Living With One Direction

What happens when Ella's parents die and she has to move to England to live with her cousin Liam Payne from the famous band One Direction?


9. Sick and Gay



*Ella POV*


I woke up in Niall’s arms and boy do I feel like crap. I go to turn and every muscle in my body screams in protest. I groan. I feel Niall start to wiggle around next in me. I go to move again when I feel like throwing up. I jump out of Niall’s bed, ignoring my aching muscles and sprint to Niall’s bathroom. I lean over the toilet and throw up all the contents of my stomach. “Ella? Are you okay?” I hear Niall ask from the doorway. I wave him away.


I finally leave the bathroom after leaning over the toilet for 30 minutes I had nothing else to throw up. I go to my room and head straight to my bathroom to brush my teeth. Then I change into sweat pants and a tank-top. I’m sweating buckets but, then I shiver so I grab my comforter off my bed and wrap in around me. I leave my room to go down stair and the only thing I can hear is the tapping of my bare feet on the ground. I get down stairs and don’t feel like eating. So I sit on the couch and turn on the TV. I flip through random channels until I find cartoons. I look at the clock. It’s only four in the morning! You got to be kidding me. I guess I should try to get more sleep.






“Why is Ella sleeping on the couch?”


“She woke up and starting throwing up. She must have come down here.”


“So she’s sick?”


“I guess.”


I hear Liam and Niall talking in the kitchen. I slowly get up and walk into the kitchen, then sit down on of the bar stools. “Morning guys.” I say rubbing my eyes.


“More like good afternoon. It’s almost twelve Ella.” Liam says.


“You’ve got to be shitting me” I mumble.


“Ella, how do you feel?”     


“Like shit. I going to take a shower.” I say and slowly start walking to the stairs. By the time I get upstairs and to the bathroom I’m pooped. I start the water and wait for it the warm up. I strip down and jump in the shower. The water hits my back, it burns at first but then my muscles slowly start to relax. I stand there for a while then I remember I need to wash my hair. After I finish washing my hair I turn off the shower and grab my towel. I wrap the towel around my body and step out of the shower. I walk into my room, pick out my black sweat pants from Pink and put on a tank top.


I sit down on my bed then lay down remembering how comfy it is. I lay there for a little bit when I hear my door open. “Ella?”  Harry says.


“Yes.” I say slowly sitting up.


“Liam wanted me to check on you. He said you went to take a shower and wanted to know if you were going to come back down stairs.”


“I don’t think I’m gonna go down stairs. I forgot how comfy my bed is.” I say as I smooth out my sheets.


“Well, are you going to brush your hair? I remember my mom telling my sister that if you didn’t brush out your hair before it dries it’s a hell of a mess to brush through.” Harry says walking closer to my bed.


“Could you brush it for me?” I ask. I really don’t feel like brush my hair. It’s too long. Maybe I should cut it.


“What?” Harry says looking confused and shocked.


“I’ve heard that you want a little girl, right? When you settle down?” I say. I remember reading somewhere he wants a little girl named Darcy.


“Yeah, I want a girl. I mean I’m fine with having a boy.” Harrys rumbles, “Wait, what does this have to do with me brushing your hair?” He asks.


“Well if you have a little girl. What if she wants to grow her hair out? Have it really long? You have to know how it brush it and be gentle about it.” I say.


“Oh. Good point.” He says.


“Go get my brush.” I say pointing to my bathroom door. Harry stands up and walks into the bathroom. He comes back out with my brush. “Okay, now you sit down here.” I say and push Harry to my bed. He sits down and then looks at me. “Move back a little bit.” Harry moves back and does he hair flick thing to get his hair out of his face. I sit down in between his legs. Harry moves back a little bit more. “Now you start at the ends of my hair and hold it in your hand so it does pull, like this.” I take my hair put it in his hand and close it. He slowly starts brushing. “Now when you get done with that piece you move up until you get it the top. Then you part it.” I say.


Harry finishes brushing my hair and I part it on my own. “Thanks Harry.” I say before I grab one of my blankets and wrap it around me. “I’m going to ask Liam to make me some soup.” I say before leaving my room.


I get down stairs and sit on one of the bar stools and lay my head on the counter. I moved to fast the room is spinning. After the room stopped spinning I was left with a headache. Liam walks into the kitchen, he looks at me goes to the fridge, stops then spins around. “Ella, are you okay?” He asks running over to me.


“I have a headache.” I say pouting.


“Oh, Ella. Come here. I’ll make you some soup okay.” Liam says picking me up. “You can sit next to Niall.” He put me down next to Niall on the couch and goes back to the kitchen. I sigh and put my head on Niall’s shoulder and he instantly puts his arm around me.


“You feeling okay?” He asks as he traces circles on my shoulder. I shiver. I don’t know if that just because Niall or just because I’m cold, I hope it’s just because I’m cold. Niall pulls my blanket out from behind my back and wraps in around me.


