Living With One Direction

What happens when Ella's parents die and she has to move to England to live with her cousin Liam Payne from the famous band One Direction?


3. A Month Later


*Ella POV*


I can’t believe it’s been a month all ready. I’m great friends with Russell. I’m still a huge loser at school though. Never sense I kick that guy in the balls people started it hate me. Turn out that guy is Olivia’s boyfriend. I shouldn't be surprised. When there’s a bitch there’s a dick. Liam thinks I have tons of friends at school. I haven’t told him I only have one. Actually I haven’t told any of the boys that I only have one friend. They all think I super popular and have a boyfriend. I don’t have any of that.

“Hey Ella!” Liam yells from the living room. I get up and walk into the living room.

“What’s up?” I ask sitting down.

“You’re going to be home by yourself tonight.” Liam says turning off the TV.

“Okay? Where it everyone going?” I ask. I want to know how long I’m going to be alone.

“I’m going out with Danielle. Louis and going out with Eleanor, Zayn is going out with Perrie, and Niall and Harry are going clubbing.” Liam puts on his shoes. “Oh, I put money on the kitchen table so you can order something. Don’t forget to do your homework.”

“Liam, I have all weekend to do my homework. Don’t worry. I’ll get it done.” I hug him and then he leaves.

“Bye Ella.” Niall and Harry say in unison. They hug me then walk out the door.

“See you later!” Louis yells before he leaves. I wonder what’s on TV. I go sit on the couch and start watching Law and Order.

“Bye Ella!” I hear Zayn yell before he walks out the door. I’m home alone. Now what do I do? It’s so boring being alone. Oh! I have an idea. I run to my room and put my iPod on the docking thing and turn on Want U Back by Cher Lloyd. I turn it up until I can hear it down stairs clearly then I start dancing, singing, and running through the house.



I’ve been alone for about an hour now. I’m standing at the kitchen counter eating pizza and watching Law & Order on the TV that sits on the counter. I have a knife sitting next to my plate, this show always makes me super paranoid, and any little noise scares the shit out of me. I take another bite on my pizza then I hear the front door open. Nobodies supposed to be home for another hour. I grab the knife next to my plate and slowly walk to the front door. When I get to the front door I see shoes laying on the ground like someone was walking when they took them off and a coat laying on the ground next to the door. What the hell? I slowly walk into the living room and see a guy with feathery brown hair sitting on the couch. “Louis?” I say and he whips his head around. His eyes are al read and puffy like he’s been crying. “Louis, what’s wrong?” I ask walking over to the couch, put the knife down on the coffee, and sit down. Louis just stares at the knife with wide eyes.

“Were you going to kill me?” He asks still staring at the knife.

“I was watching Law & Order and I was paranoid. Why are you crying Louis?” I ask

“E-Eleanor cheated on me.” Louis says then starts crying again, I jump up of the couch, ran into the kitchen, I grab ice cream, chocolate, and two spoons. Then I put in a movie and sit back down on the couch. I open the ice cream and hand Louis a spoon.

“Tell me what happened.” I say then take a bite on ice cream.

“Well, I showed up at the movies and waited for like 30 minutes. She didn’t show. I thought maybe she forgot so I went to her house and opened up the door with my spare key. When I walked in the living room she was making out when some guy. Then I ran.” Louis finishes and a tear goes down his cheek. I quickly wipe it away.

“I sorry, Louis. If it makes you feel any better I didn’t really like her that much anyway.” Louis chuckles.

“So Ella, how has your first month of school been?” Louis asks.

“Honestly, it sucked.” I say. Louis eyebrow goes up.

“Why has it sucked?” He asks taking a bite of ice cream.

“I have one friend and I’m a total loser.” I say. Louis looks shocked.

“You have one friend? I thought you had tons.”

“Well, promise you won’t tell anyone.” I say looking at Louis.

“I promise.” He says then he sticks his pinky up. “I pinky promise.”

“Okay, so one the first day of school I didn’t run into a pole, I was punched.” I pause and look at Louis. He doesn’t look surprised.

“I knew you didn’t run into a pole! Nobody gets a bloody lip from that!” Louis says shaking his head.

“After I was punched I kicked the kid in the balls. Then I found out he was to popular guy and every one slowly started to hate me. My friends name is Russell and he is bullied because he’s gay.” I says then add, “School sucks.” And put a whole spoon full on ice cream in my mouth.

“Wow, here how about this. You don’t tell the guys to Eleanor cheated on me and won’t tell them you’re the biggest loser in school.” Louis says then puts he hand out to shake on it.”

“Deal.” I shake Louis hand.



I’ve lying in bed thinking about everything I told Louis. I can believe he said he won’t tell. I wonder what Louis’ thinking right now. His probably thinking about how much of a loser I am.

“Hey Ella?” Louis?

“Louis?” I say

“Yeah, I was wondering if I could, um, sleep in here. I can’t stop thinking about Eleanor.” Louis says from the end of my bed, I think. I can’t see.

“Sure.” I feel the bed move down as Louis lays down.

“Thanks Ella. This means a lot to me.”

“No problem Louis. I’m happy to help.” I say then I slowly drift off to sleep.

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