The Killing

4 best friends are going to find out what it truly means to be crazy and unexpected


1. The Killing

It was a Saturday afternoon in the city of Baltimore, and four best friends Abby, Samuel, Max, and Damien, were walking home from school. Max was talking to Damien as Samuel and Abby were holding hands walking behind them. In the corner of Sam's eye he sees a cave like thing. He tells Max and Damien and they look over there, "Wanna go in it guys?" says Samuel. They all agreed except for Abby, she said it was to dangerous. They all said they would make sure that nothing happened to her and they all soon agreed to go into the cave in the morning. The next morning they left for the cave. It was 3:00 am and they had to make sure no cops would stop them. They got to the cave at 3:49 am. They went into the cave with Flashlights and water. When they entered and turned the flashlights on Bats flew everywhere and Abby was screaming to the top of her lungs. Within seconds the cave inclosed and the four kids were trapped in side.
"Do any of you have phone service?" Damien says. Sam  noticing someone was missing. He says "Where's Max!" They all look and see a arm hanging out from the rocks. "Oh my god Max!" Damien stops Samand says "She's gone we can't help her we need to find a way out" Sam runs off leaving Abby and Daniel. 
Daniel and Abby start walking around the Cave trying to find a way out. The see a glowing hole while there walking. They walk up to it and see its a under ground Lake. They soon go in and they see Samuel. They yell for Samuel and he walks up to them. "What do you want." They both say "If we're going to make it out of here then we need to stick together!" Sam hugs Abby and Damien while Crying. The soon started walking through the cave and Damien left to go find a spot to Pee at. Samuel turned to Abby and pulled her closer to him and started kissing her. "Sam get off me!" She yells. Damien comes back "what happened?" He said. "He tried making out with me!" Damien punches Sam. Abby runs off. "Abby wait!" Says Damien. Sam gets up, "What happened to me and you Damien, I thought you loved me!" Said Sam. "I do babe it's all part of the plot, now get up so we can go kill her now" said Damien. Sam gets up and kisses Damien. "Let's go babe, lets finish this." Said Damien. They go looking for Abby. The see her near a big white light which appears to be an exit back to the outside world. They run after her and attack her. She runs off after escaping there grasps. They chase her all around the cave. "Abby! We're just joking!" Laughing very Spookishly." Hey boys" says Max. "Hey nice to see you again. Damien hugging Max. "Is she dead yet?" Max says. "No she ran off." Said Samuel."Hey. You ready to kill me yet!" Said Abby."Get her!" Said Damien. She turns around and bumps into Samuels chest."You ready to die bitch" said Samuel. Samuel stabs Abby in the abdomen.Abby falls to the floor."Why me Sam." Crying and Speaking."Cause you were such a bitch. I don't like bitches like you." Abby starts gasping for air."Babe are you ready to leave" says Daniel."In a minute." Says Samuel. Max walks up to Samuel."It's over Samuel just leave her she's dead." Says Max."It's not quite over yet." Says Sam. Damien stabs Max. "You were just help to get this done." Says Sam." And you were to dumb to realize it. Now your dead. Lets go babe." Says Damien. Damien takes out the knife from Maxes back. Max falls to the ground and dies right next to her former best friend Abby. Damien and Samuel walk off to never be heard of on earth ever again. As far as Abby and Max, they were never found and that's the way Damien and Samuel wanted it. 
To this day, Damien and Samuel changed their Names, got married and adopted a little girl named Abby. Max and Abby still haven't been found. 

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