Liam comes in about twenty minutes later with a bowl of chicken noodle soup. I take it and the bowl instantly warms up my hands. I take a couple bites and set the bowl on the coffee table. Liam frowns and tries to get me to eat some more. I get weird taste in my mouth and I can’t talk. That’s when I run to the bathroom and throw up. Liam and Niall are by my side rubbing my back. After I’m done throwing up I brush my teeth and crawl into bed.


“Is there anything you want me to get Ella?” Liam asks.


“Can you hand me the TV remote?” I ask.


“Anything else?” He asks. I shake my head. I flip through channels until I find The Notebook and settle on watching that. I see Niall peck his head in.


“What’s up Niall?” I ask.


“Liam ask me to come check on you. Do you need anything?” He asks.


“Could you lay with me?” I ask and he nods his head. He climbs into my bed and I cuddle next to his side. “I’m here if you need anything, Ella.” He says.


“Okay.” I whisper he’s so warm. I slowly drift to sleep.




“I wake up and Niall’s gone. My phone starts ringing. I search my sheets and it falls onto the floor. I look at the caller ID. It’s Russell. I forgot to tell him I wasn’t coming to school. “Hello?” I say.


“Ella! I know you didn’t come to school today. But, I have you homework! Can I come over?” Russell yells into the phone.


“Thanks for getting my homework for me Russell. Sure you can come over. I’m just going to warn you that my sick.”


“I don’t mind!” He yells. I tell him my address, He says he’ll be here in ten minutes, before he hung up.


I climb out of bed and walk down stairs to see all the boys sitting in the living room watching TV. “Hey guys. Russell’s coming over to bring me my homework.” I say when the doorbell rings. All the guys stand up and I open the door. Russell drops his backpack and pulls me into a hug.


“I missed you, Ella.” He whispers into my neck.


“I missed you too, Russell.” I say giggles because his breathe it tickling my neck. I hear someone clear their throat. “Oh, right!” I say pulling away. “Russell! This is Liam, my cousin.” I says pulling Liam up next to me.


“Liam.” Liam says putting his hand out to shake. Russell shakes it.


“I’m Niall.” Niall says stepping next to Liam. Russell goes to shake his hand and Niall pulls him into a hug. “Sorry, I’m a hugger.” Niall says stepping away.


“I don’t mind.” Russell says blushing.


“I’m Louis!” Louis says running to Russell. He puts his hand out and Russell shakes.


“Zayn.” Russell shakes Zayn’s hand and steps back.


“Okay, well, Russell and I are going up stairs to my room. He is going to help me with my homework.” I say grabbing Russell’s hand.


“Well, Ella, maybe you should just stay down here in th-“


“It’s okay Liam. I’m gay. I have no interest in girls.” Russell says.


“Oh, okay. Go do homework! Harry’s making dinner.” Liam says pointing over his shoulder with his thumb.


“I am? Sense when?” Harry asks walking over to Liam.


“Sense now.” Liam says.


“Okay….. Who’s this?” Harry asks pointing to Russell.


“This is Russell. My gay friend.” I say. Russell jabs me in the side with his elbow. “Ow! What?! You told Liam!” I say turning to Russell.


“I wanted to tell him myself.” Russell says turning to Harry. “Hi I’m Russell. Ella’s gay friend.”


“I’m Harry. Harry Styles.” Harry says. “I’m gay too.”


“I knew it!” Louis says jumping up from the couch. “I knew you were gay.” Louis says running over to Harry.


“Well, I just wanted to get that off my chest and you made me want to say something.” Harry says to Russell. “Thank you.”


“You’re welcome.” Russell says.


“Well I hate to break this up but, I really want to get my homework done. Come on Russell.” I grab Russell’s hand and drag him to my room.






30 minutes and 2 math problems later…. Russell and I are talking about boys. “Ella, do you think Harry might like me?”


“Hmm. I don’t know. I’ll talk to him.” I says.


“Ella, is Russell staying for dinner?” Liam asks.


“I don’t know is he?” I say looking at Russell. Hoping maybe he’ll get the hint.


“I don’t know am I?” Russell asks me. If he says he can see Harry. “Oh, um, I’ll call my mom.”


“Okay. Well, dinner will be ready in ten minutes. Harry’s making tacos.” Liam says walking down the hall.


“I love tacos!” Russell yells. “Oh, my mom said I can stay.”


“Hey, Harry loves tacos too.” I say. Standing up.


“Oh my god. Were perfect for each other.” Russell says jumping up and down.


“You’re such a girl.” I say shaking my head. “Come on. Food ready.”






“Bye Russell. See you tomorrow!”


“Ella!” Harry yells running out of the kitchen.


“What?” I say.


“Do you think maybe, just maybe Russell will go on a date with me?” Harry asks.


“I don’t know. Maybe you should text.” I say picking up dishes off the table.


“I don’t have his number.” I grab a pen off the counter and write Russell’s number on Harry’s hand.


“Now you do.”



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