Living With One Direction

What happens when Ella's parents die and she has to move to England to live with her cousin Liam Payne from the famous band One Direction?


7. Louis?



*Ella POV*

I wake up and look at the clock it’s 6:30. I am going to school and there is nothing Liam can do to stop me. I’ll walk if I have too. I start to get up when I feel arms tighten around my waist and someone groan. Oh right. I’m in Harry’s room. Harry said he loves me last night. “Harry! Let go! I have to go to school.” I hiss. Harry just groans and tightens his arms. Damn. “Harry. I have to go to school.” I whine. He doesn’t move. I wiggle and squirm in his arms for a minute. I stop and spin around so I’m face to face with him. His eyes flutter open and he stares at me.

“Stop wiggling Ella. I’m trying to sleep.” He says. I glare at him and he just chuckles.

“It’s not funny. I have to go to school.” I whine again. He just chuckles again.

“I don’t think Liam planned on you going to school today.” Harry says.

“Well to bad. I’ll walk if I have to. Now let me go.” I say trying to pull Harry’s arms away from my waist.

“Never” Harry says.

“I didn’t want to do this, but, I guess I have too.” I lick my finger, then stick it in Harry’s ear and say, “Wet willy!”

“Gross Ella.” Harry says putting his arms away. I jump off the bed and run into my room. I throw on my school uniform, put my hair up in my pony tail, and grab my backpack. I walk to Liam’s room and peak my head in. Liam is still sleeping and Niall is sleeping next to him. I guess I’m walking. I leave a note in the kitchen and head out the door.


As I’m walking I start thinking about random things. I think back to last night then remember Harry said he loves me last night. Harry loves me. I wonder if he knows I heard him. Probably not. He probably thought I was sleeping. Oh well. I just won’t think about it too much.


I get to school and go to my locker. I start grabbing my books for the day and put them in my bag. I go to grab another book when my locker gets slammed shut. I look up and see Dylan. “What do you want Dylan?” I ask opening my locker again.

“Why didn’t you come to school yesterday?” Dylan asks glaring at me.

“I just didn’t, okay. Why do you care anyway?” I ask glaring back before closing my locker and starting to walk away. Dylan grabs my wrist, pulls me into a supple closet, and shuts the door, then pins me to the wall.

“Because I didn’t have anyone to pick on.” He growls, I can feel his hot breath on my face.

“Well that’s too bad. Could you let me go? I need to get to class.” I say, I start wiggling, he’s so close to me.

“No I not letting you go.”

“You know what I don’t get. Why do you bully me?” I ask. Dylan’s green eyes stare into my brown ones.

“Why do you care?” He shoots back then he pulls away so he’s not pinning me against the wall.

“Um, you punch me every day and I get bruises. I think I should care.” I snap back at him before I walk out of the closet. Then I think. That’s the longest conversation I’ve ever had with Dylan and he didn’t punch me!


I get to lunch and everyone just stares at me as I walk to a table. I sit down and then Russell plops down next to me and sighs. “What’s wrong Russell?” I ask as I bite into my sandwich.

“Dylan won’t talk to me.” Russell says then sighs again.

“Isn’t it a good thing he’s not talking to you? That means he’s not beating you up.” I say. Russell sighs again. “Will you stop sighing?” I snap.

“But I think love him.” Russell says he leans on his hand and stares at Dylan.

“Your nuts. He bullies you and you think you love him?” I say looking at Russell. Russell looks back at me his ocean blue eyes looking into me brown ones. “You need to stop looking at me like that because then people are going to think you’re in love with me.”

“No offense Ella, but, you’re not my type.” Russell says then he goes back to staring at Dylan.

“You know Russell. It’s rude to stare.” I say glaring at him.

“I don’t care.” He breathes.

“You’re more of a girl than I am.” I say standing up and throw away my trash. I come back to the table and Russell is still staring at Dylan. “You have problems.”

“I don’t have problems! You have problems!” Russell snaps back.

“Oh really? What problems do I have?” I shoot back.

“You hide your feelings. Your make jokes about everything.” Russell yells and people start turning heads.

“You’re a coward! You can’t stand up for yourself! I have to do it.” I yell back. I pick up my backpack and throw it over my shoulder.

“You don’t have to stand up for me! You could have just left me on the first day you got here! I was fine without you!” Russell yells, his eyes start to tear up.

“Russell, I stood up for you because I care!” I scream then I stomp away.

“Ella! Wait!” He yells then I hear foot steps behind me. I turn around and Russell falls into my arms. “I’m sorry. I’m just not use to people caring. Before you came it was just I by myself.” He sobs.

“It’s okay. I promise I won’t leave.” I whisper. Then I pull him into the supple closet and we sit and talk for the rest of the rest of the school day.


I walk out of the school getting ready to walk home when I see Liam parked in the parking lot. I walk up to the car and knot on the window. Liam looks up from his phone. I open the door and get in the car. “What are you doing here?” I ask crossing my arms.

“I’m here to pick you up from school, which I wouldn’t have to do if you would’ve listened to Harry.” Liam says as he pulls out of the school parking lot.

“Well, I didn’t want to miss another day of school just because you didn’t want me to go. So I walked.” I say then stare out the window.

“I didn’t want you to get bullied.” Liam shoots back.

“You can’t just stop me from going to school because you don’t want me to get bullied. I didn’t even get bullied today.” I snap.

“Well good, but, that doesn’t mean you won’t get bullied tomorrow.” Liam states.

“The only reason why I get bullied is because I stand up for my gay friend. If I didn’t take the punches for him then who would?” I ask.

“Why does your gay friend get bullied?” Liam asks

“Because he’s gay. Duh.” I roll my eyes. Liam pulls into the drive way to the house, I get out of the car and go inside. I take off my shoes and throw my backpack on the floor of my room. I hear footsteps stomping up the stairs, then my door swings open, Louis is standing there breathing heavy and his pale is pale like he’s just seen a ghost. “What wrong Louis?” I ask as I take my hair out of the pony it’s in.

“Harrysaidthatlastnightwhenyousleptinhisbedbeforehewenttosleephesaidhelovesyou.” Louis says all in one breathe.

“Wait what? Slow Louis. I can’t understand a single thing you’re saying.” I say giggling.

“I said Harry said that last night when you slept in his bed before he went to sleep he said he loves you.” Louis say when wide eyes, he runs his hand through his hair.

“Yeah, I know. I heard him.” I say trying to act like I don’t care. Louis takes a step closer to me, then he keeps walking until his nose is inches from mine.

“But I liked you first.” He says pulling a piece of hair behind my ear. Then he kissed me.

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