Mr.Movin' On

When Niall got out of a bad break up with a capital B,he meets a girl named Samantha Smith. Niall soon falls for the fun lovable Samantha but the question is ,does Samantha also have feelings for this cute blonde Irish boy ?


5. Wet Seal

*Samantha's P.O.V.*


      Once I walked in my house and shut the door.As soon as I saw Niall turn the corner I shut all my curtains leaned against my wall and slide down and screamed.I kissed Niall Horan!i kissed Niall Horan. I kissed the cutest boy I ever met.Those dazzling sparkling blue eyes,that nice blonde hair, and when he looks at me I just wanted to melt.I ran to my room.

      "Okay,I have to have the perfect outfit for my date with Niall."

       I looked through my closet.There is nothing good,all my crappy clothes.It was time for me to go on a shopping spree.I knew the perfect clothes that was right for me.WET SEAL!!!I loved that store.I grabbed my wallet.I checked inside.I had a good five hundred dollars.That should buy  me a couple new outfits and shoes if I wanted to get some new nikes.

     Once I was at the mall I knew how to get ton the store in a split second.I pasted by some other stores.

    "Nope"i said quickly as i passed by the stores."Macy's,Claire's,Love Culture,Delia's,Foot locker.Ugh how long does it take to get to stinkin wet Seal."

   I bumped into someone.It was Jared,Jared was my old boyfriend or my ex.

   "Oh,hey Jared."I said cheerfully

   "Hey Sammy" he said as he hugged me."So whats been up lately anything new?"

  "No not really."

   "Same here i am just checking out things at Tilly's"

   "Cool"I said

   "Want to come with?"

    "I can't I have to find wet seal"

    "Oh you didn't hear they moved it to the other side of the mall."

    "Really?I need to get out more"I laughed

    "Yea you do."He joked"Come on "

     He grabbed my hand pulling me to the other side of the mall pointing out all the new store's.

    "Wow"I said as i walked into the store."It has changed a lot."

    "Yea but i bet everything in here would look amazing on you."

    "Really is that so"

    Soon after trying on a bunch of clothes I finally finished shopping.Next I went to Foot Locker and I checked out all the Jordans and Nikes .Then when i walked by a rack of Jordans I say it.The perfect pair of jordans. They were like my dream shoe.

   "Excuse me sir ,how much are these shoes?'

   "They are about $150 miss."

   "Perfect,I have just enough"I cheered

   "Woah those are so sweet kicks"said Jared.

    "I know  right and only 150"  

     "150?!I need to get me one of those"

     "Alright Sammy I have to go."

     "I have to go too now that I look at the time.'

    "Walk you out?"He asked 

     "Of course"

     We walked out of the mall laughing and joking about all the things we did in the past.Like going to the fair,shopping,going on dates,and annoying people at the movies.Now those were some good times.As soon as I got home I feed my little turtle Gilbert...Gilbert was getting kind of old.He was almost 12 years old.I knew one day this year will be his last day.Soon i was starting to get tired and knocked out on my bed.


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