have met the amazing Louis from 1D, made best friends with the amazing Louis from 1D. Played parks on harry with the amazing Louis from 1D. Ate lunch with the amazing Louis from 1D. Made fun of my bother with the amazing Louis from 1D. Did I mention

Is from 1D not to mention my favorite. I have had the best day ever. Soon I could but ice-cream eating with the amazing Louis from 1D. I handed the amazing Louis his cookie and cream ice-cream. Check. And handed crystals hers. We sat on the dock watching the sun go down. Soon it would be time for capture the flag. I was the best at this game and today I was team captain which is very exciting. Not that I hadn't been team captain a million time's 'or was more... any ways that means I get to pick the players on my team. Hint hint. And get to pick which people can go . Oo this will be fun. Even though this day has turned out prefect so far I am also very angry. Harry has a thing for Annabeth which is not good. I have only gotten one request from Aphrodite as long as I have been her assistant. And that is to keep Percy and Annabeth together. She hasn't explained why but she mentioned some thing about the world ending if they break up,so ya I'm not talking any changes. And besides I will not be able to get my revenge on harry in hell, or will I. Any ways ya that would not be good. If you haven't noticed I kinda like my life so ya. Ii pondered that thought for just another moment then the dinner bell rang.


Authors Note: OK, so that was chapter 3 sorry it isn't that long. Hope you liked it chapter 4 will be up soon. If you have any idea let me now I check every other day.





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