Living With One Direction

What happens when Ella's parents die and she has to move to England to live with her cousin Liam Payne from the famous band One Direction?


1. First Day Of School

*Ella POV*


“Ella! Wake up! It’s your first day of school to day.” I hear an Irish accent yell from the doorway of my room. Then I feel someone jump on me.

“Niall, get off of me.” I groan and push him away. I roll over and go back to sleep. Niall pulls my blankets away, takes one of my pillows, and starts hitting me with it. “Okay, okay. I’m up!” Smack. He hits me in the face. “Niall, I said I’m awake.”

“I know. I was just making sure.” And with that he skips away.

I get up, put on my school uniform, and put my hair up in a pony tail. I can’t believe I’m going to a school that wears uniforms. My old school didn’t make us wear uniforms. Oh well.

I walk into the kitchen and sit down.

“Good morning, Ella!” I see Niall got you up.” Liam says putting a plate in front of me.

“Yeah, if you call Niall hitting me with a pillow waking me up.” I say taking a bite of toast, which Liam made me.

“Niall, I said be nice when you went to wake her up.” Liam glares at Niall

“Sorry Liam.” Niall says through a mouth full of pancakes.

“Why are you saying sorry to Liam? You hit me with the pillow!” I stand up and put my plate in the sink. Niall just laughs.

“You ready for your first day of school?” Liam asks me as he pulls into the school parking lot.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” I say getting out of the car. Liam drives away. I think the hardest part about living with One Direction is people staring. Everyone just stares and whispers as I walk up to the door to the school building. I’m about to open the door when someone steps in front of me. “Um, excuse me. I need to get in there.” I say. The girl just rolls her eyes.

“I’m Olivia. You’re that girl that lives with One Direction, right? We’re going to be great friends.” She puts her hand out for me to shake it.

“Nah, I’m good.” I step around her and walk inside.


I get to the main office and stand there awkwardly, waiting for the lady at the desk to notice me.

“Oh! I didn’t hear you come in. What’s your name dear?” The lady asks

“Um, Ella.” I say hopping from foot to foot.

“Oh, right, you’re the new girl. You know we don’t get many new kids here. Anyway. Here’s everything you need.” She says and hands me a bunch of papers.

First class is, English. Great. I find my locker and put my backpack in there. I close my locker and take a deep breath. Then I start walking to English.

I walk into the English room and everyone stares at me like I’m a zoo animal.

“Oh, right new student. Name?” The teacher asks. I just stand there, I open my mouth and nothing comes out. Everybody starts laughing. “Name?" The teacher asks again.

“E-Ella.” I stutter, I can feel my face heating up.

“Okay, Ella. You can sit next to Russell in the back.” The teacher points to the back of the room. 

I sit down next to Russell. I think that’s what the teacher said his name is. He has brown hair that’s falls across his forehead and it kind of curls at the ends. The Kid sitting in front of us turns around and throws a piece of paper at Russell. Russell doesn’t do anything.

“Fag.” The boy whispers to Russell. I look at Russell. What the hell?


Lunch time! Yay! Not. I’m sitting alone. Kids are throwing stuff at me. Is the thing at this school? You get a new kid so you throw your food at them at lunch or what? I meet come on. I have mash potatoes in my hair. I stand up and throw away my lunch. Not hungry.


I’m walking through the school halls waiting for Liam to pick me up when I see a bunch of people standing in a circle yelling ‘fight’. I push my way through the crowd of people hearing a lot of people saying “Hey.” or “Watch it!” When I get to through all the people I see Russell laying on the ground and the kid from English standing over him.

“Hey!” I yell. The kid looks at me. “What the hell are you doing to him?”

“Kicking his ass. What does it look like I’m doing?” The kid says walking close to me. Then someone yells.

“Hey! That’s the girl that said no to Olivia!” The kid smirks. Then he punches me.

“Nobody says no to Olivia.” He says. He starts to walk away but I grab his arm. “What the h-“I kick him in the balls before he can finish his sentence.

“That’s for punching me asshole.” I say and wipe the blood off my lip. He just lays there and groans.

All the kids go ‘Aw’ and walk away. I help Russell up. “Are you okay?” I ask.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I’m use too it.” He says looking me in the eyes. His eyes are so blue. “Hey, your lip’s bleeding. What happened?” Russell asks holding my chin to get a better looks at my lip.

“Oh. That kid punched me” I said looking to the kid lying on the ground.

“What happened to him?” Russell asks his eyes going wide.

“I kicked him to the balls after he punched me.” I said like it was no big deal. “Russell, you do know your nose is bleeding, right?

“Oh. Right, I knew that.” He says wiping his nose on his sleeve.

“Well, bye.” I say waving.

 Liam pulls up to the school and I get in the car. Liam gasps. “Ella, what happened?” Liam says putting his hand over his mouth.

“What? Is there something on my face?” I ask looking at him.

“Your lip, what happened?” Liam asks again. My lip? What the hell is he talking about, oh.

“I, um, ran into a pole.” I lie.


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