Mr.Movin' On

When Niall got out of a bad break up with a capital B,he meets a girl named Samantha Smith. Niall soon falls for the fun lovable Samantha but the question is ,does Samantha also have feelings for this cute blonde Irish boy ?


7. The Fair

*Niall's P.O.V.*


      It was finally the day ,the day I was going out on a date with Sam.Oh .. I was so nervous.What if I tried to kiss her and she didn't want to kiss me.But I had to put those fears aside.I gathered the courage to call her.

     "Hey um Sam" I said nevously

      "Niall?" she asked confused 

     "Ya its me.I was wondering if this would be a good time to .."but she cut me off


     "Pick me up?Ya this would be perfect."

     "Oh,great.Then I will be right over."

      "Ok, will see you then "


      As soon as she said "bye",I ran down the stairs to my car. I had to admit my car was pretty cool it was a red Ferrari.So i hoped into my car and drove to green street park.Once I was there i hoped out and started to walk along the path.I saw some beautiful flowers.They reminded me of her.I was gonna pick a few but there were so many different kinds of flowers,there were roses,tulips and daisies.But of course I picked the prettiest flower of the the all,in my opinion,the daises.I just grabbed an bunch.

    Once I was done,I walked to her little house and knocked on the door with the daises behind my back.I waited a couple minutes with my foot tapping.I had realized there was something on my brand new jordans.I bent down mumbling to my self about how stupid I was for not paying attention.But apparently I did not realize the door open because  the was a pretty face looking right at me.I really hope she didn't see the flowers.

     'Niall?What are you doing?"she asked confused.

     "Oh well,while I was waiting at ur door i looked at my sh...Just never mind Sam.Never mind."

     "Oh alright"she said as she laughed.Boy was her laugh cute.

     "Um...Here these are for you."I said with my hand on the back of my neck while handing her the daises.

    "Wow no one has ever gotten me flowers.I will just well find some thing for me to put these in."

     She walked inside grabbed her jacket and put the flowers into a tall cup.She came out looking gorgeous of course.I walked her to the car hand and hand.

    Once we got the the fair and I payed for our tickets.We went on all of the kiddie rides.I had to say that the best one out of them all had to be the bumper cars.Sam and I had bumped into each other over and over that you could not count them on your fingers.

    Finally after we went on all of the kiddies rides i HAD to go on a roller coaster just one.So once we were done and we finished our cotton candy which was total delicious.

    "So ready to go on a roller coaster?"I asked all excited

    "I don't know niall I am not much of a roller coaster person."she said with her head down and her little  blonde pieces of hair falling over her eyes.Which was beyond cute.I don't know why but I Love those how could I put this... her Little things if you know what i mean.

   I bent down so I could see her face and lifted it up so I could see her eyes.

   "Sam why don't we go on one and then if you don't like it then we won't go on any more,okay?"

    She nodded.We walked to the closest roller coaster and boy was it big and scary.With all of those big loops and turns she was sure to be scared.I saw the fear in her big brown eyes.Once we sat in our seats we went in all different directions.She was scared unless for some crazy reason she just held my hand tight for no reason.

     Once we got of she was dizzy.She was wobbling all over the place.I could tell she was ready to puck but she held it in.She sat down at the bench holding her stomach and looking down.

     "Are you ok?"I asked

     "Ya I am fine"She said with a face smile.

     I gave her a face that made her change her mind.

     "Fine,I lied.I feel sick to my stomach.Can Can I just go home please Niall?"She asked

    I nodded and picked her up knowing that she was to sick to get up.I placed her in the passenger seat.Then drove her home and we walked to her house and let her unlock the door.She hugged me.I hugged her back.It felt so nice to know that well at least feel like someone had really cared for me.We slowly let go until something had happened.She started to get on her toes and and well she kissed me.It felt like there was a spark in me ,no a flame.It felt like i was going to melt like I was a Firework bursting into little flames.We slowly pulled apart realizing what had just happened and just stared at on another.

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